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December 1, Patch. December 15, Patch Australian Christmas December 23, Patch. January 11, Patch. January 17, Patch. January 26, Patch. February 2, Patch. February 9, Patch. February 14, Patch. February 23, Patch. March 22, Patch. March 28, Patch. April 17, Patch. April 18, Patch. June 27, Patch Pyromania Update. August 2, Patch Triad Pack. August 10, Patch. August 11, Patch. August 15, Patch Mann vs. August 17, Patch. August 21, Patch.

TF2 Item Generator Download- Performing as of June ~ TF2 Item Generator

September 4, Patch. September 6, Patch. September 21, Patch. September 27, Patch. October 9, Patch. October 17, Patch. October 26, Patch Spectral Halloween Special. December 20, Patch Mecha Update. January 8, Patch. January 16, Patch. February 15, Patch. February 18, Patch. February 22, Patch. March 12, Patch.

March 19, Patch. May 17, Patch Robotic Boogaloo. October 2, Patch. October 10, Patch. October 29, Patch Scream Fortress October 30, Patch. November 6, Patch. November 11, Patch. November 26, Patch. December 18, Patch. December 20, Patch Smissmas February 7, Patch Strongbox Pack. February 11, Patch. February 19, Patch. April 24, Patch. August 13, Patch. August 27, Patch. September 10, Patch. September 17, Patch. September 25, Patch. December 3, Patch. December 8, Patch End of the Line Update. December 10, Patch. December 12, Patch. December 17, Patch.

December 22, Patch Smissmas December 23, Patch Patch 2. January 15, Patch. March 31, Patch. April 29, Patch. August 27, Patch Gun Mettle Update. October 6, Patch Invasion Community Update. October 28, Patch Scream Fortress November 13, Patch. November 25, Patch. December 4, Patch. December 17, Patch Tough Break Update. January 7, Patch. April 25, Patch. May 11, Patch Mayflower Pack. August 29, Patch. October 21, Patch Scream Fortress April 20, Patch.

May 15, Patch Rainy Day Pack. October 20, Patch Jungle Inferno Update. March 28, Patch Blue Moon Pack. October 19, Patch Scream Fortress October 25, Patch. December 19, Patch Smissmas December 20, Patch. July 25, Patch Summer Pack. Jump to: navigation , search. Featured article. Throughout history, men have worn hats as a way of asserting dominance over other men. Main article: Crafting. See Headgear recipes in Crafting. Main articles: Paint Can , List of paintable items.

May 21, Patch Sniper vs. November 2, Patch Added Bill's Hat. Update Made Camera Beard a miscellaneous item. Special versions of these hats, J. May 5, Patch Added Primeval Warrior. May 21, Patch Made Whiskered Gentleman a miscellaneous item. July 8, Patch Engineer Update A second misc slot is added. Cap , Ellis' Cap , and the Wiki Cap. The second misc slot is removed and is replaced by the Action slot. November 3, Patch Added Dealer's Visor. November 19, Patch Added License to Maim. December 22, Patch Made Blighted Beak a miscellaneous slot item. February 28, Patch Added Hero's Hachimaki.

April 5, Patch [Undocumented] Added [ classified ]. May 31, Patch Added Conjurer's Cowl. Grordbort's Crest. July 29, Patch Added Mask of the Shaman. August 2, Patch Added Stahlhelm , and Pilotka. August 23, Patch Added Party Hat. August 30, Patch Added El Jefe. September 15, Patch Added Killer Exclusive. Bonk Boy and Foster's Facade are now miscellaneous slot items. Hat of Undeniable Wealth And Respect animations have been added.

LOD models added to several older cosmetic items. Players can now equip two misc items at once. Fixed Spine-Chilling Skull not appearing when equipped by Soldiers. November 22, Patch Added Dr. November 29, Patch [Undocumented] Fixed certain all-class hats not showing up until the player touches a resupply cabinet. Grordbort's Copper Crest , Dr. January 11, Patch Added Lucky Shot. February 23, Patch Added Fast Learner. March 28, Patch Added daily periodic reward hats for duel wins, map stamp purchases, and gifts given. May 3, Patch Added Fruit Shoot. June 11, Patch Added Liquor Locker.

June 28, Patch Teddy Roosebelt can now get assist credits. Fixed hatless hats not not-drawing correctly. July 2, Patch Teddy Roosebelt can now get assists in Pyrovision. August 11, Patch [Undocumented] Barely-Melted Capacitor is now equippable, though is not visible due to having no model.

August 17, Patch Updated the backpack image for Archimedes to fix an alpha channel problem. Updated the colors for Battery Bandolier. Fixed hats sometimes appearing multiple times in incorrect locations when changing classes. October 17, Patch [Undocumented] Vigilant Pin is now tradable, giftable, craftable, and can be used in crafting. Catalog with a single armory icon. Credits: NeoDament Square Agent Gunn - Prop Pack [Part 1].

Created by SedimentarySFM. Some things are not included as they are retextures that override existing TF2 models. Agent Gunn - Prop Pack [Part 2]. Left 4 Dead - Enhanced Beta Zoey. Created by Ryannessence. Beta Zoey With Different Bodygroups Been having it for a while, thought of releasing it if anyone's interested. If you found any bugs, please, post it in the bugs discussion below. I will do my best to fix whatever problem you're facing. Punk's Pomp Separated. Created by TurnTwister. Eames Lounge Chair. As this model has some parts that are impossible on an authentic chair, this can be called a replica.

Created by Stan drinkt kofie in de notredam. Mobile suit cockpit. Separated Pillar of Hats. Separated to make each individual hat available. Mainly made this to pose them individually. Not made to fit a specific class, so if you just lock and zero slider it'll probably clip. Created by loudomian. I have updated the model. If you still can't see the other side in SFM, I will delete the item and re-upload it. Old Russian TV's. Created by MARK Yet Another Cosmetic Pack! Created by Rexy. Baritone Sax. TF2 styled Baritone Sax model for all your musical needs. This was a commission.

Created by Rider Custom. NOTE: I do not own anything here, all rights go to there respective owners I just ported the models into sfm. These are all the rest of the models from my request page and they're all here because I didn't want to make a workshop page for every single o If you want something is Sf Original model by: Ludumberg If I missed anyone im sorry, and will update if I did miss someone.

If you want something in Sfm post it here If there are still any other problems let me know. Also the mask is fully paintable. Side Note: model is fully paintable. Original model by: Mikey If I missed anyone im sorry, and will update if I did miss someone. If you w If you want something in Sfm The Alternate Medic. Created by Bri. Medic if he still had his medical license, or before he lost it.

Also, I decided to give medic a more modern and sensible pair of glasses. Don't fret, if you liked his old glasses, they come with this model too. If it hadn't been for stock images Created by MrShlapa. Watering Can Updated - now 2 different models. Spring has sprung Water up them flowers! Yes, it's paintable!!! I've had quite a few requests to make the spout removeable, to make the can spawn red and on the have it spawn on the floor instead of at waist. So to fill both orders I've creat Fortnite - Shopping Cart BR.

Created by Waldoocsplay. Fortnite - Drumgun. Created by thistoy. Cosmetics for Femscout. Created by zeton. Use only with my femscout model unless official one allows hiding torso, idk. For some cosmetics you will have to hide her torso for some only her shirts collars eg flapjack Walkie Talkie [TF2 Style]. Created by koko ze. I made this model for myself for an upcoming animation. But I also decided to upload it to the Steam workshop so that others can use it. Enhanced Female Scout Head. Created by Dagoth "Daddy" Ur. After 3 years in development, hopefully it will be worth the wait.

I think it's about the right time to give Femscout some love she deserves. Time to make her prettier and more attractive. This model features a new face texture along with separated A ton of injuries for scout's poor baby face! Cyclops Team Fortress 2 Classic. Fortnite emotes for scout pack. Created by black guy. If you use this please credit this submission and Epic Games.

This will eventually include every fortnite emote, ported directly from the game. Right now it only has some of them, but I will continually update it until it has all of them. Facial ani Baneful Bomber. Kevlar Casing Set. Created by CGI Slam. Comes with a full set! Tired of your babyfaced, potentially-a-pedophile, prepubescant merc? Turn him into a militarized mercenary with this outfit!

These are models from mods. Long Neck Banjo. Created by Albin I modified the original model to look like pete seegers iconic long neck banjo. I used this [drive. Bullet-proof Blazer. Comes with a pair of suit pants! Tom Jones HWM. Tf2 Bed model Sleep Fortress 2. Created by MrZarp. Item creator s - Rebbacus Publisher s - Blender me. Spytech Office. Created by CamberrySauce. A small map for poster making! The Lab. Created by Maxwell Polaris Kepler. A simple lab scene. Fully x cubemapped. I'll be working on a permanent fix for this soon. Sunset Island. Created by killohurtz. Originally a contest entry, now recompiled for use in SFM.

Bottle of Wine prop.

Don't forget to credit us for this editing and to subsc Created by Astute. This is the second prop pack, adding a few of the extra small props that I didn't include in the first prop pack. This is another batch of small props I made for filling in the gaps in a shot, or adding to the overall ambience of a scene. The Moon. This is the Moon from helltower. I needed to see the moon without the stupid effects every time the bridges spawn. Unfortunately the original was a brush in the map, so I created this simple flat plane with the moon on it.

It's pretty big, but you can us Really Kewl Mann. I actually modelled this one myself Created because of an interesting request. Restaurant Tables and Chairs. Created by forbidden snacc. Working Projector Model. This is a fully rigged version of the projector found in the Source Filmmaker beta files.

It comes with turnable reels including an automatic turning animation , moving film, a toggleable light, pushable buttons and a posable power cord. Beer Stein. Created by Nikolad Do you like what you see? Drop a Rate! And maybe even a comment too! Cheers Guys! Fender Telecaster Converted, read desc!

Created by Gallup. I converted it. This is not my model, and full credit goes to Festive Vintage Sniper. If the model does not work, inform me! Please, make sure to check out Festive Vi Gibson Marauder Converted, read desc! Please, make sure to check out Festive Vint Water Bottle. It's important to stay hydrated on those long runs so here's something that should help you with that. This is Cake Face's Gretsch from Gmod.

I take no credit in making this model, I just wanted to be able to allow others to get this wonderful model without the conversion. If the model does not work, let me know! Please, make sure to check out the origin Guitar Hero World Tour Models. Created by Vintage Sniper. I did try to do the Guitar Hero 3 models but there was too many problems with associated files so I uploaded this instead, I would of done both though. Due to some models disappering at certain angle Walther MP-K.

Decided to share one of my recently created models. I thought Sniper doesn't have enough sidearms in his arsenal, so here it is. The model is scaled to fit most of the TF characters, it's also got some bones, waiting for you to animate them. Old Time Lantern. I can't take credit for the lantern, it's the one from Pirates, Vikings and KnightsII, however, I remodeled the pattern in the glass so that is is an actual mesh so that it will cast a shadow and block light.

I also added a candle that is a bodygroup membe Team Beer. Created by Soldier. TF2 Coloured Mice. Created by Daine Mustave. Comes with rigged buttons so you can meme with the best of them. Hello there Everyone! Nikolad92 here with a other model! So there are very few hair items so why not do one? So here it is! A very basic hairbrush One last note is that the Scaling is messed up on this atm I might fix is soon so don't worry, You c Spytech Supply-Station.

Map prop for the Deathmatch gamemode for Team Fortress 2 Classic [tf2classic. Much like the Dispense-O-Matic Provisions Dispenser, it hands out ammunition and health to anyone standing near it. Cap Point Sign. Created by Thirteen. Meant for Team Fortress 2 Based off the Ms. Pauling voice lines from the Tough Break Update contracts that spoke of a "Cap Point" night club or bar that she was visiting.

The sign blinks to the next f TF Wrestling Ring. Created by Anarcho-Nazbol. Perfect for wrestling, boxing or any other ring-related activities. If you wish to edit the gray apron to fit your scene with logos and whatnot, be my guest. Created by Critical Hit! The long waited police "classic" car is here with it's original textures minus some bodygroup options. Includes : -Rigs light, mirrors,gear handle -Better colors Created by Dakota. Note: I own nothing!

I am not the original creator of these awesome models, I am simply uploading these models to the Sfm workshop to get these models more attention, plus they are pretty cool. If the creators want me to take this down then I will. Pyroland Protector Police Cruiser. A police cruiser prop from my Saxxy entry, "Whole Wheat Hardcase". It's been heavily modified, and shares much more in common with the former car th Soldier's Eyepatch.

Created by TheFrog. Simple eyepatch for soldier, has a bone for the flap so you can move it. If you like this, please consider going to the TF2 set and give it an upvote! It would help the set become a reality!! Triplecrosser's Touch. Created by Big Bob. Contains all 3 pieces Smissmass Cosmetics. Because Valve really doesn't care for updating SFM anytime soon, here are the cosmetics from the latest Smissmass update.

Codename is "dec17" when searching for them in the model browser. Also, yes, I got a strange hat. It's a temporary thumbnail unti Spy cosmetics pack. Created by Baldurs Tod. I don't own anything of this. Uploaded to SFM workshop for convenience. The Armed Arms. Another one hex, but only hexed from GMoD! Your scout have biceps! Survival Harness. Created by Gener. Just a police baton, Could come in handy if you need it in your animation. Crowbar SFM Version. Rigged TF2 Sniper Quiver. Created by R Hi fellow SFMers! R here, posting a quick little edit that was requested by [BFTR] cnoe. It's a separate, rigged version of the Sniper's quiver.

Fishing pole. Created by Nomad. Here's a tf2 fishing pole. Includes skin groups only for the rod. Enhanced Weapons Case. Created by [N-cognito]. HWM Charles Darling. If you can get me Australium. Former mentor and current Saxton Hale. Created by Kumquat [Velbud]. The Third Community Hale Not made by me Later on, I might make edits to it to make it work better, but for now, this model has a lot of what most of us wanted. This Hale most of us have been searching for for a long time. If you are the original aut Crash Test Dummy with Rack. Someone had asked for a Crash Test Dummy a little while ago.

Well, Here you go This model has 3 skins, plain 0 , bump mapped 1 and paintable 2. Not only do you get the Dummy in this download, but you also get the rack. The Rack has a Flex The other pyro update you all have not been waiting for has finally arrived. Teddy Bear. Created by Carlos. Estos modelos son de Source. SFM Telephone. Created by Area 51 Nigga. Completley refurbished with: posable parts, a carrying slot, and a new button version. It comes with 3 Textures: Black, Red, Blue, and a completley white paintable texture.

Breakfast Bowl with that old sticky milk. Just a bowl I made in blender free to use in all of your SFM videos but please consider crediting me! Fruit Shop Fiend. Created by Super Chief. I only modified it. TF2 Class Bandage. Created by DoctorScarlet. Bandages in class emblems from the game Team Fortress 2. Has 18 skins for nine classes, for both teams.

Scout Sitting Pose. Created by dok. A simple sitting pose for Scout, Useful for quick background posing and filler! Feel free to use, So long you credit me if the pose is more prominent! Rusty minigun SFM version. Created by Ryptun. Mannrobics TF2. Finally, somebody actually uploading the Mannrobics animation! This upload is for people who don't know how or are too lazy to manually update SFM. It contains the Mannrobics taunt from TF2 for all classes. How do you use it? Right click on the TF2 mod Usage: Just run it on the animation set as a rig like any other IK rig Macintosh k. Includes : Macintosh k - 5skins Mouse Keyboard Tutoria Nail-Gun Team Fortress 2 Classic.

Created by SolaceFX. Jumping jack taunt model for SFM now workking, fixed minor bugs such as invisible model and old vtx files. Some models. I've ported this to all my friends and maybe, just maybe to everyone. Original by Maxxy and his friends, i'm just porting stuff Preview makers: Last one done by Rasclestar. Concept Scout. Created by Robbster. Posable Engineer items.

Various items that belong to the Engineer, enhanced for film making. Dispensers Added unlit glowing screen with posable arrow to all dispensers No other changes have been made. Eureka Effect Jaw p. HD Soda can. Here you go! A HD soda can for you to use! Now Ported to Gmod! Get it here!

Thanks to Mark-Unread for help Created by LineX Here are the taunts models from the Jungle Inferno update, for Source Filmmaker. Slender Fortress - Slender Arizona. Created by Johnny. Hello World! I believe is the moment to find more gas cans in Arizona! Through editing, map resulted being so dark, is good if you want to place some lights! As usual, I recommend you to update your TF2 content before using these m Widowmaker Re-Texture. Created by Mx. I never intended to create a skin that looks like 'Asiimov', I didn't even know this skin exists, and I never played CS so I couldn't know it.

Amana Radarange Microwave Oven. Credits: Made entirely by me. Amana Radarange microwave model, based on the RR-4 series. The Default Heavy Fist Model. Created by JAX. A separate model for the fist. Note: The model is the best quality. All of the fingure bones are in the correct places.

Includes: heavyhands5. Here's some streamers. Includes skin groups for the flappy flags.

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All Saxton Hale voice lines. Created by Wraty. Created by Old Bill. Created by Benjamoose. Current Version: B Junkie Femscout retexture v1. Created by yelosnek. A simple re-texture for femscout's head; to apply it : Right click on the femscout model in the Animation Set Editor, Then add an Override Material. Police Station [Fixed!

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Created by Stuffed. Second SFM workshop upload! After a few days of solid work and crashes, I have finally somewhat completed the TF Universe police station! If there are any problems, please l Created by Mattie. These textures can be used to replace the ones on the Mannhattan subway car model, to make it look more like a London Underground or "Tube" train. Created by ritardando. Model made by -SB- DannyBoi. Requested by El Matador and Weezer. Fruit Shop Fiend texture fix! Fix for the Fruit Shop Fiend. You need to know how to use material overrides. Med-Mask Material Fix. No more white texture, unreal bright.

Just as name says Separated by me. COming soon only the scar. Comes with normal faceposing for the beard.

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Don't forget to credit us for this editing and to subscribe to my workshop for more enhanced models and new models. I don't take full credits in Weapons Case Key. This addon adds a custom weapons case Key based off the key from the Gun Mettle update. It's not exact, but it's pretty similar. The Track Tracer. Created by Jimbocius. Hai, I noticed this wasn't in SFM's workshop, so here!

I only ported it! Materials repaired for both the red and blue team models. Fixed the black areas and make properly paintable. This is the material only. It will install to your Workshop folder and will not replace the original material unless you have given the workshop Created by Sakuukuli. This is a modified version of Nomad's 50's table Microphone. HWM Yana. This is once again, a modified version of one of my exisiting models Bronislava this time. The Country Bumpkin.

Created by OverPovered. Uploaded, incase any talented sfm animators have a need for a farmer engy hat. Enhanced Bites. This is a posable model of Lieutenant Bites, with three simple flexes. Update: Added mouth details and fixed shiny materials. Femscout Bobhair. Created by EmperorFaiz. Just an ordinary bobhair for femscout or anyone.

Paintable not yet Lotsa bones Too lazy to add jinglebones but hopefully soon, eventually The model is requested by Brookie for his upcoming Saxxy video and fully created by yours truly. Cessna Style Plane. Created by Ruskeydoo. Static map prop. There are some issues with the compilation.

Seems to work on some maps and not on others. If you know how to fix this let me know. Well, I think they're ready These are reskins I did to dress the team in a white uninforms. It will install to your Workshop folder and will not replace the original material unless you have given the workshop folder a higher priority than your TF folder in the Gameinfo.

If you're still having problems, see A wide brimmed fedora for the Spy. I made this based on user suggestions that my "Observer" Spy set needed a hat. It was made as a compliment to the "Wetworker" raincoat. It's fairly similar to many of the other fedora's in TF2, though I do like how i SFM Keytar. Created by aln A Source Filmmaker compatible keytar. Contact: aln gmail. Enhanced Cosmetics Case. Cute Suit for Fempyro. Created by RedMser. Yeah yeah, this is a super specific upload to put on the Workshop, but I can't be bothered to sort out all the different files to upload anywhere else.

Hope you guys can put this to use! This one was quick and simple to do, so I thought, "What the heck"!!! Basic table microphone with a bunch of movable stuff. Make sure if you want it to move with it to parent everything together. Should be self expanitory. If not just ask and I will update the description with an easy to read guide.

Tosslecap for Femscout. Edited by me Don't forget to credit us for this editing and to subscribe to my workshop for more enhanced models and new models. I don't take full credits in any case since the item is made by others and added by Valve. Includes: pl Screamin' Eagle HWM. Enhanced Cargo Plane - Materials revises. Spinable Props and wheels, retractable landing gear. FemScout Rock Hair. Enhanced Hitmans Heatmaker. Speak up, I couldn't hear ya!!!! Yes folks, it is a Bull Horn or Loud Hailer, or whatever you want to call it I modelled this one from scratch, so feel free to use it for your saxys if you wish Blaster's Protective Gear.

An explosives specialist themed set of cosmectic items for the demoman. SFM Bass Guitar. A Source Filmmaker compatible bass guitar. Great for posters and music videos. Model, texture by me. Cargo Plane. Stage Big - Low Light Levels. Created by BruceT. I read a post by Palmlix many thanks Palmlix! Created by Speeder Almost everything is bodygrouped. Created by Eggman. Hello everyone, It's my first post on the workshop. Posable Deck Crane. Important info in description. Don't just subscribe! Deck Crane: Posable Arm. Posable Hook.

Posable Top. Bodygroups for Hook. Abandoned prop pack. Created by Quin. Includes all custom-made models for the current Abandoned maps! Most models come in different sizes and different skins. Permission granted by py-bun to upload them. She made most of them some are retextures valve models and made all the textures! The Soviet Striker Bowling Ball. Created by Rozzy. Bowling ball model for use in SFM. Made to fit Heavy's hands but can be used for any other class or character. The Siren Cut.

Request of a friend of mine. Lilith's hair for Femscout. Only for femscout. High-res Memory maker. A High-res edit for the memory maker for SFM. Update 1: Added mirrored bus.

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So I might need some feedback. Widow's Tail. Widowmaker's hair conversion. Original model by Blizzard. ACR hood reskin paintable! Created by Linny. Texture reskin. Can be fully painted using the color script. For me paint rig works only on skin0 To use - replace the original file with this one. Better make a copy of original if you'd back to it. The Tie-In. Created by Contron. Show that you're the king of the party.

Backfire V2.

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It's designed around various retro spy gadgets found in old school spy movies. Enhanced TF2 Revolver. R here, with a request from Doeugr: the stock Revolver. I had some spare time this weekend so I thought I'd make it happen. Surely it'll come in handy to a lot of people. Created by Chris!! Femscout's enhanced eyes [VTF only]. Because girls need beautiful eyes! Edited eye texture.

Should work with every Femscout model, as well as with other models too. To use it, you need a knowledge about overriding materials within SFM. SFM Drum Sticks. Drumsticks compatible with the Source Filmmaker for music videos. This is the third prop pack, featuring large props and structures.

I wanted a sort of film noire rainy-day european city feel to my shots. Conveyor Belt. All Father Fix. FemMedic Robot. Created by R. Posable Sniper Submachineguns. Both of the Sniper SMGs are now enhanced for posing. Submachine: Posable trigger Posable bolt - moves ejection port cover aswell Posable magazine, movable bullet included.

Posable belt includes gold skin. Split Sandvich. Created by Folkye. The Foxhound. Created by Pvt. For all your revolver spinning needs. Planned updates: Include single action trigger movement. Meet the Medic Heavy by Maxxy. Created by Maxxy. This model including the heavy. Similar to the Meet the Medic one. This is the first of hopefully many prop packs that I will be releasing alongside my workshop submissions. I made a fair number of props to help cultivate the atmosphere I was going for with my renders.

Due to the number of props I have, I decided to relea Mann Co. Supply Crate. Created by casko. Posable Demoman items. Another pack i made, this time it's for the Demoman. Posable Grenadelauncher: Grenades that fit into the magazine. Xmas decoration bodygroup.