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  4. How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac Quickly [Without iTunes]
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If you're an Image Capture user, you can use it to download iPhone photos to your Mac. It treats your device as a digital camera, so that you can pull photos off the iPhone and save in Mac machine. Click your iPhone icon, you will see all of your photos display in the right panel.

How to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac without iTunes

Click the Import To pop-up menu at the bottom left-side of the interface to specify a folder where you want your iPhone photos to be save on Mac. Select the iPhone photos you want to import, and then press Import button at the bottom right-corner to download only those photos to the Mac; or press the Import All button to import all the photos on the iPhone.

Lost photos on your iPhone and attempt to recover deleted ones? Don't worry. There is still a good chance you can get them back.

For more in-depth instructions jump to our tutorial about recovering deleted pictures from an iPhone. The Photos app automatically opens and once it detects your iPhone. If it doesn't, run the Photos app by clicking the Launchpad icon and hitting Photos. You might need to unlock your iPhone using passcode, and tap Trust on the pop-up message on the screen to trust the computer which access to content on your device.

In Photos window, clicking iPhone icon under Import will display all the photos that are on your connected iPhone. To import a selection of photos, Command-click the individual ones you want to copy into Mac, then click Import Selected at the top of the screen. Or click Import All to import all of photos. Note: you can check the Delete items box in Photo window to directly remove the photos on your iPhone after the import. To send photos from your iPhone to Mac with AirDrop, make sure that both the source iPhone and the receiving Mac computer are on the same wireless network.

Locate a nearby AirDrop user or the Apple device you want to share to, and tap the name of it here you select the Mac where you want to save the photo. Go to Mac, select Accept from the pop-up message to receive the iPhone's image in the window.

Dedicated Tool for Faster iPhone Photo Transfer

Check our detailed guide about how to AirDrop photos from iPhone to a Mac. It's important to note here that if you have a large number of media files to be shared, using this method will take you a lot of time. You can check a detailed tutorial about how to download photos from a iPhone to Mac with DropBox. With it, you can share your favorite photos on a iPhone for example, and always have access to them while at home through your Mac computer or iPad tablet, or vice versa.

However, no matter which service you choose to sync your photos - they all have limited amount of storage space. Select the photos and click Import Selected.

Transfer pics from iphone to ipad free

After that, iPhone asks you to delete those photos from iPhone or keep the photos. It's your own choice. However, when the photos imported, you don't know whether the photos are stored on which folder. You can use AirDrop to transfer photos, location and text between your iPhone and Mac. However, there are limitaions for the device which uses this service.

If your device is quite old, then select the other two methods instead.

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Below is the step by step tutorial for AirDrop. Step 2 :Choose the photos you wish to transfer to the Mac. Then tap the share icon from the botton of the screen.

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac Quickly [Without iTunes]

Step 3 : Select your computer form the device list. All the selected photos will be transferred to your Mac wireless in a few minutes. Actually, there is no limition on using this program and you can not only transfer photos, but also for text messages, contacts, music, video and ebooks. What your need is an USB cable. This is the ultimate program regarding data transfer for iPhone and it's the one that I can't live without.

It runs much simple and fast then the above two methods. Want to import photos from your iPhone to Mac without iTunes? Want to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac wirelessly? Want to download photos from iPhone to Mac quickly for free?

As you may know, with AirDrop on, you can share photos, videos, contacts, locations, notes, documents and more between two AirDrop-supported devices, including Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It's no doubt that AirDrop can come to help when you want to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac wirelessly without iTunes. Apart from photos, other supported data types are contacts, messages, music, ringtones, playlists, movies, home videos, photo videos, Safari bookmarks, notes, calendars and more. Now, click the button below to safely download and install EaseUS MobiMover Free on your Mac, then follow the steps to copy photos from your iPhone to Mac within minutes.

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Other than photos, you can also transfer videos, audio, contacts, messages, and more. Step 3 : Click the folder icon to choose a location for the images to be imported, then click the Transfer button to transfer photos from your iPhone to Mac without iTunes.


Step 4 : Depending on the size of the files, it may take seconds or a while to import photos from iPhone to Mac. When it has done, you can view the transferred items in the folder you just selected. Thus make sure there is nothing wrong with these two features both on your iPhone and Mac. If you get problems like WiFi not working on iPhone in iOS 11 or Bluetooth not working in iOS 11, learn how to fix it first and then follow the steps below to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac without iTunes.