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Some of them could be the reason why the spinning wheel showed up, so if you leave them the issue will stay. If the beach ball keeps rolling when you use the app again, reinstall it completely by pressing Uninstall instead or Reset. Important: if you have a licence for the paid app, makes sure to save the number somewhere.

One of the reasons for the wheel to show up could be that your Mac is getting old.

Spinning Beach Ball of Death on Mac [Fixed]

To check the CPU usage, turn to Activity monitor. The bottom table shows System load in percentage. Just a heavily loaded hard drive, with lots of large files can already cause troubles with loading. Fix: Hard drive cleanup. You can get CleanMyMac X and in free up tons of space in a few minutes.

Rainbow Spinning Pinwheel of Death - Explained! (Mac) [Spinning Beachball]

Another possible hardware issue is insufficient Random Access Memory. In the Memory tab, you can see Memory pressure table with a graph.

Spinning Ball: What It Means

Fix: You can upgrade RAM by buying and installing more of it. How To.

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Force Quit: Fast Relief

Passionate about writing. Did you enjoy this post? Simply open the program, select your hard drive, and click "repair permissions.

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Apple also recommends updating all software on a regular basis to keep your iMac functioning at its highest level. The most-important updates will include security updates, firmware and other system software. OSX is automatically set up to check for updates regularly, but you can do this manually by clicking on the apple menu in the top left of your screen, choosing "Software Update," and selecting the updates you wish to download. Using an Internet browser is one of the most-common activities performed on Macs, so running into the spinning wheel on a regular basis while surfing the Web can be frustrating.

Tips & Tricks to Fix Spinning Wheel on Mac | MacFly Pro Blog

A common way to alleviate this is to clear the browser cache. Each browser will have a different path to clearing cache. In Firefox, press "Cmd," "Shift" and "Delete" at the same time, and select how far back you wish to clear the cache. For those using Safari, press "Cmd," "option" and "E" at the same time. When the confirmation window opens, click "Empty.

The spinning color wheel is also an indication of generally slow performance and may be a result of lack of hard disk space or RAM random access memory. Problems are more probable when your hard disk is nearly full, but all you have to do is free up some space. If there are files and programs that are seldom-used, you may want to move them over onto an external hard drive to free the space. If you are running some memory-intensive programs, you may not have enough RAM.