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So easy to find shows to follow. Six stars for Chromecast support. Barry first found music when he borrowed his sister's record collection when he was about eight and was hooked. When Caroline started it was a new beginning, and he listened to all the stations, but Caroline was his favourite by far. Later he became a singer in a band, then started doing discos when he was He joined Caroline in , touring the country with the Caroline Roadshow for 10 years, having great fun.

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Barry helped with tender trips and worked on the Ross Revenge in '84 and ' The Global Dedication podcast by Coone - everything Hardstyle. For more information visit slugmag. The Too Much Rock podcast is a minute journey through the weekly music acquisitions of its creator. It may feature power pop, indie rock, post punk, indie pop, or any other named or unnamed genre. On-air since , each week host Moz Taylor mixes up a blend of the best jazz the latest releases to classic tracks with Roots Blues, Acid Jazz, and World Music. For information, playlists, archived broadcasts and more, visit the show's website: www.

Firebeatz presents Firebeatz Radio. The best heavy metal and hardcore metal podcasts. The weekly Resident Advisor Exchange - www. One featured interview each week with a prominent metal musician, and discussion of the latest headlines in metal news. New episodes every Monday morning. Old Time Rock n Roll is the largest oldies podcast in the world today.

Over 2. Host Lee Douglas uses his personal , song library to spin the classics,as well as the obscure songs of the 50's,60's and early 70's. Listen and be transported back to a time when the biggest problem we had was getting a date for Saturday night. You can get into it by sea the channel between Rugica and the desert. You do have to be in the river, not flying above it. Sail upstream until the river opens into a lake. There's a shore with some large mushrooms in the northwest part of the lake.

Welcome to the Mushroom Road. Someone very familiar has beaten us here. He gets the title Loving Son, and you're off into the Mushroom Road. The annoying part is that you don't get Mieu for this, so come back later and use him to hit the spore-spewing mushrooms to get items and monsters to come out.

Alternatively, you can leave the Mushroom Road and come back in to take Luke and Mieu with you now. The instructions below will take you directly to the Rugnican death caps. Feel free to explore if you have Mieu right now; otherwise, there isn't much point in it. From the start, go right. When the road forks, go north and then east through a hollow log. When you come out, take the northernmost fork of the road. Follow the path around and up on top of the purple mushrooms. When the path splits, go north. Follow the path until it forks again. The northern path takes you to a chest with a Miracle Gel; the southern path leads onward.

Go through the hollow log, south at the T-shaped intersection, and examine the purple mushroom in the middle of the road. Congratulations, you have obtained a Rugnican death cap. If you have Luke along, you can examine it for a two-line scene with Mieu. Before you leave, be sure to get the Greater Flightstone instructions below. When you're done, return to Baticul and give the medicine to Susanne. There's an exit there that will take you onto the field. Examine the search point outside to obtain the Greater Flightstone.

Examine the desk on the left side of the room for a scene. Head through the door to get into the spectator's stands. There's a man standing on top of a round pillar on the right side of the stairs. Go down and talk to him to get the Berserker costume title for Luke. Walk up to her to trigger the scene. Next, go to the inn and talk to McGovern the Younger. Step outside the city. August is not hard to find. Tag him and return, and Glenn will give you Blood Pain.

Talk to her for a scene. Agree to help. Talk to the grocer with the boxes of apples south of the path. He'll give you a Gourmet Apple. Talk to Rose when you're ready to do battle. The battles are not difficult in the slightest I put the difficulty on Hard to start getting some fights for the Berserker title racked up. Just remember to turn it off before the next tough battle. They'll get harder as you go, but not by much. You'll fight seven battles back to back, and you'll obtain Rose's Charm in return.

A scene will stop you, then go on into Peony's room for another. Uh oh, rappigs on the loose. They're all still in the castle. Here's where you can find them: - Look behind the stairs on the left side of the entrance hall. Go right again and into a chamber. The rappig is hiding by a chair. Return to Peony and he'll give you the Spa Membership. Jade gets the title Emperor's Best Friend. While you're here, take a look at the rappig in the back of Peony's room to find out its name. How nice of him, not running off with the rest. Oh, Peony Costume titles for all! Go into the Hotel and walk up to the reception desk.

Swimsuit costume titles, go! Poor, poor Guy. He gets the title Naughty Devil. There are no more events in the spa, but whenever you use it from now on you'll get healed for free. If you equip Guy's new title, you can enter the spa and explore it for yourself. Head for the plaza and examine the back of the statue there. If you're interested in more history of Yulia City, you can read the book hidden under the nightstand on the left side of the same room.

You have to come from the right side close to the building to trigger the scene. After the scene, go to Keterburg Bay for another. Finally, go to Chesedonia and enter the bar that straddles the border. Talk to the bartender. Guy gets the costume title Good Spirits. Go into the center room on the top floor and examine the chest of drawers on the right for another forbidden verse stone.

View the scene. There's a little gate in the southwest section of the railing that will swing open if you examine it. Find the forbidden verse stone on the floor next to the blue box across from the big yellow thing. Enter the building and climb to the top. Talk to the man there for a scene.

Hey look, a free stay at the inn. There's a scene, and Jade learns Absolute. Zaleho the second time Cutoff: none Prerequisites: clear the game, complete the Collector's Book If you've managed to fill the Collector's Book, head to the inn in Daath for a scene and the title Item Collector for Jade. Natalia learns Healing Force.

Zaleho the second time Cutoff: none? Prerequisites: complete part 1 I'm pretty sure this can be done earlier, but you're more likely to have the Gald for it now.

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Full text of "MacTech 04 OCR"

Find the man from last time -- standing outside the large house on the east side of Keterburg -- and talk to him. He wants , Gald. It's expensive, but pay up. Zaleho the second time Cutoff: none Prerequisites: complete part 1 and complete the King's Portrait quest Find our old friends Shiba and Peko on the left side of Keterburg in front of the inn, by the pavilion with the treasure chest on top incidentally, you can get that treasure chest by going to the plaza where the kids are having a snowball fight and whacking the snowball machine on the right with Mieu Attack.

Watch the scene. You'll wind up in Mt. Well, there goes the ecosystem. Go down into the volcano. Looks a little different now, huh? You can take the paths that were once blocked by lava to get some treasure. While you're here, be sure to pick up the music disc instructions below. Find the area where you were avoiding the dragon's fireballs. A little after the path starts to slope upward around the area, there's a fork in the road.

It's a little hard to see -- keep to the outside of the curve and you'll find it. Go down and run up the slope to the north. Follow the path to Congratulations, you now have Mieu Fire 2. Use it to light the torches. The one on the left connects to the passage ring area; the one on the right leads to a Special Gel and Flamberge. You can also get the moving torches near the door to the passage ring now. You have to time it carefully to hit all three -- try to get it as the first one is moving into the middle. You get a Carmine Chamber for your trouble. Zaleho Start: enter Mt.

Zaleho the second time Cutoff: none Prerequisites: none Head toward the place where you fought the dragon in Mt. There's a Y-shaped fork in the road that's covered by lava between that place and the Wing Bottle save point. Take the fork that goes toward the dragon's spot. It splits; take the one that used to lead into some non-receding lava to a treasure chest with the Silver and White music disc. Zaleho the second time Cutoff: none Prerequisites: complete part 2, complete Sorcerer's Ring quest Return to the mansion and talk to the man again.

Talk to the person in front of the door to challenge the Labyrinth Mansion. Running into enemies or spikes will freeze you for a few seconds. You can hit the enemies with Mieu Fire and avoid damage on the spikes by walking across them, and killing certain enemies will restore lost HP.

The boxes that can't be moved can be destroyed with Mieu Attack, and you can use Mieu Wing to hit the patterned floor switches. Play it as Natalia and beat level five to earn the title Labyrinth Princess for her. Zaleho the second time Cutoff: none Prerequisites: complete part 2 of the Labyrinth Mansion sidequest Clear level five of the Labyrinth Mansion with any character to get the recipe for Toast. Roneal Start: clear Mt. Zaleho the second time Cutoff: none Prerequisites: complete part 1, complete the Sorcerer's Ring quest To start, open up your world map and take a look at Sylvana Keterburg's continent.

See the place on the southwest side that's cut off from the rest of the continent? That's where you want to go. Technically, you can do this sidequest without completing part 1, but that'll let us land right there instead of going all the way through Mt. Roneal again. Land in the northwest part of the area and go into Mt. Roneal via the entrance there. Explore the area. You can use Mieu Wing to get some treasure chests, but don't bother with the far right tree just yet.

If you go to the left of the area, you can get into the river to grab the Vorpal Sword. When you're ready, head up through the passage on the northwest side of the area. You want to arrange the moveable torch things so that they line up with the ones on the pillars on either side of the path. The center torch of each group should be on uniquely patterned tile. You should end up with three diagonal lines of torches. The farthest one along slants from top right to bottom left, as does the one closest to the entrance.

The middle group slants from top left to bottom right. When that's set up, leave the way you came. Use Mieu Wing on the far right tree we skipped earlier and go into the cave. Grab the 15, Gald chest and light the torch with Mieu Fire. Go through the now opened door and melt the snow at the bottom of the screen to get a Wind Cape. Go through the door on the other side of the entrance you just came through. Use Mieu Fire to light both torches in one shot. Take the Red Lavender from the chest and go through the new door. More torches!

This time you'll need to stand off to the side, fire through one torch, bounce off the blue crystal, and hit the other torch. It takes a little practice, but it's doable if you stand about Luke's height or so both down and to the outside from a torch. When that's done, go through the new door, up the stairs and around, and pull the blue crystal onto the patterned tile. That done, go all the way back to the field. Take the Albiore and head to the east side of the same area of the continent.

There's another entrance to Mt. Roneal there. Enter, grab the 7, Gald, and head straight through the area, ignoring the other little paths, and into the next room. Turn left when you reach the circular intersection. There are two paths in the next area; take the one closer to the bottom of the screen. Push the blue crystal onto the patterned tile, and everything should be in place. Go back and take the upper path.

Position yourself on the patterned tile, aim, and light all the torches at once with Mieu Fire. Again, it may take a few tries. I got it positioned in the upper right corner of the patterned tile. All the way back to the Albiore now. Climb aboard and return to the entrance we were at before in the northwest part of this area. Enter the cave again. Push the torches out of the way and go through the door that just opened.

To the field! It makes me happy how all the field monsters here look like the field monsters in Symphonia. Anyway, once you're outside, head northeast. When you can't go any further, turn east and go up onto the cliff. Follow the mountains east southeast, and go up another cliff. Examine the search point to the southwest to finally obtain the Refined Flightstone. If only it could also summon the Albiore here You can do this later, but doing it now will help you get a title soon. Cyllya's world map is extremely helpful for this.

Zaleho the second time Cutoff: none Prerequisites: complete part 1, complete the Upgraded Flightstones quest Use the Refined Flightstone to fly into the sandstorm in the north part of the Zao Desert. Land inside it and run around until you encounter a large monster that looks like a gigantic worm thing jumping out of the sand.

This is the Sand Worm. Defeat it to get the Gae Bolg, one of the items our Katz friend is looking for. Zaleho the second time Cutoff: none Prerequisites: find all 29 Search Points Yes, this includes the 18 listed ones, the seeds, the flightstones, and the All-Purpose Knife. Set Natalia's title as Curious Princess and make her your onscreen character.

Huawei E160 Driver Mac Os X

Talk to Din for a scene and the costume title Adventurous Princess. Zaleho the second time Cutoff: none Prerequisites: complete the Upgraded Flightstones quest Take out your world map and find Radessia the continent Sheridan is on. Note the peninsula that sticks out on the north side.

That's where you want to head. Explosions and whirlpools block your way, but there's a cave behind those whirlpools. Back up, land in the sea, and charge full speed ahead to get in. If you back into the next continent over, you should be able to get in. There are lots of fun things to explore here. Go up the ladder and out the door at the bottom of the screen.

Head right until you see a blue section. There's a guy standing by a door. Go inside and through the door in the back. Walk forward for a scene. You can now use the elevator, but there's more to do here first. While you're in the room, pick up the music disc instructions below. Leave via the room's middle exit for one more scene. Luke gains the title Noble Rogue. Zaleho the second time Cutoff: none Prerequisites: enter Nam Cobanda Isle In the monitoring room, talk to the Katz on the far left to get the music disc Comedy.

Zaleho the second time Cutoff: none Prerequisites: complete the Nam Cobanda Isle quest On the right side of the monitoring room, there's a boy who will let you rewatch the game's animated cutscenes. Zaleho the second time Cutoff: none Prerequisites: enter Nam Cobanda Isle Through the hallway left of where you came in, find Elion the Kowz in a green area.

Leave Nam Cobanda and head for Yulia City. Once there, go to the room below the conference room where we did a fonic hymn sidequest after Luke cut his hair. You'll find Yutan there. Walk up to him for a scene. Next, enter Baticul Port. Talk to Miska, who's standing to the left of where you come in from the sea. We'll come back to this one in a minute. There's more to do while we're in Baticul. Zaleho the second time Cutoff: none Prerequisites: complete part 1, complete the Sorcerer's Ring quest Take the aircar into the Abandoned Factory.

Bypass the first ladder and climb the second. Climb up another one and head right when you can. There's a ladder above your head. Use Mieu Wing to reach it. Run to the end of the pipe and hit the switch across the way with Mieu Fire 2. Leave the way you came in. Take the other aircar the one we just moved via that switch into the factory. Take the catwalk in the rear right corner to the ladder and climb on up. The two chests contain a Sunlight Chamber and Holy Quelquatl, the next catalyst weapon. You can now get experience and Gald from it, which wasn't available when the storyline went through the marsh.

Defeat it to get the Golden Helm, the next item for the Katz.

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Zaleho the second time Cutoff: none Prerequisites: complete part 1 Now go to Engeve and toward Rose's house for another scene. Go to the Cheagle Woods as directed, and you'll wind up in Engeve after the scene. Return to Baticul Port and talk to Miska. Go up to him for a scene. Answer his question and watch. You'll lose a fair bit of Gald -- 76, -- but in exchange get the costume title Cat Cat Kitty Cat for Anise no matter which option you chose.

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  4. Zaleho the second time Cutoff: none Prerequisites: enter Nam Cobanda Isle, complete the Star of Malkuth quest Talk to Elion, who's now behind the counter in his little area. He wants a giant fish bone, which is a trade item found in Search Points 3 and 8. Equip the Curious Princess title on Natalia and check Search Point 3 for a better chance of getting one.

    Hand it over, then go two sections to the left and talk to Elion behind that counter. I'm not extremely well acquainted with how the game works, but I know there are maps of the levels available online. To get the princess ending, collect the two rods or two circlets or both along the way and beat the dragon at the end. If you pick up one of a pair say, a sword while holding the other say, a rod , you'll lose the one you already had. If you clear the mini-game and get the princess ending, you'll get the costume title Dragon Buster for Luke.

    If you're on a second or later playthrough, you'll also get the costume title Dragon Buster?. Equipping Natalia's Star of Malkuth title will make finding them a lot easier. Zaleho the second time Cutoff: none Prerequisites: complete the Sorcerer's Ring and Upgraded Flightstones quests Ortion Cavern has a second entrance east of the one the storyline takes you to. It's blocked by a whirlpool, so back up and use your Refined Flightstone to charge on in. Shoot Mieu Fire up the conveyor belt to hit the switch on the right, and you'll be able to enter.

    Bounce Mieu Fire off the different colored rock on the wall to your left to hit the next switch. Go left at the fork and use the rock to bounce Mieu Fire up and activate the switch above you for a chest with a Specific inside. Continue into the cave. Go forward for a scene. Hit the switch across the way with Mieu Fire to free the cheagle. Collect a Wing Bottle and a Nectar Bottle from the chests nearby, and then use the reflective rock on the wall to bounce Mieu Fire into the next switch. Head right. The switch in this area is too high to just point and shoot, but thankfully the reflective rock on the wall to the right will do the trick.

    Hit it and move on. In the next area, you'll have to bounce Mieu Fire off the rock on the left, into the rock on the right, and into the switch. At the next fork, head right. Pick up the Red Chamomile and Cowboy Hat from the chests by the save point. Use Mieu Fire to free the cheagle across the ravine. He's stuck, so go back to the fork and turn left for a scene.

    Aim Mieu Fire at the first torch on the right. Bounce it off the reflective walls, through the other torches, and into the switch. The machine will clear a path for a cheagle, and you'll be introduced to six Ogre Replicas. If you run into them, you'll face all six back to back. They're more difficult than the other monsters in the area, but not terrible. We're done here, so depart and make your way to the Cheagle Woods.

    You can use Mieu Fire 2 to pick up some Gald here if you like cross the river on the fallen tree and go right at the fork. Equipping the Natalia's Labyrinth Princess title will help you get the first two, and Adventurous Princess will help with the last one. You can even jump right to them with the autopilot function. Got everything? Return to Sheridan. Two of the items this time, the sword and the armor, are unique to the sidequest, so if you're going for collector's book completion, you'll want to choose one this playthrough and the other the next.

    I think the armor is the better of the two, so I chose the sword the first time and the armor the second, but it's up to you how you'd like to do it. You may need to go into the mansion and back out to get it to appear if you want to do this directly after viewing the scene there. Coincidentally, if you go up the stairs inside, you can climb a ladder to the roof and pick up some Persian Boots and an Hourglass.

    Examine the sword to take on the final Sword Dancer fight. If you like Sunlight Chambers, you can steal one from him. Defeat him to get Ultimatus. You should run into a scene. Afterwards, Jade will gain the Soft Meanie title. Go east then and up the path through the market area on the left of Rose's house. It'll take you behind her house. Go into the door there to enter the storage shed. Talk to the person there. If you already have Natalia's Adventurous Princess title, you'll have already gotten all the seeds. If not, they're located in various search points around the world. Check out Cyllya's world map for their locations.

    When you have them all, talk to the man in the storage shed and then return to the guy working in the field. Guy will earn the title Hard Worker. Watch the scene and make your choice. If you don't already have the Grown-Up Child title for Anise, you can get it now by choosing her. He needs a total of one million Gald.

    Pay what you can when you can. I used the game notes function on my 3DS to keep track of how much I'd paid.

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    If you're playing the PS2 version, it might not be a bad idea to keep a piece of paper in the game case or something. When you complete the payments, you'll need to rest at the inn five times to see the bridge completed and gain the Financial Investor title for Luke. This opens up some opportunities to get a title for each character.

    You can find them at the places listed below. Don't get too excited, though -- that's the only costume title of the bunch. After that, go on up to Duke Fabre's manor and speak with Susanne in her chamber to get the title Vagabond Son for Luke. Sheridan: In the northern part of the city, go up to the telescope below the Rocket Tower to get Guy's Fontech Scholar title.

    Yulia City: Go toward the place across from Tear's room where the person we gave the items to used to be. There's a staircase hidden in the rear right corner of the area. Go down and speak with the person there to get Tear's title Flower of the Qliphoth. Tear will learn Judgement at the end of it. You'll end up in Baticul. You'll obtain the Jewel of Gardios during the scene. Prerequisites: none Talk to Ramdas in the entrance hall of Duke Fabre's manor. In the scene, Luke gets the costume title Viscount. Prerequisites: none Stop by King Ingobert's room and talk to him.

    Next stop, Chesedonia. Enter Astor's manor and go through one of the doors to the left to meet Natalia's nanny. Eventually, you'll be given a choice. You can pick whomever you like. If you want a skit thrown in a little while afterwards as a bonus, choose Luke, Tear, Anise, or Guy. The skits are different for each character. At the end of the scene, Jade will get the Doctor Mambo costume title. Prerequisites: none Go to the selenia garden behind Tear's room for a scene. Just attempt to leave the Absorption Gate for the field and the scene will interrupt.

    Watch and learn the recipe for Stew. Choose the character who has a few recipes mastered. You'll get the Miso Stew recipe at the end. He'll award the master chef with a title. Pick one up at the shop by the entrance to his alleyway the one run by the guy polishing the jar and give it to him along with Beef and Chicken. You'll get a Holy Ring and a Spirit Ring in exchange.

    There's now one behind the counter. Talk to him. Go east and take the yellow fonic glyph to find him and obtain the Heart of Chaos. After the event, Anise will get the Little Devil costume title. Talk to the person by the window at the northern end of the room. Leave and talk to Susanne in Baticul.

    Take the , Gald she gives you back to Daath and purchase the book so Luke can learn Sonic Blast. It's to the right of the door that leads to the room under the conference room. There's a small object that you can examine on the structure to the right. Take a look at it to obtain the next forbidden verse stone.

    Jade learns Meteor Storm, the final forbidden arte. Pick up Finale, the last music disc, from her. The scene will stop you. At the end, Guy will obtain the Hopeless Dreamer costume title. Here we go. Start by going into the building right ahead of the area with the stairs where Luke got the Swordsman of Lorelei title. Head up the first set of stairs.

    See those spinny orb things? You'll find them throughout the area, and you can use Mieu Fire, Attack, and Wing to hit them and get treasure the first one, for example, will net you a nice capacity core. If you turn the block below the other one and bounce Mieu Fire off of it, you'll open a door for some Fonic Gloves later. When you're ready, go up the second set and through the door on the left.

    Down the stairs and into a room with a ton of ladders. The pillars have yellow glyphs on them; hitting them with Mieu Attack will knock the pillars over. Hit the pillar at the foot of the stairs from the right, and it will fall to the left. Whack the other pillar from the bottom so that it falls up and lands perpendicular to the other one. Leave the room via the doorway to the north. Note the two enemies on the main floor of this room. By killing them as in hitting the final blow with a light elemental arte or a dark elemental rate, you can get a Light Fonstone and a Shadow Fonstone respectively.

    You'll need one of each. To ensure that it works, control the casters manually Tear and Anise have several light and dark artes for this and set the other characters to guarding via the battle commands if you have to. I let them weaken the enemies first to speed things up a little before I told them to guard. Got them? Go up to the passage ring looking thing and use the Light Fonstone. Good ol' gravity. Head up the stairs to the south and into the room we were just in.

    If you do by accident, go back and get another Light Fonstone and turn the room again. For now, go right and up the ladder in the left corner. Hit the spinny orb with Mieu Wing and head back down. If you want to get a Fonic Sword, climb the other ladder now and cross the switch. Continue along, grab the chest, hit the switch on the way back, and climb down the ladder to get back to where we were. Step on the switch I had you skip earlier to turn the room again. Climb the ladder to the left of the doorway.

    Hit the orb with Mieu Wing if you want a Special Gel and then continue through the door we just opened. If you opened the door to get the Fonic Gloves, follow the path all the way right and out to get them from a treasure chest. If not, or after that, head over to the passage ring looking thing in the center of the room. We're now directly above where we used the Light Fonstone before. Use your Shadow Fonstone up here to turn the room the opposite way. Head south into another room. There are two blocks up the little staircase and on the left.