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  1. SNL Paul Rudd One Direction Sketch - One Direction's #1 Fan | HD on Vimeo
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  3. 10 Best 'SNL' Sketches Of 2013

The White Christmas parody of black holiday movies was the weirdest sketch of the night, one which meant to be edgy and comment, yet again, on the racial disparity of this season's cast , but wasn't funny enough to make much of an impression although Mike O'Brien as the guy who wears a necklace over a turtleneck was a pretty good sight gag.

SNL Paul Rudd One Direction Sketch - One Direction's #1 Fan | HD on Vimeo

But there was no forgetting the last sketch of the night—the return of Bill Brasky, which hasn't been on the show since ! It's interesting they chose to bring it back this week when John Goodman, who has appeared in three of the previous Brasky sketches, is hosting next week. But Brasky was a most welcome sight, a rare callback to the late '90s SNL sensibility.

Click through for all those sketches, plus performances from One Direction. Goodman is host next week along with musical guest Kings Of Leon , which will mark his 13th time hosting ; this will be his first time back since Welcome Back, Wiig of the Week. It was an interesting twist on the character, taking her out of the Lawrence Welk Show context, and her sing-song story about a fish was actually disturbing.

Featured in Arts & Entertainment

Okay, Fine of the Week. At least these bros are surely way more sick of singing that damn song than we are of hearing it. Serves them right.

Perfunctory Healthcare. Digital Direction-ing of the Week.

10 Best 'SNL' Sketches Of 2013

Fanciest Footwork of the Week. The divorce sketch was a bizarre blend of weird wordplay and white people dancing. Size Matters of the Week. What might that be like? Props to the fake beard department for decking out Michelangelo and da Vinci in face-puffery the Duck Dynasty cast would kill for.

Controversy Generator of the Week. The next digital short is a mock-preview for White Christmas , the first black holiday movie for a white audience. Unfortunately, it is insultingly reductive to suggest that all holiday movies geared toward black audiences are like Tyler Perry movies.

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And I may be a bit of a Killam partisan, but even the one line he has here is funny because of the nasally Snork-voice he uses to dispense it. Forgettable Forgetfulness of the Week. It was a big night for Cecily Strong, who shows up in a number of sketches, including this one, about a woman haunted by her past lovers.