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Cons: dislike its menu bar More. Download 4.

[Tutorial] Scaricare Microsoft Office 2018 Gratis su Mac

On my Mac it freezes on 2 dialogue boxes which I can't remember and has to be Force Closed. And hugely frustrating. Also- once full screen is opened, I can't see where to return to partial screen Pros: nothing. Cons: make it work!!! Pros: none. Pros: simple, easy to use. Cons: unstable, frequent crashes More. Better than Microsoft Office.

At first, like anybody I know, I installed microsoft office on my ibook, because I couldn't find anything better. Then I discovered OpenOffice and found it alright, although not equal to Office.

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However, it now seems that the version has been upgraded and that many useful options have been added. For one, I am glad you don't have to use X11 anymore to launch it.

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I like the quicklaunch option and the menu to choose what type of document you want to create. Pros: Appearance, features, Quicklaunch.

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Cons: Not a real stable version yet More. What do you think about Apache OpenOffice? Do you recommend it? Dreaming of an ad-free web? Browse with Brave. Learn more. OpenOffice for Mac is a multi-platform and multilingual office suite that is compatible with all other major office suites meaning it View full description.

What Is the Mac Equivalent to Microsoft Publisher?

Softonic review OpenOffice for Mac is a free powerful office suite that provides a good replacement for Microsoft Office for Mac. Download Apache OpenOffice 4. Free Download for Mac. Now you can buy it on it's own!. I love working with pages, it's much more intuitive than word and I find you can do more with it more easily. Also, now that you can buy apps for your macbook or desktop you can purchase it on it's own for less and not have to buy the entire iwork suite. Dreaming of an ad-free web?

‎OneDrive en Mac App Store

Browse with Brave. Learn more. View full description. Softonic review Advertisement. Excellent graphic design features Pages is a fantastic word processing application that's slowly winning hearts. Although it can take some getting used to if you've used Word all your life, once you get the grip of it it is easy to use, relatively inexpensive it can now be purchased separately or comes as part of the iWork suite and as expected from an Apple product, the graphic design features are second to none.

Lacks some essential features Unfortunately, Pages still lacks basics such as a grammar checker although the truth is that the grammar checker in Word is rarely useful anyway only offering subtle changes that don't really make much difference to the meaning of a phrase or sentence. Where it certainly excels over Word is for graphics - many users prefer it for designing posters, adding tables and just about anything where graphics are concerned.

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  6. Not quite Word but getting there It may not quite be up to MS Word but Pages is slowly getting there and future releases will surely see it address the few issues that remain to make it a truly great word processor.