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Latest release. CGNS version 3. Links to the CGNS 3. This occurs automatically if neither --with-zlib or --with-szip are not specified CGNS Assets 2. Source code zip. Source code tar.

Intel Compiler support For Mac OS* X 10.7 and Xcode* 4.1

Feb 21, cpex40 …. This commit was created on GitHub. PR 59 Tools: Update cgnsutil. Release 3. CGNS 3. They include scripts for building zlib, hdf5 assuming the user does not already have them installed system wide and a script for building CGNS. All the scripts use autotools; cmake remains untested. Up to Xcode 4. In Xcode 3. Starting with Xcode 4. Formerly, Xcode supported distributing a product build process over multiple systems.

One technology involved was named Shared Workgroup Build , which used the Bonjour protocol to automatically discover systems providing compiler services, and a modified version of the free software product distcc to facilitate the distribution of workloads.

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Earlier versions of Xcode provided a system named Dedicated Network Builds. These features are absent in the supported versions of Xcode. Xcode also includes Apple's WebObjects tools and frameworks for building Java web applications and web services formerly sold as a separate product. As of Xcode 3. Xcode 3 still includes the WebObjects frameworks.

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Xcode 1. Xcode 2. It also included the Apple Reference Library tool, which allows searching and reading online documentation from Apple's website and documentation installed on a local computer.

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It supported shared precompiled headers , unit testing targets, conditional breakpoints, and watchpoints. It also had better dependency analysis. Xcode 3. Notable changes since 2. It also supports Project Snapshots, which provide a basic form of version control; Message Bubbles, which show build errors debug values alongside code; and building four-architecture fat binaries 32 and bit Intel and PowerPC.

It included the GCC 4.

Another new feature since Xcode 3. It supports static program analysis , among other features.

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It also drops official support for targeting versions earlier than iPhone OS 3. But it is still possible to target older versions, and the simulator supports iPhone OS 2.

Also, Java support is "exiled" in 3. Downloading it requires a free registration at Apple's developer site. Version 4 of the developer tools consolidates the Xcode editing tools and Interface Builder into one application, among other enhancements. Xcode 4. The deployment target can still be set to produce binaries for those older platforms, but for Mac OS platforms, one is then limited to creating x86 and x binaries.

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Later, Xcode was free to the general public. Before version 4. On August 29, , Xcode 4. On October 12, , Xcode 4. On September 19, , iOS 6 and Xcode 4. This latest was only included in the betas version. Apple removed support for building garbage collected Cocoa binaries in Xcode 5. One of the most notable features was support for Swift , an all-new programming language developed by Apple.

Xcode 6 also included features like Playgrounds and live debugging tools. Xcode could be downloaded on the Mac App Store. It introduced support for Swift 3. It introduced support for Swift 4 and Metal 2. Xcode 9 was publicly released on September 19, On June 4, , at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference , Xcode version 10 was announced; a beta version was released the same day. Xcode 10 introduced support for the Dark Mode announced for macOS Mojave , the collaboration platforms Bitbucket and GitLab in addition to GitHub , training machine learning models from playgrounds, and the new features in Swift 4.

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