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Go to the folder where your old Chess King folder is, and there is a "Data" folder in it, and it the "Data" folder there is a "ABases" folder. Inside the "ABases" folder you will have your PGN files in the "PGN" folder , the ones automatically created when you play games, and the ones you imported and have been working on. Those files don't take much space at all the GigaKing database is in the "cdp" folder in the "ABases" folder, so it is easy to copy them for example to a flash key for safekeeping.

All you need to do is make a copy of the PGN folder and put it in the new Chess King at the same place make sure not to replace if you have worked on the new Chess King and have files with the same names, in that case it's ok to rename the PGN files for example EngineGamesOLD. These versions include the top engine Houdini 4. All work with all versions of Windows incl. Houdini 3 and Houdini 4. Houdini 3 and 3 Pro can play Chess Houdini 2 cannot due to the complex castling rules Houdini 2 is a 1-processor engine, rated around still stronger than all humans Houdini 3 supports up to 6 cores and is rated about a tiny bit faster since uses all cores Houdini 4 supports up to 6 cores and is rated about a tiny bit faster since uses all cores Houdini 4 Pro supports up to 32 cores, but you need a super PC for that.

Chess King on its own will never freeze, even when analysis is at full power. Freezes occur because of other program interaction, usually virus protectors. Turning the virus protector should always solve any freezing problem.

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Example of the position after 1. Then in CK's database window, make sure you have the database loaded where you want the FEN position to end up and click "Add new game".


Chess King Diamond Pro

When CK returns you to the Game window, right-click in the empty notation pane and select "Paste". To avoid any problems and make sure you will end up with your new Chess King 2 or Chess King 3 program from the link you have received by email, here are the steps you need to follow: 1 Downloading the program when you get the link: The file is big about 1. With slower internet it can take much longer. Those are Gigabytes not megabytes. Depending on which version of Windows you have, either clicking the link will download the file to your "downloads" folder, or you may have to click "Save and Run" or at least "Save" to download the program to your PC.

The file will be saved either to the default folder where all your downloads go or to the folder that you select when prompted by your PC.

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  4. Don't hesitate to write if you have any questions. The file cannot disappear on its own. Either you downloaded it and you don't know where it is on your system, or you downloaded it but then installed it but can't remember where you asked it to be installed, or possibly you have a version of windows where you asked it to "run" the program without saving it, which may have not worked out, so nothing was saved.

    Chess King Platinum 2017 av Convecta

    It's important to save the file to your PC so you can then unpack it then install it. Contact us if you have any doubts. It is a good idea to backup your personal database of games once in awhile. Look for it in the directory where you installed Chess King, in the subfolder "Data", then "Abases". When you upgrade Chess King to any new version, the data files are not replaced, so you should not lose them during an upgrade. It is nevertheless a good idea to back your game database up and move it off site in case you lose your PC for example or the hard drive dies.

    More languages coming soon. You will need your serial number and proof of purchase including the date. Right click at the very top right of the Chess King logo at the top right of the window, then select up to what level you'd like to unlock. This if for pretty powerful chess computers with lots of RAM memory and allows faster and deeper analysis. Then start the new Chess King, click on the name of the user in the bottom right corner, and change the profile from the current to the imported one.

    The limitation is due to the fact Houdini 3 and Houdini 3 Pro need to be activated, and there are 4 activations possible. You need to install Chess King with administrator privileges in Win, and then of course also run it with administrator privileges as well and all should be fine. Try setting the Windows taskbar properties to "auto-hide the taskbar", this may help.

    Yes, we have published 20 free video tutorials, have a look at the "Tutorials" Playlist on our YouTube channel " ChessKing ". The list of topics covered is here. This means there is something not standard in some Lenovo machines that is stopping full installation. We are investigating the issue to see if anyone with Lenovo has been able to install Chess King and our programmers are preparing troubleshooting tools and a possible fix. So Lenovo users please check you have SP1 installed. The Chess King DVD and installer should be automatically recognized in any Windows system, since it includes the file autorun.

    Yes Chess King can open both universal. What is important is that you have the official Vista Service Packs installed. We have not noticed any problems with a clean Window system with SP 1 installed. Tell us also in as much detail as possible what else is not working. Normally, if the installer starts, and you let it run fully to the end without stopping it half way, the program should install just fine.

    You are allowed to put Chess King on any number of computers you personally own, including when you have a desktop and a laptop, or even if you have a PC with some version of Windows, and also a Mac with a visualization software like VMWare Fusion or Parallels.

    No need to buy a second copy, you can have Chess King running on both at the same time. The purpose of IDeA is to analyze a position deeply and return as much information about it as possible to enable the user to get a better understanding of the nuances of any position. Its approach makes it an essential weapon in the arsenal of every serious player and analyst! Simultaneous analysis by multiple Houdini instances. Use 2, 4, 10, 20 or even 50 chess engines at the same time for faster results!

    Use the power of multiple computers for analysis at the same time and collect all the results automatically on your own computer! Use the computers on your home network or connect to computers over the internet to increase the analysis power! Use many engines at the same time, all analyzing the same position or different games. Publish your games, analysis or even whole chess books! Databases Houdini Aquarium includes two databases of 6,8 million games in total: - HugeBase database as of November 2, - 6,, games - Correspondence database - , games.

    Aquarium Articles Reference Page - learn more about Aquarium's functions and how to use them. It has come a long way since its introduction in the fisrt release of Aquarium, and is still improving. Serious players will probably find it is an essential tool to stay competitive.

    But explaining what IDeA is and how it works will require more than a few bullet points in the product description. If you want to know, go ahead and read on. IDeA is one of the most advanced chess analysis methods available. It will allow you to use your chess engine to its maximum.

    IDeA keeps a permanent record of its analysis in a tree structure, which is unlimited in size. The user can browse the analysis tree at will, both while the analysis is in progress and after it has finished. The user can direct the analysis into the positions that are of most interest to him by excluding or adding positions and variations to the analysis. IDeA is an incremental analysis method, which means that it can be stopped at any time and the next time it is started, it resumes where it left off.

    Users can exchange analysis trees, work together on analysis projects, combine their results etc. In short IDeA is is highly selective search, controlled by Aquarium and the user. Interesting lines are analyzed deeply, but weak moves are only considered briefly or not at all. Don't forget that the "I" in IDeA stands for "Interactive" and your involvement in the analysis process is the key to understanding and improving the analysis.

    Chess King 4 for MAC

    Some of IDeA's advanced features include Analyzing with many engines. The current version of IDeA can split the analysis between many engines. You can, for instance, use four instances of single core Houdini for the analysis on a quad computer, essentially reducing the multiprocessor overhead to zero. It's like getting one extra core for free compared to running Houdini in 4-CPU mode. Analyzing on a network of computers.

    This feature is a dream come true for power users, analysts, and serious players who want to take their analysis to a new level. If you own two computers, you can of course run Aquarium on one of them and use it for the analysis. In the current you can also add engines running on your other computer to the pool of IDeA analysis engines. You can use as many engines analyzing simultaneously as you need. The engines can be run on various computers, some on local networks and others in different countries - as long as they are all connected to your Aquarium Internet.

    IDeA takes care of splitting the analysis between the available engines. Multiple IDeA projects analyzed in parallel. You can define many analysis projects, each with its own analysis and tree settings. IDeA can analyze any number of those projects in parallel. The status of each project is saved between sessions, so you can manage many different IDeA projects much easier than before. Multiple analysis "roots" for a single project.

    The starting position for IDeA analysis is called a "root. You can remove the original root or let IDeA analyze from both roots. You can use this feature to focus IDeA on selected positions without restarting it. IDeA can keep a list of all roots that have been used in a project. Shaping the analysis tree. Aquarium has a number of settings that have a significant influence on the shape of the IDeA analysis tree.

    The "Tree width" parameter determines how wide the resulting IDeA tree will be. The maximum length of variations can be defined. This allows you to make the tree denser near the root and avoid very long variations. Analysis can be limited to positions within a certain evaluation range. Positions outside the specified range will not be explored further.

    A "preferred side" can be set; e. A list of "thematic moves" can be given. You can use them to ensure that certain moves are always analyzed. All of these settings can be changed on the fly during the IDeA session, further emphasizing that IDeA is designed to be used as an interactive tool. Move repetition detection. IDeA tasks do not consist of a single position, but a full line that leads from the root node to the position to be analyzed.

    This enables the engine to report 0. This also leads to the fifty-move rule being observed. Automatic backup of analysis trees. Besides more robust tree handling in IDeA, the analysis trees are automatically backed up. Not only does it prevent data loss, but it may also prove useful in some other cases too. Browsing the analysis queue. You can see a list of all tasks for the current stage; which tasks were automatically scheduled by IDeA and which ones you added manually.

    The corresponding positions can be displayed on the board and you can see the engine's output for the selected task, prioritize the tasks, and delete unnecessary ones. If there are tasks waiting in the queue when you stop the analysis, they will be stored and processed the next time you start the analysis, even if you restart Aquarium. If the game can be won, the path with the least number of moves until the end of this variation is shown, given that both players make the best moves possible.

    If the losing player makes a suboptimal move, he will lose sooner and the program will show the new optimal path. How to activate Chess King Learn bonus subscription So far, the collection consists of 60 courses available in 9 European languages, sorted by category and difficulty level, and includes such gems as Chess Tactics for Beginners 2. After seeing how it works in automatic mode, you may want more control over the analysis. At that point, just read the relevant article from the reference list and step-by-step you will master all the tools.

    It has to be emphasized that every IDeA option is based on a practical need and many of them were pointed out by Aquarium users. The implementation of the analysis and the new features were carefully discussed and then tested by beta testers.

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    Only the features that were shown to improve the analysis are included in Aquarium releases. Step-by-step you will find your favorite settings and greatly increase the efficiency of your analysis. Sf3 Sc6 7. Botvinnik-varianten - 1. Sc3 Sf6 4. Sf3 e6 5. Lg5 dxc4 6. Lh4 g5 9. Sxg5 hxg5 Lxg5 Sbd7 Moskva-varianten inleds med dragen 1.

    Lg5 h6 6. Lh4 dxc4 7.