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  1. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia S07 E10 How Mac Got Fat
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  4. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: “How Mac Got Fat”

Three years later, IASIP devoted an entire episode to the sequel of the sequel, seen in snippets as Mac and Dennis screen footage for potential investors. There's a high level of conceptual difficulty going on here, with viewers asked to imagine what was happening behind the scenes that made the finished film so cruddy. Some of it can be blamed on its creators' usual hang-ups — like Mac's inability to grasp why putting on blackface to imitate Danny Glover might be, you know, incredibly offensive.

But mostly, it's exactly the nonsensical action picture you'd expect from a couple of dudes raised on Hollywood blockbusters. A show like Sunny is too raw to be Emmy-bait, but that didn't stop its creators from trying to dissect their own place in the television hierarchy, asking openly why some "bars" are popular while Paddy's is considered more fringe.

In one of the most meta episodes, the gang checks out the competition to figure out how they can impress the Restaurant Bar Association. The answers: they need better lighting, some "will they or won't they? The result is a merciless critique of the bland, faux-edgy entertainment that appeals to the masses — and wins awards. Rob McElhenny has offered several explanations for why he decided to gain a bunch of weight before his show's seventh season, but the simplest reason is the one that makes the most sense: Fat Mac is hilarious.

For the better part of 10 episodes, the character's added bulk is barely mentioned. Then, almost out of the blue, "How Mac Got Fat" presents an extended flashback — mostly salvaged from an unaired sixth season episode — that recalls a time when Paddy's became successful and the gang all picked up strange hobbies and appetites. Though not as overtly self-referential as some episodes, this overdue origin story examines how complacency sets in after the underdogs actually win.

Some IASIP episodes unpack the very essence of the series, while others just set the wheels of the shenanigans in motion and watch them spin madly out of control. This one does both. Charlie, Mac, and Dennis try to become independent oil brokers by siphoning gas and selling it door-to-door. Mac is the brains which is terrifying in and of itself ; Frank is the muscle; Dennis is the good-looking one; Dee is "the useless chick.

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  • Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia S07E10 How Mac Got Fat.

He's the wild card, bitches! Proving that serious cable dramas like True Detective don't have a monopoly on flashy camera tricks, this late-season episode contains a roughly minute stretch made to look like one continuous shot, following Paddy's designated peon as he scrambles to get the bar ready for a surprise health inspection. The sequence also recalls Oscar nominee Birdman , right down to the pounding drums on the soundtrack; the similarities are reportedly a coincidence. On a technical level, it's a marvel, as well as a creative look at the genuine odd jobs that Charlie does behind the scenes to protect his friends' livelihoods — from helping out Frank after he flushes a shoe down the toilet to making sure there's enough carbon monoxide leakage in the basement to kill all the rats.

Given that most of the series takes place inside of a bar, "Chardee MacDennis" may not qualify for "bottle episode" stauts.

Yet along with "Charlie Work," this is the most constrained use of Paddy's in the entire run of the series, and adds an additional wrinkle by relying exclusively on the cast's core quintet. As the gang plays a game they made up years ago — one with insanely complicated rules, seemingly geared toward making sure that Dee and Dennis always win — the episode quickly devolves into bizarre stunts and spewing inexplicable blabber. It's the show in its purest, most anarchic form. If a minor character, joke, or bit of backstory works, IASIP 's writers will bring it back and build it out; this is a show that wastes absolutely nothing.

Charlie's tossed-off song about "the Nightman" and "the Dayman" from the "Sweet Dee's Dating a Retarded Person" episode is expanded into a full-on stage musical, with the gang helping to mount a twisted little fairy tale about a boy who keeps getting molested by supernatural creatures. The comedy is in the production's rehearsals, where folks keep missing their marks, botching their lines, and annoy their director by pointing out how much rape is in his play.

It's both a crackerjack bit of backstage farce and a peek into the psyche of the show's saddest, loopiest character. Sunny 's finest hour literally… it's a two-parter : One storyline revolves around Mac and Charlie clumsily faking their own deaths to try and elude Mac's recently paroled father, whom they claim has threatened to "rape [them] so hard the room would stink. Why is Mac so jacked now, you might ask?

Why does he suddenly have the body of an action figure from Small Soldiers? Well, these are all questions also posed by the Always Sunny characters in the latest episode, and one that Mac does not have a suitable answer for. We may not know why, but now, thanks to an Instagram post from actor Rob McElhenney, we at least have an answer as to how , exactly, the man wound up so jacked. Kids these days have so many more choices No, don't, don't try to finish the joke. Don't try to finish the joke. I'm not even going to listen. Oh, I just want my margarita, I just want my margarita, I just want my margarita.

You know what, you're not getting your margarita. Why do we have this? What is this? Dude, where the hell have you been? Uh, slept in. You slept in? It's, like, almost the middle of the night, man. Why were you sleeping in? Oh, God. Well, because I drank three bottles of champagne and hung out with a stray dog all night under a bridge, okay?

It was sweet. Can I please get, like, 20 margaritas so this bitch will listen to my kid joke? Okay, first of all, your jokes never land, all right? So please don't concentrate on your comedy anymore, 'cause it's terrible, all right? I'm sorry, I said it. Look, can we just do what we normally do? I shouldn't even be bartending, all right? I'm in over my head, I'm yelling at customers 'cause I'm getting a little agitated here. Can Dennis please come here and do this? Where is Dennis? Dennis is in the bathroom, and he's been there for, like, an hour.

Okay, company meeting in the bathroom, okay, guys? Company meeting. Let's go. Where are you, bud? Uh, I'm in here. All right, good, man. Hop on out. I don't want to. You have to. It's a company meeting. You have to No. What's going on in there? I'm bashing it. Oh, no. Don't bash. I'll come out. Uh, I saw a couple gray hairs, and I was, like, "I'll eradicate those," and then With black paint? Well, just-just go easy on me, all right? Don't make fun of me or anything. I feel very sensitive right now.

It's hard to maintain all this. You look like Superman. Oh, cool. Yeah, right on. Well, he was the original, right, so? The original what? He was, like Ugh. Is that what you're going for? Dude, come on. It would be that obvious, like, if you didn't know me. You'd be, like, "Oh, shit. Maybe that's Superman.

Everyone knows who Superman is, and they know it's not you. Guys, come on. Clearly, success is starting to get to all of us. We can't be Superman. Yeah, yeah. Uh, yeah. No shit. I'm running around like an animal out there. I mean, all I'm doing is serving drinks. You're supposed to serve drinks; You're a waitress. People need their drinks, and we need a waitress to serve those drinks. Guys, don't change now. All right? We have a certain chemistry that got us here to begin with. We don't need to start Oh, that's terrible. Let's just get back out there and step it up a little bit, please.

Let's just get back to work, man, and do what we do, okay? You're not good. Back to work, everybody. I'm Charlie, and I'm in charge all of a sudden. I could pass them through if you want some. You aren't allowed to eat in here. I'm sorry, Father. I-I have enough. If you want a donut, I could give you one. You better put that away and come back when you're finished. I I'm done done. Uh, so Charlie was up all night working, and Frank was still coming up with plans, and they were not good. Oh, shit.

It's morning already, huh? Hey, that's good. You want to do that to people? What is that? What are you doing? It's a plan. We'll do it to people. We'll go around Look at that.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia S07 E10 How Mac Got Fat

Look at the look on your face. That's so good. Frank, I don't even think you know what a plan is, dude. All right, I got something else I've been working on all night. Come on, come with me. Lock up, let's go, come with me. Don't hit me with the stick again. Okay, Charlie? All right, look at this now.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia- Meet Fat Mac (Season 7) 2011

I put two extra stop signs. Now there's four stop signs. All right So no cars can go. Frank, you've just created a four-way intersection. If anything, you've made this intersection safer. Look, dude, I don't have time for these shenanigans, all right? I need sleep. I'm a success now. I'm trying so hard not to tip. You need sleep? Stop hitting me with the stick, dude, I swear to God This is the plan, this is the one we should have done. Don't hit me with that anymore. That was the one.

You little bitch. And Charlie was, like, "I'm gonna jam that stick up your ass.

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Oh, I'm sorry, Father. I I got lost in the moment because I'm a natural storyteller. Oh Anyway, I was being super prudent, and I was mapping out my successful lifestyle-- you know, champagne, sailing. I've always wanted to sail. I was really the only one who was handling the success with class, to be honest with you.

You can do it too—all it takes is infinite money and time!

When Dee interrupted me with some lazy plan to get out of working. Lazy's a sin, right? Uh, you mean sloth? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Dee is guilty of sloth, and she's pro-abortion. Okay, listen to this. One sec. Just picking out the places I want to avoid when I sail across the world. No Africa for you, huh?

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: “How Mac Got Fat”

I don't want to go to any poor places, you know. Successful guy like myself, I'll have a target on my back. So, I guess Okay. Well That's, uh And, uh, too cold. Too violent. Yeah, it's hot down there. Too angry. Oh, the whole thing? You're just going to sail around the United States is what it looks like. That's all you're Uh, well, I probably want to avoid, like, this. Don't blame you for that. And I don't know what happens out here.

Okay, I tell you what. Uh, while you were planning all of this, I came up with an amazing idea that's going to save everything for us. You ready for this? We get ourselves replacements. That's not a very good idea. Well, stay with me. They're not just any replacements. They'll be the total embodiment of us in looks and personality so that we maintain the same group chemistry and avoid tipping. So they'll be like our avatars? Sure, if that helps you. Let's tell Dennis. Okay, yeah. Hey, hey, hey, Dennis, wake up. I'm not sleeping.

Why are you hiding under the covers? My God. Do I look foolish? Well, what in God's name have you done to your face?