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A scrollbar allows access to additional keys. Each key has a label and an icon indicating the state of the assigned client. Right-click on an existing group such as the General group. Select Group. Enter a name for the new group. To remove a group: 1.

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The session window can be docked to the main interface of the Avaya IP Softphone or moved to the desired screen location. Click and type within the session window as if the application was active Page 66 Answer button To answer an incoming call, press Answer. If you have no incoming call when you press this button, the Avaya IP Softphone selects a line and you hear a dial tone. Release button Press the You can customize what appears on this menu using the Configuration Utility.

To access the Smart Functions menu: 1. To customize the Smart Functions menu: 1.

Security Vulnerabilities Published In 2007(Denial Of Service)

Page 70 4. In the Arguments box, enter any arguments that are required for this function. Note: If you want the Avaya IP Softphone to prompt you for the argument when you select this special function, select Prompt for arguments. In the Select the custom function you want to remove. Click Delete. To confirm the deletion, click Yes. A macro is a sequence of keystrokes that you can use to automate repetitive actions.

For example, you can program a macro that selects a particular To add the new macro to the list, click Apply. To exit the Macros dialog box, click Note 1: Use the Page Profiles Select the desired feature to open the corresponding dialog box. Using profiles, you can keep multiple Avaya IP Softphone configurations on the same computer.

When you make changes to any feature or function, the changes affect only the current profile. Select Yes to reset now or select No if you plan on resetting later". You can select to reset now, or No, to defer it until later. Page Selecting Profiles 1. From the list of profiles, select the desired profile.

Zone Bandwidth Strategy

Click Reset. If the Avaya IP Softphone is currently running, it tries to reestablish communication with the server as defined by the profile. The Main Application screen opens. Page Importing Profiles Avaya IP Softphone Settings Importing profiles Use import to restore the backed-up configuration files of your personal settings for current use. To import saved profiles: 1. Click Import. An Open dialog box opens. Locate and select the profile you want to use. From the Server list, select your server. Page License Servers Use the License Servers dialog box to add new license servers to the Server Address list and to specify the order in which they are contacted by the Avaya IP Softphone client.

The server at the top of the list is contacted first, followed by the second, and so on. Click Browse. A Browse for folders dialog box opens.

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Locate and select the Avaya IP Softphone folder in your file system. This option is also used by the system administrator to configure Secure Call Recording. Use the Quality slider to increase or decrease the amount of delay. If several Ethernet interfaces are installed, then the Avaya IP Softphone chooses the first MAC address it detects and uses that address in all subsequent re-connections. Use the Advanced Audio dialog box to adjust settings for advanced audio controls.

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To use a specific address: 1. Page Hot Keys 3. Enter the path and file name of the audio file you want to use. You can also search for the file by clicking browse. The selected file name appears in the text box. Modification lets you shorten or eliminate superfluous language picked up by the screen-reading software.

The text replacement table lists all the text replacement rules that are currently assigned. Page Key Type Figure 2 on page The selected keys will display as available line keys when making a call. To assign a line key: 1. Note: Some language that you encounter in operating the Avaya IP Softphone comes from your communications server, or from your computer operating system OS.

Nortel IP Phone 2007

To allow the Avaya IP Softphone to record calls: 1. Select Allow this application to record calls. Click or Apply. Page Plantronics Usb Bluetooth Headset Setting external lamp controls Note: The external lamp is available on the desktop adapter only. The lamp provides visual indication of call status, headset connection, and messages waiting.

Page To disable Headset Disconnect, select None. To enable Active Call, select the cadence you want from the list. To disable Active Call, select None. To enable the backlight, select backlight. Page Accessibility Interface Theme. Line and Feature Choose from six available Line and Feature group keys to place or receive calls, or to access a range of server-supported Avaya IP Softphone features. To access these features, click Directory on the Call Control window. Select the desired format.

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  • To enable Call Timer: 1. Click Services. New call indication With the new call indication option enabled, the Avaya IP Softphone displays an indication message when it receives new incoming calls. A list of options appears in the display area. Page Name Display Format 5.

    IP Softphone Installation Guide - PDF

    Enter the area code you want to use, or edit the existing area code. The default for area code setup is: no area code specified. When you attempt to access any of these password-protected features, a prompt asking you to enter your password appears. Click one of the following: — To accept your selection, click Yes. If you selected Yes, click Done to enable or disable Password Protection. If you make three consecutive incorrect password attempts within an hour, the application locks you out of all password-protected features for one hour.

    This information is useful to advanced users or support personnel when investigating problems with the application. Page The default is 15 seconds.

    IP Softphone 2050 Installation Guide

    You can set the interval from a minimum of 1 second to a maximum of seconds. Page Unable To Obtain Valid License An error message appears that the license cannot be obtained, is invalid or has expired. Description: When the IP Softphone is launched, an error message appears in the display area indicating that the license server is unreachable or that the existing license code is invalid or has expired. Description: You are not authorized to use the communication server. Page Reset Conditions Advanced audio problems due to network performance If network performance causes audio problems, use the Advanced Audio dialog box in the Avaya IP Softphone Settings window to override your communication server audio values.

    Description: Either the Avaya IP Softphone does not recognize the adapter as a supported Avaya adapter, or the adapter is earlier than 2. Action: To direct all call audio to your headset, select If it is not listed, click the button to try and add it. Click the Directory key. This may help detect malicious actions that an attacker may take after successfully exploiting vulnerabilities in applications. Review all applicable logs regularly.

    Do not accept or execute files from untrusted or unknown sources. Users should never accept files from untrusted or unknown sources, because they may be malicious in nature. Avoid opening email attachments from unknown or questionable sources. Do not follow links provided by unknown or untrusted sources.

    Users should avoid websites of questionable integrity. Never follow links supplied by unknown or untrusted sources. Implement multiple redundant layers of security. This tactic may complicate exploitation of memory-corruption vulnerabilities. Microsoft has released fixes to address this vulnerability in supported versions of the affected software. Avaya has released advisory ASA to identify vulnerable Avaya products.