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After logging in, a tech can pull up their list of jobs for the day. They are able to see customer information, receiver configurations, and all other useful info about the installation.

Bugatti Centodieci is a $9m 1,600hp homage to the iconic EB110

Techs can also get turn-by-turn directions or call the customer directly from the app iPhone. The tech simply selects the ODU kit that was used, mounting hardware, any miscellaneous equipment and then adds the receivers. There is a scanner built into the app that can be used to quickly pick off the receiver serial numbers from the barcodes.

Once the signatures have been collected for the lease agreement, 3rd party, and other provider contracts they are submitted and stored electronically in your SalesRabbit web portal.

Frequently asked questions

The customer is also emailed copies of the contracts right away. Our dashboard provides leaderboards that techs can climb, and shows tech standings, which push them to get better and to climb higher.

Karaoke, meet Apple TV

Techs can see customers they have installed and other past work orders. With the TechRabbit channel guide techs can quickly lookup channel information for any satellite package. When the update went live it actually broke the ability for techs to add tech to accounts. The app is great and the blue field is a great fix for the red on red issue but how can an update be called a fix when it breaks what it's supposed to fix?

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Love this app! It has transformed the way we do business. It has made seeing the routes and tracking inventory so much easier. We now have a digital copy of every customer contract signed. It has made us look so much more professional and has created a better customer service experience as well. Tracking our installers is so much easier with the notification features inside Tech Rabbit.

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It allows installers to put themselves en route, on-site, give ETAs and closeout installs through the app. Installers love the app and have found it extremely easy to use. Tech Rabbit has been great to work with and they truly understand the installers scope of work. A joy to use, simple to set up, and you'll never have to switch inputs again. Channels lets you finally watch sports, award shows, local news, and other live events from the same device as your streaming apps.

Browse and watch real TV with ease.

Channels — Live TV, everywhere

Flip channels, mark your favorites, search shows, and more. Setup is automatic and Channels starts instantly. It's like TV with superpowers! See what Channels can do. Watch the award show in the living room. Watch the game in the garage. Catch up on your shows at the gym.

How to enjoy FreeRange TV

Tune in to breaking news on your phone when it happens. Watch anything, anywhere, wire free. Record a show in progress. Set a pass to record all or just new episodes.

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  • Channels — Live TV, everywhere.
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Record all of the games for your favorite team. The new third-party Apple TV app, Channels. Watching the nfl playoffs with getchannels on my appletv.