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To enable ogg support, read further down this article. MP3 and OGG are compressed in varying compression ratios. I used a mixture to illustrate you can mix and match audio files in to one audio CD.

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Then chose the File menu and select Burn Playlist to Disc. You will then be faced with a dialogue box. Make sure it says Audio CD and click the Burn button. An audio CD should take no more than about 20 minutes to burn โ€” even on a G3. A popular online format is the open source Ogg Vorbis with the file extension. By default iTunes cannot play these. Do not follow the instructions that come with it. The requirements still say Mac OS X Open iTunes and now you should be able to drop Ogg files in to iTunes to play as well as burn them to CD.

Low End Mac is funded primarily through donations. Disk Utility and hdiutil behind the scenes cannot image raw Audio CDs because they have to write into a file system-based. When you see an Audio CD mounted in Finder it is using the cddafs convenience file system driver to present Audio CD tracks as playable. When you mount these. Eventually you'll have two files on disc: test.

Power calibration successful.

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Wrote blocks. Flushing cache Writing finished successfully. Hope this helps.

FooMonkey FooMonkey 1 1 silver badge 4 4 bronze badges. Thank you, thank you - works perfectly although I had to overcome that 'init: ObtainExclusiveAccess' issue as well.

How to Burn Audio Files (Including OGG) to CD Using iTunes | Low End Mac

I have not verified the pauses, but the songs are definitely on the copy. Unfortunately it seems Burn has been abandoned and doesn't work with Yosemite. You can launch it, but it won't clone audio CDs.

Mac OSX - Create a ISO from CD/DVD

Slight variation from the process described by FooMonkey - as I was running into issues using an external optical drive - along the lines of: ERROR: init: ObtainExclusiveAccess failed I recommend first reading FooMonkey's post above, as it is an excellent and very thorough answer, and provides more complete advice with better context to what is presented here. Have you tried making image with Disk utility? Select the image , and then click on the Burn button Follow the directions and insert a blank CD-R disc when prompted.

Determine the disk number of the audio CD via diskutil list e. Irl Concord Irl Concord 9 3 3 bronze badges. Featured on Meta.

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Congratulations to our 29 oldest beta sites - They're now no longer beta! Unicorn Meta Zoo 7: Interview with Nicolas. Now you need to burn it on new, blank CD: You should now see the disk image of your CD on the left hand side, typically at the bottom of the list. Select the image , and then click on the Burn button Follow the directions and insert a black CD-R disc when prompted You can repeat step 2 as many time you need, of course: Like this: Like Loading Miro says: Alex says: The point of burning an iso, or image file, is to make a disc with that image ON the disc, not just that file OF the image ON the disc.

Actually it burns the ISO to the disc as the disk image. Just touch stuff on the screen you want to do! Not everyone has to be tech savvy!

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But if you open it in Finder then it knows how to open to the. Then try the command line โ€” which sheds a bit more light on it. Gotta Love it when Mac fanboys insult people as a digital means of peen measurement. Trust me, there no correlation between Mac knowledge and peen size.

Yes, the burn process works BUT I burned a windows 7 dvd iso and it doesent load. I tried 2 different isos and non of them bootable. With Finder burn tool, after restart, holding alt โ€” only shows the hdd and cant see the disk.