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Not only does this tool allow me to capture all sorts of screenshots — from simple captures to complex stuff like scrolling windows and such — it also features powerful editing tools to help me get those screen captures ready for posting on the web or putting into publications. Parallels Toolbox is a suite of easy-to-use tools that streamlines all routine computing chores that you do many times a day and turns them into actions you can carry out with a click or two, massively boosting productivity.

This suite of tools allows you to carry out a variety of tasks, from creating animated GIFs from videos to batch resizing images.

My Must-Have Mac Apps, Edition - MacStories

Best Mac browser. Yes, it eats quite a bit of system resources, but it's rock solid even with dozens of tabs open, and the ability to expand its capabilities using extensions makes it a powerful web browsing platform. Price : Free More information. A VPN can allow you to step over the geographical fences that some want to put around content. On top of that, a good VPN can keep you safe when accessing the web using wired and wireless networks that are not under your control. Having tested many VPN offerings, I settled on Freedome, because it offered good security and high levels of reliability at a decent price.

While Time Machine is good for carrying out local backups, it's also a good idea to have an up-to-date offsite backup, and I've found that Backblaze offers the best combination of value, storage space, and performance. Amphetamine is a little app that lives in your menu bar, and allows you to quickly and easily override your energy saver settings and keep your Mac awake. After trying many different solutions, Parallels Access is my favorite method for accessing my systems remotely. With Parallels Access I can connect to my Mac or PC from pretty much any device, and work with the applications and files on that system as though I'm sitting at it.

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This has been an absolute lifesaver for those times when I've left an important file on my computer at the home or office. While the tool built into macOS can do a reasonable job with some compressed file archives, the Unarchiver has you covered no matter what crazy file format you have to deal with. Step-by-step photos showing how to replace a MacBook Pro's battery.

This was done in about 5 minutes on a kitchen table. Here's a tour of what's fresh and what's not so fresh in the Apple Store. Here's what you should do.

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  • Are you finding that your iPhone's battery life is bad since installing iOS It's quite normal after an update. Here's what you can do to diagnose the problem and to get more battery Apple has unveiled iOS 13, the next-generation mobile platform that will power the iPhone. But there's still a lot of things it could fix in the platform to make it more usable. Wearing your Apple Watch daily means it is out there exposed to contact with various objects so it's not bad insurance to protect that display with a glass protector.

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    ZAGG also includes BetterZip , an archive utility for macOS, is easy to use and packed with advanced features, including a built-in file previewer. Want to clean up your computer? Hard drive failure is the bane of the computing experience. If you experience it, check out Data Rescue 5 , which recovers files from damaged hard drives, as well as those that have been deleted. Once a file has been recovered, simply save it to an external drive.

    If you rely on your Mac for work, DiskWarrior can repair and rebuild your Mac directory in case of emergency. Having a cloud-based file backup is just common sense these days, and on Mac you can link your Dropbox account right in the Finder window, allowing you to quickly move files into the cloud. Together with the mobile apps , your files are available wherever you are.

    Mac OS X App Categories

    Though it's still not a complete photo workflow solution, DxO PhotoLab can deliver image results beyond what's possible in other photo software and is a PCMag Editors' Choice for high-end photo editing. Evernote has long been one of the best productivity apps on the market. It gives users an open and comfortable space for note-taking, and it easily syncs across all devices. Download it from the Mac App Store.

    Amazing FREE Mac Utilities You Must Download!

    Introduced in as a video chat feature for the iPhone, Apple's FaceTime is also available on the Mac. If you have macOS Mojave Apple's professional-level video editing software, Final Cut Pro , brings a wealth of power in an interface simple for pros and consumers alike. Recent highlights include rich support for degree content and improved stability. Finding files on your computer can be a pain, especially since Spotlight doesn't locate anything hidden from view. Find Any File uses a catalog file that's constantly updated by macOS so you can find anything you need, faster than any in-house Mac utility.

    We understand that most people are using Google Chrome to browse the web at this point, but Mozilla's Firefox Quantum is also worth a look. This browser is fast, secure, and fully customizable via themes and extensions. We all use messaging apps , but what happens when you have too many? Instead of getting overwhelmed, use an app called Franz to put them all in one place. GarageBand offers easy music recording for novices and pros alike, and it comes free with every Mac.

    The app is still the best way to learn piano or guitar on a computer and easily earns our Editors' Choice nod. Your Mac comes with Apple's own Safari web browser, but chances are you're going to want Google Chrome instead. Chrome is fast, has excellent tab implementation, offers great security features, and does so much more.

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    If you're a non-professional who needs high-quality image manipulation and conversion on a Mac, check out GraphicConverter. Handbrake is a free, open-source video transcoding utility. It's licensed by the GPL, available for multiple platforms macOS, Windows, and Linux , and takes full advantage of multithreading when available. It supports most common multimedia file formats, as well as DVD and Blu-ray video sources that are not copy protected.

    While iMovie is free, it continues to prove itself an excellent entry-level desktop video-editing application. Turn your footage and photos into impressive productions with Hollywood-style trailer features and 4K compatibility. It has a great interface with the power to back it up, and the lack of copyright protection makes this an even more desirable program than it already is.

    Magnet is a relatively simple app that, when installed, allows better control over all the windows open on your Mac. Trying to do some multitasking? Split the screen in halves, quarters, or any configuration you need. The new iterations of these classic apps also promise real-time collaboration, as well as a full terabyte of storage space. A monthly account gets you six simultaneous connections and access to NordVPN's network of over 5, servers around the world. Between laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other web-enabled devices, people often read and view a lot of online material.

    Pocket gives users a way to save and manage their favorite clips to read later. If you're a Mac user who loves clipping and sharing stuff from all over the internet, consider Pocket an essential app. There's a lot you can do with this app. Pixelmator brings varied and flexible photo-editing features to the Mac at a very wallet-friendly price. While the app isn't as deep as Adobe Photoshop, it's still a very capable image editor that's cheaper than the competition. Does Slack replace email? Does it help cut back on needless internal email? Often, yes.

    Slack remains one of the best team messaging apps because it offers more than any other app in this category, although Slack costs more than any other, too. If you don't want to deal with Apple's Mail application, Spark Email is very configurable free app , which allows you to sort messages into logical categories like Personal, Newsletters, and Notifications though you can switch to a more standard full inbox view too. Spark will also manage multiple email accounts, let you pin important stuff, and snooze emails to deal with later.

    30 free macOS apps every Mac user should have

    Spotify is the best music streaming service around, providing excellent audio quality, easy playlist formation, and millions of tracks. Listen on the go or download the Mac app. If you're looking for feature-packed remote control, desktop sharing, and presentation software, TeamViewer is a simple and powerful option.

    Businesses will have to shell out a bunch up front, but individuals can use it free. Either way, this versatile app is an extremely good deal. Get organized with the free Trello app, an online kanban tool that helps teams collaborate and manage work. Keep your to-do list in order with this solid, flexible project management system. TunnelBear has always offered a great experience and excellent protection with its VPN software, and it shines on macOS.