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Regardless if you just want to eat more greens or already are a full time vegetarian - Green Kitchen is the perfect companion in your kitchen or Browse, search and save more than 17, recipes from The New York Times, featuring beautiful Discover great new recipes from the web, add your own, and get cooking tonight with Basil! Basil helps you find recipes, organizes them for you, PDT Cocktails is the authoritative archive of the famed New York City bar, replete with both house creations and numerous fine-tuned classics Liquor Cabinet is your ticket to the Golden Age of Cocktails.

Select what is in your bar and pantry, and Liquor Cabinet will tell you all of the Want to do more with your recipes? MasterCook now offers you more ways than ever to collect and organize your recipes! I will look forward your future update on being able to sync with Mac recipes. Looking forward to that feature, but I love the app and use it all the time. Hi I have uploaded a photo against a recipe that i have just loaded and now cannot access my recipe without crashing back to my main iPad menu.

I am just trying to start this app, but want to add my own categories. Found where it says to customize by…. Please be more specific. Where is the setting icon? Within the app?

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Where is the edit button? Sorry for any confusion. The settings icon is within the app — in the upper left corner of the screen, there is a button that looks like a gear wheel. Touch that, and the recipe book will flip over to take you to the settings screen. The edit categories is the 3rd button down on the settings screen.

From there, you can add, delete, and edit the categories as you see fit. My sister and I both have the app and would like to share recipes. Is there a way to share one of my recipes once I add it to my book? We love how we can use the e-mail with those handy check boxes — so useful when we are picking up ingredients in multiple stops!

Love the app! Would like to see an index — too slow to scroll through all the As for example. Also agree with above requests for the ability to add recipes via my PC.

The ultimate pocket recipe manager

The recipe adder via the web is excellent! Many thanks for your hard work. While I can email the recipe to someone I should be able to email them and tell them about your fabulous app… with an attachment of my recipe for them to import if they bought it. XML would be awesome for folks who want to use spread sheets too.

Keep in mind that house holds sometimes have more than one iPad. My girlfriend both cook and run to the store independently.

‎Recipe Keeper on the App Store

Without a way to keep our recipes in sync then we cannot use it effectively. Not pretty, but provides the sharing feature we need. Just got the iPad app and I love it. Is there a way to add other websites to the list? I have some German sites I would like to add. I am looking for an ipad app to transfer my recipes from Mastercook book program to my ipad. No, there is no way to import recipes in any format into the app. You can only import them from websites we have set up for easy import, or you can type the recipes in individually.

Mastercook is the main recipe software out there and it seems to be a major gap in terms of iPad apps. Great app. Just downloaded and already added recipes from FoodNetwork not all links work well and AllRecipes. One thing I would change is the ability to adjust the servings by 0.

Great value. Is there a list of websites with importable recipes?

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I bought this app but was very disappointed that you can only import from a small list of specific websites. You cannot even cut and paste from the Internet or import from a document. I am now going to purchase paprika. Paprika has some nice features menu, url reference, nice paste feature, but is lacking in other areas.

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Is there a way in this app to make letters larger? I have a hard time seeing small print and need a good recipe app that allows a larger font. Yes — you can make the font larger. Great App!!! I would like to be able to input recipes on my desktop and export them to the app. I found that I can download a recipe to the app, email it to myself, cut and copy to MS Word, reformat, and print it out for a hard copy in my recipe book. Love the app but every time I try to load a photo of one of my recipes the app crashes.

Why is that? It would be wonderful if there was a Windows app that shared the data with the iPad app. Is there a way to copy a recipe rather than retyping similar recipes? Hi — I just answered that on the blog — click here to check it out. If no app for Mac are you working on one? I truly love this iPad app which is far better then any of the cook recipes software I own on a Mac. Great job done. Agree with Sandy. I need a Mac app and syncing capability and will stop using til one appears. Love the app otherwise, but lack of cloud or sync option is too old fashioned for me at this stage.

I love this app. Is there a way to delete grocery store items? If so, how? Quick question: is there a way when viewing the recipe to remove or at least shrink the top box box in white? It has very little information but takes up almost half the screen space. While cooking I really only need the info in the green box. I would like to restore a backup file to my recipebook app. It'll tag and organize your recipes, make them easy to find by search later, and has a large-print "kitchen view" if you want to take your device into the kitchen with you.

Paprika recently launched an Android version of its well regarded iOS and Mac apps. Clipping recipes from the web thanks to its built-in browser is easy, and then syncs those recipes to the cloud so you can get back to them on any of your devices.

Organizing your recipes into folders or notebooks is a drag-and-drop affair, and Paprika can even make grocery lists out of those recipes that you can take to the store with you. The only downside to Paprika is its price. You'll have to buy a version for each device you want to use it with. It's also designed to be used in the kitchen, with bright backgrounds and black text, built-in timers, and large photos. Pepperplate includes built-in kitchen timers, large, easy-to-read displays while you're cooking, and offline access so you don't need connectivity while you cook.

Basil doesn't just clip your recipes, it also organizes them by ingredient, tags them automatically, and makes them easy to find.

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In effect, it turns your recipes into a personal cookbook that's easy to browse and search whenever you're in the mood for something or you have a specific ingredient you have to work with. It even converts units, scales recipes up or down for you, and any step in a recipe with a time attached automatically becomes a timer. Pepperplate on the other hand supports a broad variety of devices, and has huge tablet views and built-in timers to help you out while you're in the kitchen trying to make your mom's chicken soup from the recipe you just digitized.

It goes beyond recipes though, and includes a fully-featured meal planner, recipe search tool, and tools to build grocery lists based on your meal plan or the recipes you want to make on a given week. While other methods focus on building cookbooks and specifically organizing recipes, these tools work for a variety of other things as well as food, and make your data a bit more portable, available on more devices, and cost less to use.

Evernote is already a great place to save your recipes, since you can enter text or clip items from the web extremely easy thanks to its web clipper. You can organize your own notebooks however you choose. Evernote Food for iOS and Android takes this up a notch by encouraging you to take pictures and upload your own recipes to your personal "cookbook.