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So my MacBook Pro inch Mid Unibody can receive infrared signals, but it is unreliable often does not like to work. What I am trying to figure out is where the infrared receiver is, so I can make sure it is not covered and make sure it is clean. I have not been able to find anything conclusive saying that it is in the same place on my model. Also, I'm not sure exactly where on the outside case of the assembled product that would place the receiver. Any help here would be appreciated. Apple was even replacing it for free they may possibly still be doing this.

Product Compatibility

It fails in two places. One from contact with the rough bottom surface where the hard drive sits on the cable and vibrated it against the bottom of the case. In this case you cover the bottom with wide electrical tape along the path of the cable. The other failure point is on the top step of the wall climb as it comes over the top. The bottom of the case comes in contact with the cable and damages it. When replacing the cable I put pads on either side of the cable to prevent the bottom cover from coming in contact with the cable. You don't have to learn everything on your own.

MacBook Air - No Infrared, No Problem :: Two Guys and a Podcast

I replace about three of these cables a week and had to develop my own fix for the problem. Just fixing a bad part doesn't cut it unless you can do something to prevent it from happening again ;-. I ask myself each time: from where this problem could have come. In the case of this model I was thinking is a flaw in the circuit design not at all a wear and tear problem. Oros soros.

The infrared receiver is on the right side of the Macbook and inside the machine this sensor is on the hdd cable. In a small percentage of older remotes, this ring was flush with the curvature of the remote's aluminum body. The more-common revision is bulged slightly; presumably so users can find the ring more easily by touch.

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Replacement of the CR battery in the original remote is done with a small pointed object such as a paper clip at the bottom right edge of the device, where the battery slides out on a tray. The newer version has the battery located behind a compartment in the middle of the device which is accessed by turning a coin in the compartment door's indent. The Apple Remote's original function was to enable navigation in Front Row , which allows users to browse and play music, view videos DVDs and downloaded files and browse photos.

Other software that is still compatible includes Elgato 's EyeTV 3.

Add an IR Port to Any Mac for Less Than $10

Other functions controlled by the remote can include putting a device into sleep mode , selecting a partition to boot from on startup, and ejecting optical disks. An iPod placed in a dock featuring an IR sensor can be used with the remote for music and media control. Starting with Boot Camp 1. If iTunes is installed on the Windows partition, pressing the Menu button on the remote will load the program. The remote's media controls also support Windows Media Player , as well as system volume control.

Applications must be in focus for the remote to control them.

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Boot Camp 5, the latest version of the software, also includes drivers for the remote control. The remote unlike previous generations uses a built-in rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery that is charged through the lightning port at the bottom of the remote. Earlier models of the iMac Polycarbonate iMac featured a magnetic rest for the remote, [17] which was later removed. In addition, Remote Buddy is able to emulate events of an Apple Remote on these systems, enabling users to use software written for the Apple Remote in exactly the same way as with Macs that have a built-in infrared receiver.

Because many electrical appliances use infrared remote IR controls, concurrent use of the Apple Remote with other IR remotes may scramble communications and generate interference, preventing stable use. Remotes should be used individually to circumvent the problem.

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There are 32 bits of encoded data between the AGC leader and the stop bit: [19]. It consists of two 16 bit LSB words. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the Apple IR remote control. Main article: iTunes Remote. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

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