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COD4 key code in use error FIXED

Click Here. Fonix Jul 23rd , pm yo guys come discord btw, that's where we chat these days. PowerPony Jul 23rd , pm all good. PowerPony Jul 23rd , pm sup, ice man. Robbie Jul 17th , pm In the chatlog u can see what they say everytime. At some point this is enough. Robbie Jul 17th , pm we have a few there like Eraser, DrDestroyer and so on, and so on. Robbie Jul 17th , pm I kicked and banned some spammers and racists today. Annoying to play with that. Fonix Jul 16th , pm you aren't breaking any rules by using a certain gun, what are you afraid of?

Fonix Jul 16th , pm and? Name: 2nd boy. Stephen Jul 12th , pm hi alex. ColouRz Jun 20th , pm. Robbie Jun 20th , pm was a namechanger also. Robbie Jun 20th , pm I banned him. Fonix Jun 14th , pm create a thread here cod4-server. Fonix Jun 13th , pm if that isn't you, link your profile mustafaa.

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Fonix Jun 13th , pm. Robbie Jun 13th , pm Is this u?

Key Code problem in COD4

Robbie Jun 13th , pm cod4-server. Janda Jun 9th , pm admins help. TDM HardCore cheater. Report does not work. Fonix Jun 3rd , pm they are less common now, i updated map vote. Fonix Jun 3rd , pm Server rules are said in chat every 20 secs and you can type! RedRose Jun 3rd , pm Hi Guys, could you please pin the server rules to help newcomers find them easily, thanks in the information section on page 2.

An0maly May 27th , pm the problem with high end is the price performance ratio is not just wonky, its completely thrown out the window lol. An0maly May 27th , pm damn thats a crazy build. Fonix May 25th , pm you might get fps on medium settings if you lower your res with that build. Luckzyx May 17th , pm good afternoon gamers.

Robbie May 11th , pm. An0maly May 10th , pm damn. An0maly May 10th , pm ballpark estimate: eur. Robbie May 10th , pm mhz. Robbie May 10th , pm I have a small penis. Still waiting on some parts, will be probably next week or so. An0maly May 10th , am if you can find it a good deal for it, its worth doing. Fonix May 9th , pm alex are you sponsored by corsair?

An0maly May 8th , pm gl with that one kidney and lung. An0maly May 8th , pm damn son. With a ti and a shitload of unicorn rgb. I went with the wannabe look. Fonix May 8th , pm k? An0maly May 8th , pm just keep in mind that streaming puts more strain on the cpu as well. Fonix May 8th , pm for stable while streaming any mid tier card these days will do that easily, there's probably lower tier cards that can as well. An0maly May 8th , am finally. Fonix May 5th , pm hi there.

SKYthehero May 5th , am hello. Fonix Apr 24th , pm skulli join the c4s discord bitch. Skulli Apr 22nd , am yoo xd. Fonix Apr 21st , pm hehe hi skulli. Luckzyx Apr 20th , pm hope you're all having a good day. Fonix Apr 13th , pm added. Fonix Apr 4th , pm. Robbie Apr 4th , pm. Robbie Apr 1st , pm run, now u can. Fonix Mar 31st , pm yo!!! Robbie Mar 31st , pm. Fonix Mar 31st , pm And again they are back at it Robbie Mar 30th , pm those kids doesnt understand it is illegal to ddos a public server.

Robbie Mar 30th , pm yeah, i noticed that. Stupid booters.

CoD4 for mac keycode in use error. I need a non-harmful solution? | Yahoo Answers

Fonix Mar 30th , pm All seems good at the moment, the ddosing stopped quite a few hours ago. Robbie Mar 30th , pm Servers running well? Fonix Mar 30th , pm Hi m8. Robbie Mar 30th , pm It is quiet. Robbie Mar 30th , pm Hello Fonix. Robbie Mar 28th , pm [How to] Update Punkbuster. KeonDisaster Mar 28th , pm can anyone upload punkbuster files? Robbie Mar 27th , am true. Fonix Mar 26th , pm server is getting popular tho.

Fonix Mar 26th , pm hmm. Robbie Mar 26th , pm the votemap sucks on tdm hc. Allways the same shit maps. Lyhn Mar 25th , am Yo i get banned in c4s server and i want to be unban how can i do. Zawdz Mar 24th , pm hello. Fonix Mar 24th , pm lol. Robbie Mar 23rd , pm. Nagsa12 Mar 23rd , pm hi all. Hisoka " Attou " Mar 23rd , pm hey. Fonix Mar 22nd , pm Yes I know, but why cant you apply for admin m8? Robbie Mar 19th , pm saw that.

Fonix Mar 19th , pm no camping up there and killing people, i made that clear in the rule. Robbie Mar 19th , pm btw, elevators are allways nice when it works in a war without some killing u. Robbie Mar 19th , pm For the bounce thing it sounds good, for the elevators? Fonix Mar 19th , pm Elevators are still patched on hardcore however. Fonix Mar 19th , pm I allow it because people enjoy going for bounce clips up there. Fonix Mar 19th , pm Yes, but no camping up there. Robbie Mar 19th , pm Elevators allowed?

Fonix Mar 19th , pm apply for admin if you care about helping the server. Fonix Mar 18th , pm codwaw the server is easier to populate if it is ffa. Bugzorr Mar 18th , pm There are no other players though. How is tdm getting more players in that case? Fonix Mar 17th , pm there's been trendy games since , apex isn't going to change anything for cod4.

Fonix Mar 17th , pm other games are not the ones killing cod4, it is just time that is. Fonix Mar 15th , pm. Twinster Mar 15th , pm holy shit dads back. Fonix Mar 14th , pm yeah i'm alright.

Fonix Mar 13th , pm been like 3 years or something, how you doing? Fonix Mar 13th , pm holy shit avark. Fonix Mar 13th , pm only working on tdm highxp at the moment, i add it to hardcore soon maybe. Fonix Mar 13th , pm at scoreboard at the end of the match. Fonix Mar 13th , pm click your mouse. Robbie Mar 13th , pm howto vote for maps.

Fonix Mar 13th , pm twitter. Fonix Mar 13th , pm New map voting system added! Acnologia Mar 10th , am im a actual robot. Acnologia Mar 10th , am damn i suck at cod now. Fonix Mar 9th , pm yeah check your post history! Acnologia Mar 9th , am has it actually been years? Fonix Mar 8th , pm been a few years. Acnologia Mar 8th , am i have returned. Fonix Mar 5th , pm i see necrosis the thread author on discord sometimes, send him a pm there and hopefully he can help you.

Fonix Mar 5th , pm we don't move hardcore yet rob, be patient. Robbie Mar 5th , am this server is doing very well after the high xp migration for some reason. Robbie Mar 5th , am I personaly dont like this but maybe we must change the hardcore server also into the 1. Fonix Mar 5th , am yes rob, they keep flooding in Check the wall of shame.

Robbie Mar 5th , am More bans to follow i hope. Robbie Mar 5th , am. Fonix Mar 4th , pm restart your router to change ip and you should be able to play again. Robbie Mar 1st , pm I am a pess dont know how to explain in English. Robbie Mar 1st , pm. An0maly Mar 1st , pm.

Fonix Mar 1st , pm 19v19 peak today. Robbie Mar 1st , pm HighXP must be better. Robbie Mar 1st , pm hellow. Fonix Feb 24th , pm if u check head mod lounge on discord i have a solution soon. Fonix Feb 24th , pm ik. Robbie Feb 24th , pm That Tiesto guy. Robbie Feb 23rd , pm they are yes. Fonix Feb 23rd , pm head mods doing good work i guess. Robbie Feb 23rd , pm wow, no screenshots to watch. Robbie Feb 23rd , pm. Fonix Feb 23rd , pm only for skins, they get 1 extra chance. Robbie Feb 23rd , pm btw, i have no problem with that.

Robbie Feb 23rd , pm Lol, those unbans. Fonix Feb 23rd , pm np. Fonix Feb 23rd , pm all info on on our statistics site, such as who banned you, what for, etc. Could you tell me why you banned me? Punkrocker Feb 21st , pm aymen , he is unbanned though : prntscr. Fonix Feb 20th , pm twitter. Fonix Feb 20th , pm hi there! Pasha Feb 20th , am Hi guys. Fonix Feb 19th , pm.

Fonix Feb 19th , pm cod4-server. Fonix Feb 15th , pm twitter.

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Robbie Feb 10th , pm Sorry, this bad weather is not good for me. Fonix Feb 10th , pm are you on the ganja rob? You been asking weird m8. Fonix Feb 10th , pm it is only shipment at night time when there are less players anyway.

A new analysis of official figures, by

Robbie Feb 10th , pm It is a bisar shoot out. Robbie Feb 10th , pm Not all players love that. Fonix Feb 10th , pm too many players?

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  • Robbie Feb 10th , pm complains about the redirect also. Robbie Feb 10th , pm yeah, to many players there. It is a global shootout. Fonix Feb 10th , pm huh? Robbie Feb 10th , pm wow, it is a mess in tdm high xp 1. Fonix Jan 20th , pm join the sniper lobby discord, this forum is not affiliated with the sniper server. Fonix Jan 20th , pm why are you spamming the c4s shoutbox about it? Jan 20th , pm Fonix changed the map and its back. Jan 20th , pm fixed now somehow lul. Jan 20th , pm been downloading that mod and after there is some error occuring regarding a modfile so i cant connect.

    Jan 20th , pm possible that custom sniper server is bugged? Robbie Jan 19th , pm Lightning! Robbie Jan 19th , pm We have better servers now. Faster then lighning. Robbie Jan 19th , pm we are Dutch. Dutch Jan 19th , pm Great : , wanted to see how everything was going. NagsaYT Jan 18th , pm pls can you unban me in minecraft server.

    NagsaYT Jan 18th , pm hi. NagsaYT Jan 18th , pm hi guys. C-Price Jan 15th , pm hi guys. Fonix Jan 14th , pm been like 5 years, how you doing man? Dutch Jan 14th , pm pff alot has changed, hope everyone is doing good. Fonix Jan 13th , pm twitch. An0maly Jan 10th , pm gj. Robbie Jan 10th , pm Good work Avo. Robbie Jan 10th , pm.

    Avocado Jan 10th , pm Maintenance is done. DJcoto Jan 9th , pm is hard to stimate how mucj is remaining. DJcoto Jan 9th , pm you can check here the status of the maintenance Migrating servers in progress. AzzaPinch Jan 9th , pm alright thanks, any idea when they will be back up. Fonix Jan 9th , pm some servers are under maintenance for today. AzzaPinch Jan 9th , pm it worked the other day, is anybody else having this problem or just me?

    AzzaPinch Jan 9th , pm can sombody tell me why when i go into my favourites it only shows the ip address of the c4s high xp server and not the name then when i try to join it i cant join and it just says awaiting connection and then server timed out??? DJcoto Jan 9th , pm someone wants to talk? AzzaPinch Jan 1st , pm it worked thanks dude. Fonix Jan 1st , pm If you installed off the disk then message me on the c4s discord and I will help you out.

    Fonix Jan 1st , pm do you have the game on steam? AzzaPinch Jan 1st , pm can somebody tell me how to update cod4 on steam to the 1,7 version of the game with any correct patches, i have already done this when i bought the game but i cant remember how to do it and my friend is having trouble joing the highXP server it says the server uses protocol 6 and he has 7?

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    Fonix Dec 31st , am join the discord, the easiest way to contact people discord. NON Dec 31st , am where is konver? NON Dec 31st , am fonix has been a long time. NON Dec 31st , am hi all friend. Robbie Dec 29th , pm U allready did twice. Fonix Dec 28th , pm and ur calling a forum confusing, were u born yesterday? Robbie Dec 28th , pm.

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    Z0RSY Dec 28th , pm This sight needs an update the main pain page is confusing to fins what you want to look for. Fonix Dec 25th , pm you have steam cod4? Fonix Dec 11th , pm msg me on discord when u are on the server. Fonix Dec 11th , pm. Fonix Dec 10th , pm no, but him in particular. Fonix Dec 10th , pm hi m8 rob missed u! Fonix Dec 9th , pm you can't. Fonix Nov 23rd , am instant contact with admins over discord, if it isn't urgent you can create a thread on the forum.

    CFile Nov 19th , pm yeah thanks. Fonix Nov 19th , pm put this exe in your cod4 folder and run it mediafire. Successfully reported this slideshow. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Cd key for call of duty2. Upcoming SlideShare. Like this document? Why not share! Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Published in: Education , Technology , Business. Full Name Comment goes here.

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