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  2. Tutorial: How to get PCSX2 to run on Mac (without BootCamp)
  3. Play PS2 Games on PC - VisiHow

I am hoping to be able to burn this game onto a DVD disc and play it on my PS2 console not on my computer.

Please, stay for a while.

Click continue if you are certain this is a valid disc image. This is where I get very confused.. I've never done this before so when people skip steps in their walkthroughs or refer to common terms, I get really confused. Finally another Mac user!! Anyways, if you have Toast you are basically done.

You should now have a iso of the game. Open Toast and select the "Copy" tab. On the left hand side choose the "Image File" radio button. Drag your iso into the main window and click burn!

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Tutorial: How to get PCSX2 to run on Mac (without BootCamp)

That's it! Now that you've done this I'm assuming you have a modded PS2 right?

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I also have a MBP and I love the hell out of it, how 'bout you? Hey no problem, we Mac users are the minority around here. In toast titanium go to copy and than click on image file after this go to the iso file and select this now you can burn.

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    Rant Sorry Or even better. Install Linux on your Playstation. DOS on your XBox. And Windows XP on your Gamecube. Why do people always gotta ask hypothetical questions. I can think of it. Therefore, somebody's already done it. And they'll explain to me exactly how.

    Play PS2 Games on PC - VisiHow

    And hold my hand while I do it The mac Virtual PC is useless. I love my mac, wouldnt trade it for the world, but I still keep a windows PC around for little things like this. VirtualPC is useful. Is slow but effective.

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    Sorry for my english. I have no problems connecting my G4 ibook to my PS2.

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