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Or, sometimes the sheet is protected from showing formulas. The following steps will help you in these situations.

Excel Mac Shortcuts 2018-12222 - maximise your productivity

If the above step doesn't work, make sure the sheet is enabled to show formulas. To do that:. Under Authoring , click View. Under Show in Workbook , select the Formulas check box. If you still can't see the formula for cells, try unprotecting the sheet or the whole workbook. Then type the password if necessary.

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Under Window options , select the Show formulas check box, and then click OK. On the Review tab, under Protection , click Workbook.

Excel 2008 for Mac: Cut, Copy & Paste

Print comments. Lock cells to protect them Protect a workbook.

Change Excel's ‘edit in cell’ keyboard shortcut | Macworld

On the Excel menu, click Preferences. This setting applies only to the sheet that you are currently viewing. Expand your Office skills. Get new features first. In reality, Excel shortcuts on the Mac are quite capable, you just have to understand and adjust to certain differences.

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In this article, I'll walk you through the key differences you need to be aware of to work productively with Excel shortcuts on a Mac. One of more confusing aspects of keyboard shortcuts on the Mac are the symbols you'll see for certain keys. These symbols have a long history on the Mac, and you'll find them in menus everywhere.

Mac Excel Keyboard Shortcuts Cover

You'll see these symbols in menus across all applications, so they're not specific to Excel. There really aren't too many symbols, so I recommend that you bite the bullet and memorize them. Like their counterparts in the Windows world, Mac keyboards have function keys. These keys sit at the top of the keyboard and are labeled F1 to F12 on standard keyboards and F13, F14 and higher on extended keyboards.

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Standard Mac keyboard with 12 function keys. As you know, function keys are uses for many shortcuts in Excel.

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But if you try these shortcuts directly on a Mac, they don't work. By default, Function keys on a Mac control the computer itself, things like screen brightness, volume, video pause and play, and so on. This means that if press only the function keys in Excel, you'll end up controlling the Mac, and not Excel. To make function keys work like you expect in Excel, you need to add a key: the function or fn key. You'll find the fn key in the lower left on your keyboard. Here are a few examples:.

Here you can check a box that will that will change function key behavior to work like "standard function keys". If you do this, however, note that you won't be able to use function keys for things like Brightness, Volume, etc. In essence, this setting reverses behavior so that you need to use fn to control the Mac. Personally, I like using the function keys to control the computer, so I leave this setting alone, and just the fn key when needed in Excel.

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Unless you're using an extended keyboard, keys like Home, End, backspace, Page up, and Page down are nowhere to be found. This is a problem, because many of these keys are used in Excel shortcuts.