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Greback Grotesque The Thin is very very thin. Gretoon , cartoon family Griphite A rough brush typeface. Guld Script Habanero A fat signage typeface. Handtalk , silhouettes Harbell Hard Block , Western slab face Haydon Brush Hemmet Hierograf A layered textured hand-crafted poster typeface family. Hitalica Honeymoon Housegrind , connected script. Impregnable Indiana Script Intrique Script Isle Body , Isle Headline Jaymont A sharp-edged wedge serif typeface family. Kandira A sleek sans family.

Kerater , sans Lace 2. A thin connected script co-designed with Matteo Milazzo. Kompar Krinkes , baseball script. A connected swashy signage script. Lakesight Larch A crisp script typeface. Las Enter A neon light script. Let Me Ride Levitee , a lively connected script. Lighthouse A bold high-contrast script face.

Lina Script A tattoo script done with Vicky Mardian. Lourino Low Casat and Low Casat Fat Lyrics Movement , tall-ascendered hand. Mainland A sans family. Mainstream Graffiti style. Martyric , brush script , Masteries A connected formal script. Mastoc Mean Casat Medish Script A great calligraphic handwriting typeface. Together with Noah Kinard, he designed the calligraphic typeface Melay Script Milasian Circa and Milasian. Merry Christmas A retro script in Flake and Star styles. Followed in by the color script font Merry Christmas Color. Milkyway Hotel art deco sans.

Mistuki An oriental brush simulation font. Mochary A signage or tattoo script. Molly Sans Caps only. Monsta Tag : a graffiti font. Motion Picture A heavy connected retro script. Mount Made With B , sketched face. Mardian A calligraphic tattoo script done with Vicky Mardian. A fat upright connected script. Monosphere A futuristic monospaced typeface. Nino Script A tattoo font. Normale A set of distressed typewriter fonts. Notera A connected handwriting font. Followed by Notera 2 in Optien , techno face Ordinatum , a severe sans Ornamental Versals , ornamental caps Painter A sign painting script.

Pennybridge , blackletter Pharmount A calligraphic connected script. Phraell A great italic formal calligraphic script with optional swashes. Pigeon Pineapple Plates Napery Plicata Pligo A balloon or cartoon font. Preside Prime Script Prognostic Qaskin A semi-formal connected script typeface with Black and White outlined styles. Qraxy Quickier Pro A swashy calligraphic script face. Quincho Script Radio A creamy ultra-fat upright script.

Followed by Rough Rakoon in Rangly A paint roll font. Raspberry Script Recorda Script A formal calligraphic script. Reditum A decorative script. Reeler , with Noah Kinard. Remachine Script Retro signage script. Roona Sans modernist and organic curves. Ropest A rope font. A fat baseball script. Saker Sans Scantype A great brush typeface. Shaded Larch Sharpe Shenandoah flowing signage script. Shimes Shipped Goods Shortbrush Signerica , connected flowing hand Sketchica , sketchy face Skyzhi An advertising headline typeface. Society Editor , connected script. Snacker Comic Snowstreet , an octagonal typeface and Snowy South African A movie poster brush typeface.

Southern Aire , connected script face. Specify A style sans family. Spoken Square Worm Stackyard A script. Stainy Starella Script Strawberry Script String Lines Stroke Dimension , 3d face Suecos Locos yummy! Sultan Cafe An interlocking poster typeface. Sverige Script Calligraphic wedding font. Tall Casat Tamoro Script Tevegraphy , elliptical The Hills Tomino Top Comic A very fat cartoon bubble face. Undergone Decorative and calligraphic. Unthrift A pen script. Vacer Sans and Vacer Serif The latter is a slab serif.

Ventography A bold signage script. Waiter Walk Da Walk One Wandals Wankstaberg Battles , a tall fat script White Larch A connected script typeface. Wild Growth Winfield Script Xtreem and Xtreem2 Yaquote Script Yaty Yoghurt MyFonts link. Old URL. French foundry, est. The purpose of ADF is to provide a large number of high quality fonts fonts as of the end of August Harendal has help from Clea F. Rees, most notably on the TeX part and the extensive Venturis family. His typefaces: Accanthis an alternative for Galliard or Horley Oldstyle. AurelisADF , almost art nouveau.

FenelrisADF sans. Keypad LibrisADF sans, patterned after Lydian. MekanusADF , typewriter style. Mint Spirit and Mint Spirit No. An original minimalist sans design. The truetype version is Mintysis NeoGothisADF OldaniaADF , art nouveau. OrnementsADF Solothurn A family developed for Scribus , a free text preparation package that competes with Adobe's InDesign. SwitzeraADF derived from Vera. SymbolADF , bullets and arrows.

Teknis: under development. Universalis ADF , a take on Futura. Arslan is from Faisalabad, Pakistan and was born in Astigmatic One Eye [Brian J. Bonislawsky b. Many are free, others are not. Fontsquirrel link. There are many techno and gothic fonts. Kill Me Craig is the first 26 death scene dingbat font scenes by Craig Dowsett. KittyPrint takes the LinusFace font concept to more realistic cat head dingbats. Krelesanta not free is a funky font inspired by the band Kreamy Electric Santa.


Itc Fenice Lt Regular Font

The free ButtonButton is useful for making buttons. Lovesick AOE is a scrawly, lovelorn typeface, i's dotted with hearts. Senth AOR is a runic font. Charaille is one of the many dot matrix fonts. Cavalero is inspired by the logotype of the Chevy Cavalier. Bio at Bitstream. From the bio and various pieces of information, one is led to believe that Brian was born in Poland, and now lives in Miami, but that may be wrong.

In , he placed a free font at the Google Directory , Syncopate. Somewhat of a cross between Bodoni and Pixie, this font finds that it never truly takes itself seriously. Their first commercial typefaces, all jointly designed, are Luckiest Guy Pro a fat comic book font based on vintage s ads and Marcellus Pro a flared roman inscriptional typeface with both upper and lower case, originally published in by Astigmatic. In , Brian J. Bonislawasky and Jim Lyles published the rugged octagonal mega typeface family Tradesman at Grype.

Hugh Gordon. In , they published the letterpress emulation typeface Prison Pro, Pink Sangria 50s style movie font , Manic Tambourine, Motenacity a Martian cartoon font , the old typewriter font Office Memorandum Pro, and the Flintstone font Strongman. View Astigmatic's typeface library.

View the typefaces made by Brian Bonislawsky. Kai Bernau b. Typefaces: In , they published the free titling grotesk Jean-Luc Godard , inspired by the movie titling in Bernau writies: We did not find out who originally made the lettering for these two movies. Some speculate it could have been Godard himself. Godard's interest in graphic design and typography is clear, with many of his other films employing such strong typography-only titles and intertitles. They are almost a self-sufficient entity, another character in the movie, another comment. This style of lettering is so interesting to us because it is such a clear renunciation of the pretty, classical title screens that were common in that time's more conservative films.

David, and first seen in France at the Exposition Universelle, where it found broad appeal and rapid adoption. We think this style of lettering was absorbed into the public domain vernacular of French lettering, and that the 2 ou 3 choses titles are derived from these quotidien lettering style, as it would seem to fit Godard's obsession with vernacular typography. Lyon Text and Lyon Display - These are two text families done at Commercial Type. They say: Lyon is a suite of contemporary reading typefaces for modern publications, based on historical models of the 16th century punch cutter Robert Granjon.

Lyon reflects our convictions about modern digital typeface design: A decisively digital outline treatment that reveals our modern repertoire of tools, and the typeface itself as a modern design tool, paired with a certain Times-like unobtrusiveness in the Text sizes, contrasts nicely with Lyon's 16th century heritage. The slab of the famous Neutraface family at House Industries. Neutral It is what one could call a basic sans.

In , Typotheque picked it up. Kai writes: Neutral was inspired by typefaces that seem ageless, remaining fresh and relevant even decades after they were designed. It was constructed based on a set of parameters derived by measuring and averaging a number of popular 20th-century Sans Serif fonts. Custom typeface Harvard Museum Neutral A revival of Dick Dooijes's Mercator. See also Atlas Typewriter , Commercial Type. Custom typeface Proprio for the Fabrico Proprio project.

This is a willfully bare-bones grotesk family without any snootiness. Algebra is a broad-shouldered slab serif typeface built on superelliptical forms. Its loose spacing gives a remarkably comfortable texture in text, and its crisp detailing gives a distinctive and serious feeling at display sizes, particularly with some negative tracking. Attak is a two-headed graphic design firm formed in by Peter Korsman b. It is based in 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands.

Attak has some free and some commercial typefaces. Their fonts, ca. Notable products: AK simulates Cyrillic; Helix is a stencil face; Muntel and Concours are fat art deco typefaces; Practicum and Tabak are octagonal; Riot leaks blood; Sirca is based on arcs of circles; Streep is a multiline font.

I presume that Peter is the main font designer in the team, as he already made fonts as early as for Burodestruct see, e. Rutger Paulusse: AT Discipline Hungarian designer b. Home page. Scrapbooking outfit. One of their typefaces can be picked up for free at Fontspace , AL Worn Machine , an old typewriter typeface. Sparhelt ]. George Triantafyllakos was born in Thessaloniki, Greece, in These include quite a few handwriting typefaces.

He set up the independent foundry Atypical. Designer of TapeBold , iFontMaker. In , he released the free all caps sans typeface Hellenica for Latin, Greek and Cyrillic. In he participated in the team of designers who won the competition for the design of the new visual identity of the National Library of Greece George D. Cannibal Fonts link. Also known as Fielding Lucas, Jr. Menasha: George Banta, The company existed until well into the 20th century, and published a catalog as late as called Type and Rule Catalogue 13, Baltotype.

One source says it was cut from original Futura drawings, smuggled out of that country, but it seems more likely that matrices were made by electrotyping the imported type. An extrabold weight, Airport Black, was cut by Baltimore about ; information on this cutting is scarce and contradictory- one account says it was designed by Bill Stremic or Bill Blakefield, another that it was designed by Carl Hupie or Hooper , and cut by Herman Schnoor.

The latter is a modification of Airport Black, cut 50 percent wider on the pantagraph by Herman Schnoor. Baltimore later cast some of its Airport series from Monotype Twentieth Century matrices, and in a few cases listed both series.

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Baltimore Script The lowercase follows the general style of a script letter hand-written with a broad pen, although the inclination is slight and the letters don't quite connect. Capitals are flourished. It is suitable for stationery, announcements, and greeting cards, but its range of small sizes is hardly enough for advertising use. Czarin Title, issued first, is a copy of Offenbach Medium, a set of pen-drawn capitals designed by Rudolf Koch about for the Klingspor foundry in Germany.

Czarin has minor changes in a few characters, but adds a lowercase, designed by Edwin W. Shaar, that is substantially different from that of Steel, the cap-and-lowercase version of Offenbach. The new lowercase harmonizes well with the capitals, and makes a handsome appearance. Compare Lydian. Footnote: McGrew spelled the name of the owner as Czarnowski.

Irene Traeger, the granddaughter of Herbert F. Czarnowsky, pointed out the incorrect spelling to me. It is upright, with flourished caps and loops on some of the ascenders and descenders, and is suitable particularly for announcements and personal stationery. Compare Greeting Monotone. However, this Baltimore Type version has been modified and resized, and is less successful due to excess space between letters although not as much as in the specimen shown here, which is letterspaced.

Emperor was originally shown as Imperial. Their geometric series from became famous, and was often imitated. In , Baltimore Type Foundry released its Geometric series. In , Geza Farago in Budapest used a similar letter design on a Tungsram light bulb poster. In Theo van Doesburg, a founder with Mondrian and others of the De Stijl movement, designed an alphabet using rectangles only -- no diagonals. In Joost Schmidt at Bauhaus in Weimar took the same approach for a Constructivist exhibit poster. The Agfatype Collection catalog lists a Geometric in light, bold and italic that is very close to the old Baltimore version.

Even though none of these designs took the world by storm, they all made a contribution to our understanding of letterforms and how we use them. They are very heavy, with long ascenders and small x-height, and have a hand-lettered appearance. Linotype Vulcan q. These numbers have not been found in Monotype literature; perhaps another independent source also made mats. Notice the figures, which are termed hanging or old style, although they do not follow the usual form. However, taller 1, 2, and 0 are also available to convert the set to lining figurees.

Compare Hess Monoblack. Greco Adornado, an ornamented version, has also been imported. It was made from a large size of Metropolis Bold, with the fine white lines cut in, and differs from the original in minor details of the curves. Other sizes were cut by pantagraph and do not necessarily match original sizes. IBM Executive Modern , a typewriter type. It was cut by Herman Schnoor at Baltimore Type, which also offered fonts for general sale.

It is a delicate, narrow modern roman, with long ascenders and short descenders, rather loosely fitted, and works well for display with transitional text typefaces such as Bulmer and Scotch Roman. Both lining and oldstyle figures are provided, along with several pointing hands as shown. Tourist Extra Condensed. Mac McGrew: Trend is a brush-lettered typeface cut by Baltimore in It is very similar to Dom Casual q. The solid version has lowercase in some sizes; it is somewhat similar to P.

Barnum, with greatly exaggerated horizontal strokes and serifs at top and bottom, but is heavier and narrower. The Shaded versions are more properly outlines of the same design, with a small shadow effect at the top which is unusual and right of each letter, but without lowercase. In addition, the slight extensions of cross strokes to the left of stems have been omitted, and a few other characters have been redrawn. It was offered by Baltimore in It is said to be a pantagraphic modification of Hellenic Wide from Bauer in Germany; actually it does not match that typeface in details, though it has the same general effect.

The flat sides of round letters. Among the wood types, we have Oak Leaf , ornamental caps. Rich Hopkins, a printing historian, acquired Baltotype ca. Original fonts by Polishman Bartek Nowak aka Barme, b. In , he established the commercial foundry GRIN3. GRIN3 link. Old free font URL. Showcase of Bartek Nowak's commercial fonts. Barnhart Bros. Trying to fit this page book into one web page, with discussion of many types. It's impossible, but I tried it.

Download link for Book of type specimens: Comprising a large variety of superior copper-mixed types, rules, borders, galleys, printing presses, electric-welded chases, paper and card cutters, wood goods, book binding machinery etc. Specimen book no. Another download link. Bartek Nowak [Barmee. Programmer and font technologist in Hefei, China. He wrote a parametric program that can create fonts. His first adventure is the gorgeous monoline monospaced programming font Iosevka , which is completely free: for the source code, see Github.

It has 7 weights and 6 styles anmd is entirely programmed. Link to the releases. The font covers Latin, Greek and Cyrillic, and is narrower than many fonts in order to be compatible with CJK characters. A tour de force that deserves an award. Ben Jones [Protimient. Typecache link. These fonts are available from Gnome. Malte Rosenau converted them to the Postscript type1 format. The license required a different name "Bera" to be assigned to the result. Lecter Johnson Betterfear. His web site has a threatening nazi sort of look, but the fonts are were free.

Pauli, Hamburg, and is also known on MyFonts, where some of its fonts can be bought, as Doubletwo Studios. Another Dafont link Yet another Behance link. And a final Behance link. Charles Bigelow b. In mid, Bigelow accepted the Melbert B. Typefaces designed by Bigelow: The Lucida family Lucida is used in several scientific publications such as Scientific American. Its origins go back to Computer Modern. I find it more appropriate for screens than paper, but that is just a personal view.

It has been recently expanded to comply with the Unicode Standard, and includes non-Latin scripts such as Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic and Hebrew.

A Font of Information

Syntax Phonetic. Leviathan Apple Chicago , Apple Geneva Microsoft Wingdings The font family, called Go naturally , includes proportional- and fixed-width faces in normal, bold, and italic renderings. The fonts have been tested for technical uses, particularly programming. These fonts are humanist in nature grotesques being slightly less legible according to recent research and have an x-height a few percentage points above that of Helvetica or Arial, again to enhance legibility.

The name Go refers to the Go Programming Language. CTAN link. Ascender link. Wikipedia link.

Lucida Fonts is a dedicated commercial site. Swiss foundry which made several typically Swiss techno-sans families, such as Regular originally created by Norm Dimitri Bruni and Manuel Krebs as a lucidly structured and fully formulated headline typeface font back in Catalog Michael Mischler and Nik Thoenen, is a serif family. Korpus is a text family designed by Mika Mischler and Nik Thoenen. It was followed by Korpus Grotesk Klingspor link for Nik Thoenen. Martin Steiner Bit-fonts.

Home page where one can also download the fonts. The Bitstream Gnome project has released a free no-strings-attached typeface family Vera for the Linux world. The Sans Mono families have a characteristic dotted zero and an almost Z-shaped lower case l, and are in my view far from optimal. The serif fonts are a bit like Carter's Georgia. See also here. Download also here or here. Jonathon Delacour complains about the lack of macroned characters, and compares various web browsers and font families. Alternate download site. RI, Comic Lettering is an alternate URL, where you can also order logo designs, custom fonts, and custom lettering.

Direct access. View the Blambot typeface liubrary. Bold Monday [Pieter van Rosmalen]. He runs Bold Monday's Eindhoven office. One of Pieter's designs is used for street signs in South Korea. Pieter's retail typefaces in the Bold Monday catalog include Aniek a children's script. Bilo a grotesque.

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Capibara Panno , a sans , Panno Sign, Panno Text By Van Rosmalen and van der Laan. Pinup fat rounded sans, done in In , he published Pinup Dotted a textured typeface. Stanley headline face, done in ; includes a stencil. Bold Monday also has typefaces by other designers.

Oskar They write: Oskar, designed by Paul van der Laan, is a typeface inspired by Dutch architectural and advertising lettering from the early 20th century.

ITC Fenice LT Regular » I » Display Fonts » TrueType » Free Font Download | Eagle Fonts

Particularly the style of lettering that was painted on walls and shopfronts, or executed in metal on buildings. This kind of typography did not exist as metal printing types, but was instead painted manually by sign painters, or drawn by architects. Initially the typeface was designed in for the lettering of a monumental school in The Hague, designed by architect Jan Duiker in In , Pieter published the experimental pixel-inspired typeface family Alterego. This used to be a foundry until some time in old URL gone.

Seems like most fonts were by David M. Laca now Kristine Debus was also mentioned on the web page. Brett T. Johnson [Simeon out West Foundry]. Brian J. Bonislawsky [Astigmatic One Eye]. Brian Kelly. This was subsequently published at Emigre. Britton Walters [Nerfect Type Laboratories]. Honolulu-based Mike Brittain b.

Alternate URL of his company, Bigtoedesigns. Typewriter font by American Type Founders, published by Mecanorma. Hungarian foundry with commercial and free fonts, est. On Deviantart, they claim to be from Rwanda. They specialize in grunge type--some of the fonts are quite gorgeous indeed. Has a fontmaking service.

Commercial: Der Erlkoenig , Otranto , Schkorycza , Dajcsise , Engelfeuer , Gomulka , Haniltom Gothic , Perfuct , a great irregular printed typeface , Osiris Records , grunge , Thelema , medieval hand. Devian Tart link. Cake Type [Pieter van Rosmalen]. Dan Haag-based Dutch foundry, est. Cake Type is involved in custom and commercial typefaces. Emma is a custom family. Dutchman b. In , van Rosmalen made Nitti monospaced; followed in by Nitti Typewriter , Panno sans and Pinup fat rounded sans.

In , they published the non-connected hand-printed Aniek. Andy Genovese's shareware archive for well over dingbats and foreign fonts. Great presentation of some foreign language fonts. Also an archive on logo fonts and another one on smashed fonts, which are mainly shareware old typewriter fonts. Caput Mortuum [Tomasz Myczka]. Creator of Quarterpound , which takes inspiration from the Remington typewriter. Carini Type Foundry is Michael Genova's experimental type foundry. Two free fonts, Handsom , sign language font and Adler , an old typewriter font , both in type 1 and truetype formats.

Artistic page design. Designer of the old typewriter font Typical Writer Danish designer from Copenhagen, b. Creator the free grunge typewriter family Traveling Typewriter , the free experimental typeface Finger Type , the triangulated Polygon , and the squared LCD pixel typeface ChessType Newer Dafont link.

The team leader was Professor Ricardo Esteves Gomes. Wolgast-based type designer Peter Wiegel b. Designer of these free fonts: In Kufi Pattern. In Aurach Tri a trilined typeface , Googee monoline circle-themed sans , Gianna medieval script , Hamburger Schwabacher. Still in , he published a number of school scripts, including Neue Rudelskopf , Deutsche Normalschrift , Imrans School , Rastenburg German school font , and Bienchen. The font is redrawn from the original intertitles , Youbilee a font with laurels.

In Alfabilder dingbats , Gondrin athletic lettering with a 3d effect , Helvetia Verbundene making Helvetica into a school script? One more URL. Fontsy link.

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Klasse, GruenewaldVA3. A list of typefaces in alphabetical order, with descriptive comments provided by Reynir Heidberg Stefansson from Iceland: 18th Century Kurrent Kurrent-style handwriting, Wiegel-coded , Alfabilder Alphabetic picture font for the German alphabet , Amptmann Script Partly-connected, upright writing, used on Prussian Railways pattern drawings , ApolloASM Jugendstil, vaguely resembling an ornate Bocklin , Avocado Handwriting, broad-nib pen-style , Berlin Email Narrow sans-serif, based on emailled signage; Wiegel-coded , Berlin Email Serif Narrow serif, based on emailled signage; Wiegel-coded , Beroga All-minuscule, rounded marker-style sans-serif with ca.

CAT Fonts link. Dialekt Uni : a huge Unicode phonetic font that includes the West European characters, the characters and diacritics of the Swedish dialect alphabet and most of the IPA characters. Fitzronald Hnias : a unicode runic font. Remington Reseskrivmaskin : a typewriter font. DecCode and HexCode : numerical fonts. This alphabet was used in many English schools in the s. Morsealfabetet, a Morse-Code font. Korsstygn 1, a cross-stitch font. Knappast , Knappolog , Endast , Emedan : letters in circles or rounded rectangles.

Karolinus Fraktur : A slightly regularized digital version of a late Baroque Fraktur type, probably from the beginning of the 18th century, issued by the Norstedts type foundry in Stockholm in 56 point size as Sju petit fraktur nr 2. Simpliciter Sans , a rounded sans family in three styles, based on the standard round-pen ink lettering used on technical drawings in the middle of the 20th century. Huruvida Varvid and Varvid Caps , a bilined tubular caps stencil face.

Vibertus : a didone headline typeface based on Gras Vibert , Vibert, for the Didot typefoundry. Yxlofon And a jump list for Fraktur fonts. Born in Edmonton in , Chank works out of the north-east corner of Minneapolis. Chank Diesel is a famous and prolific designer, type designer, busy-body and mentor. His Chank Foundry in Minnesota was started in Free fonts sub-page. Anderson, b. Edmonton, , elsewhere. Bio by Susan Froyd. See also here or here or here or here. Handwriting font service for 95USD.

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Piece on Chank in the MinnPost. Chank became a popular and colorful figure who said this about himself : I like to drink a lot, and would like to think I'm known for it. Several of my fonts were inspired by booze, and I like to encourage other people to drink more, too. My best font is called Liquorstore. A partial list of his typefaces: proofmoonshineremix. O: Omnivore, Oooopsie this font is just Helvetica with some circles dropped on top of it. The Helvetica trademark and Adobe copyright notices are still in the font!

Q: Quimby Gubernatorial , Quimby Mayoral Puff Company.

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W: Woodrow , Wordy Diva. Y: Yearling , Yellabelly.

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Z: ZsaZsa Galore. Interview by MyFonts in View Chank Diesel's typefaces. Charles R. CheapProfonts [Roger S. Started in , this web place by Norwegian entrepreneur Roger S. Nelsson reworked them more glyphs, more multilingual and asks about 10 dollars per font now. Trypewriter Pro is based on Kevin King's Trypewriter. Helldorado Pro is a Tuscan wood type style typeface based on a font by Levente Halmos. Typefaces from Adultometric Pro narrow monoline sans.

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