Dried up mac gel eyeliner


  1. How to revive your dried out eye liner pot
  2. 4 Ways to Resurrect Every Type of Eyeliner

I was surprised too, I was at first a wee bit skeptical of the whole microwave thing - but I wanted to try it there and then to sort my liner so just went for it!


How to revive your dried out eye liner pot

Eye drops are supposed to work great too, some people mix it up and some people have left it to work its way through the product itself. Though, tip!

Maybelline vs MAC Gel Eyeliner - Detailed Comparison & Demo - Which one did I choose?

Don't use contact lens saline soloution, it supposedly doesn't work as well : xx. Before I love and leave you, one final tip! Always store your gel liners upside down on their lids! I'm not exactly sure how, or why, but I have seen many posts where those who do this don't experience the horibble drying out of their liners.

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If it works, hey, why not?! Natalie 17 March at Cream and gel eyeliners are amazing in my book. They're always so pigmented and glide on so smoothly. The only problem?

They can dry out way too quickly. But don't throw your eyeliner away just because it dried out.

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There's a way to revive cream and gel eyeliner so you can continue using it on the daily. Because constantly replacing this type of eyeliner can get annoying Even if you're super consistent with tightening the caps to your eyeliner pots, that pesky air just always finds a way in. So if your eyeliner is only dry on the surface, but still has some bounce to it when you press on it with your finger, there's a simple solution.

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  • All you have to do to re-wet the surface of your eyeliner is simply mix it up with a toothpick. By mixing the eyeliner in the pot, the fresh product on the inside has a chance to come out to the surface. But surprisingly, even if the product has dried so much that it has shrunk to half of its original size, it can still be revived. And the trick to it is the same as reviving a tube of mascara: eye drops.

    4 Ways to Resurrect Every Type of Eyeliner

    Trust me; it's easy. Here's what you'll need. Any kind of eye drops and a toothpick are all you'll need to bring your favorite cream or gel eyeliner back to life.