Why wont marinenet work on mac


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But I'm a novice with sims so I may not know whats what yet. July 7, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase. The reader worked fine for me, although one of the slots sim didn't want to read one of the cards I put in it, the other worked fine. Yes, there's more than one way for this reader to read a sim. Although I can't find software that will work for what I want to do, this reader registered on ALL the different software installs I have and did at least 6 and that's very good considering other readers I have, some only were recognized my 2 or 3 of the programs while also seeing 4 or 6 readers they would only work on 2 or 3.

This reader worked with all them. No I don't work for any company none I'm disabled I like to fool around with electronics and sim cards are my latest aversion. But still can't clone one successfully to work on the network. If this reader gives you problems then go into device manager and fix the driver s. August 25, - Published on Amazon. Works on personal laptops great! Have not tested the SIM card reader, not even sure what I'd do with that August 6, - Published on Amazon.

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This is very slim and it fits in my bag without adding a lot of bulk to it. So far I haven't had any problems with it. Can't complain. June 16, - Published on Amazon. Not really good for a laptop.

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The slightest movement knocks out the card. The USB connector is also ill-fitting. October 19, - Published on Amazon. Item was not the same as the photograph. Also, you have to constantly reinsert your card for the reader to recognize it. Go to Amazon. Discover the best of shopping and entertainment with Amazon Prime.

Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery on millions of eligible domestic and international items, in addition to exclusive access to movies, TV shows, and more. Back to top. I have a Mac Pro also and use VM fusion. Virtual machines are great. At least it creates another niche for developers to create innovative ways to work between both platforms and then sell their ideas and apps.

Just found a extension in Chrome that allows you to open pages in an Internet Explorer tab via Chrome. Even simpler than a VM Machine. It worked with the Marine.

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How did you get the IE tab to run without Windows? Any ideas? I have the newest version of OS X if that matters at all. Can you give me more details on what went wrong when you ran the script in the terminal of your mac e. The video example was done on a new macbook so if you have the latest OS X everything should work. Yeah, looks like the IE tab only runs with Windows. Can we repost this with author credit? MarineNet is an enormous headache for everyone in the Marine Corps and this article deserves wide dissemination! I tried to run the terminal with the script you provided but what happened in the video and what happened on my mac are very different the script never ran.

Thank you. I would definitely try typing in the command and see what happens. Please copy and paste your result here, or email it to me so I can take a look. Is there an execute command button I am unaware of? Thank you! There is an app you can add via Chrome which was created by Ericom that allows you to browse via IE in the Cloud. This works just fine on my Mac computer and is easy to download.

Tobi how did you get around this issue? Confirm that virtualbox is installed. Reboot the computer and ensure you are on a reliable network Try running the original script again. If all of that fails, you can try a manual install. Im honestly lost.

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Install VirtualBox from the link provided. I did that and then a bunch of text just appears to run, so from there what is it that I do. I am NOT a computer savvy person, barney style is much appreciated please. Open the VirtualBox software installed. You should see Windows XP listed. Select it and click start. This should start Windows XP. You can then use Internet Explorer to access MarineNet.

Having trouble launching a SkillSoft course?

Are you able to get to other websites? If not, you may have to enable your network adapter in VB.

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No disrespect to your work or any of this, but this whole thing right here is completely absurd. That is just too much work just to get that lousy MarineNet to work on Apple products. Other web pages do show up such as Marine Online. Looking for help. I successfully followed the steps, and this application worked very well for one month!! I did not execute the Snapshot function of Virtual Box in this process however, and now when I attempt to use this program, Windows XP is asking for a product key.

I attempted uninstalling virtual box, and re-downloading everything, and it is still asking for a Product Key IOT get into windows. Any recommendations? Then run the script again and it will install a new instance of Windows XP. Thank you very much! That worked perfectly! I initially tried it by uninstalling and re-installing virtual box, but that did not work. I appreciate you help! This is whole issue is nonsensical.

It could use an update, but the basic idea of running Windows in a virtual machine is still valid.

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