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Your notes also remain in Stickies. Enter text. To add a picture or PDF, drag a file to your note.

How to float a note in macOS Notes

To customise your note, do any of the following: Change the note colour: Choose a colour from the Color menu. Increase list level: Click a line in the list, then press Tab. Decrease list level: Click a line in the list, then press Shift-Tab. To refine your search, you can: Select the current note or all notes. Deselect Ignore Case to find text that exactly matches the capitalisation of your search term.

Press Return to start the search. Click Previous or Next to move to another match. View notes In the Stickies app on your Mac, do any of the following: Arrange a note manually: Click the top of a note and drag the note where you want it. Collapse or expand a note: Double-click the title bar. The wikiHow Tech Team also followed the article's instructions, and validated that they work.

Learn more Here lets get you started if it is on your dock great. If not go to Finder. Then scroll down until you get to the S's and then you will then find Stickies. It should look like this.

Once so double click on it to open the application. Once so a yellow sticky note will appear. You then can type in what you need. If you need to, you can change the color of the sticky note. Just go to the tool bar on top of your screen. Go to color and you then can change the sticky into another color. If your text on the sticky is important your you need to make it different from the rest of the sticky, you can change it to bold, italic, or others. By going to Font.

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There you can change your text or make it a different font. You also can have two or more stickies open just got to file and click on new note. Stickies can make your life more easier or more organized. It can be used to organize homework or be used for party planning! Under "File" in your tool bar at the top of the screen, select "New Note" and another sticky will show up. Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 6. I can type the Sticky Note with no problem, but how do I get it to go to the Desktop?

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How to Add Stickies to Your MacBook Desktop

Categories: Featured Articles Mac. Learn more Method 1. Re-enable the Dashboard if you're using El Capitan In El Capitan, the Dashboard has been disabled by default. This likely indicates that it will be retired soon, but you can still enable it for now and use the sticky note widget. This will re-enable the Dashboard. Open the Dashboard. Once the Dashboard has been enabled, you can open it using your keyboard or trackpad. This will only work if it is set to open as a Space.

Sticky Notes download for Mac | MacUpdate

Press the Dashboard key on your keyboard. This will typically be F4 , and the icon looks like six small squares arranged in two rows. Older keyboards may have an icon that looks like a speedometer. The Fn key is usually located in the bottom-left corner of the keyboard. You can also open the Dashboard from the Dock or Applications folder. This will open the New Widget menu. Select the "Stickies" option. This will create a new sticky note on the Dashboard. The Dashboard's sticky note widget is separate from the Sticky Notes desktop app.

Dashboard notes are more limited in formatting and content options. See the next section for instructions on creating desktop sticky notes. Enter the note text.

Is there a way to 'stick' stickies to the desktop?

You can start typing in your new note immediately. Enter anything that you want to save in quick note format. Change the note color.

You can select from several different colors to help organize your notes. Click the i button in the bottom-left corner of the note.