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  4. Indie games for windows, mac and linux. Powered by Ruby, Gosu and OpenGL.

Game developers prefer to ignore Mac owners and port their games to PC. This can leave Mac gamers frustrated, as the long wait for a Mac port that might never even happen begins. So, in this article, we take a look at some of the best Mac games to play in Have you ever wanted to experience isolation in the Wyoming wilderness?

Good, cheap fun

In Firewatch, you play as Henry, a fire lookout responsible for maintaining the forest and keeping a watchful eye on any plumes of smoke. The only connection you have with the outside world is a radio allowing you to speak with your distant boss, Delilah. When you start venturing out of your watchtower, you uncover many strange secrets.

This first-person mystery game may not involve fighting enemies, but its riveting story will have you addicted. The game centers around Madeline, a young girl on a journey to climb Celeste Mountain. In addition to its simple yet challenging gameplay, Celeste has a beautiful soundtrack.

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Its retro-inspired tunes make it one of the best video game soundtracks for studying or relaxing The 20 Best Video Game Soundtracks for Studying or Relaxing The 20 Best Video Game Soundtracks for Studying or Relaxing Video game music is engineered to promote focus with enjoyable background tracks. If you need some music for studying or relaxing, look no further. Read More. Download : Celeste from Steam.

You start out with nothing but old tools, a small amount of money, and a plot of land left to you by your grandfather. Harvest crops, care for livestock, and bond with locals. If you get bored playing by yourself, you can even invite a friend to help build your farm. This relaxing yet thrilling game will have you on the edge of your seat while you explore the ocean. Sometimes the floor will shift, preventing you from reaching the other side of the kitchen. On other occasions, you have to travel through a teleporter to complete your task. Can it get any more challenging than that?

And while Tomb Raider pushed towards a more action-oriented approach, Rise allows for more stealth and stalking, giving you the choice on how you approach each encounter. Download Rise of the Tomb Raider from Steam. Treyarch's first-person shooter package is filled to the brim with blasty fun, whether you're into the futuristic, cinematic campaign, the online multiplayer shootouts, or the offbeat fun of the co-op Zombies mode.

There's even a cheaper, multiplayer-only version if you're only into the core Call of Duty online experience, and you can always upgrade later. After creating FTL: Faster Than Light , one of the most brilliant strategic time sinks of the last several years, Subset Games is back with Into the Breach — and it's equally worth obsessing over. Into the Breach is a turn-based tactics game that's akin to a Final Fantasy Tactics or Tactics Ogre , albeit with futuristic mech suits instead of wizards and warriors. And there are twists: the aliens you're battling telegraph their moves in advance, which means your success is all about planning and executing the perfect response.

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  8. If you blow it, then your mech pilots must travel back in time and start over again. How's that for motivation? Download Into the Breach from Steam. Apps and Games. Asif G. Carrots from Heaven.

    The 25 best Mac games you can get right now

    Play as a rabbit who has to escape from evil purple gorillas. Cross the Gap. Get both players across the gap in the room. You can't progress alone. Play in browser. Retro pixelated Platformer located deep inside the caves. Goricina Productions. You wake up in a different world.

    Why can't Mac users play most of the games on Steam :: Steam for Mac

    How do you escape? And why are you here? Angela He. Siren Head. Modus Interactive. Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash. Baldi's Basics is 1 year old!

    Indie games for windows, mac and linux. Powered by Ruby, Gosu and OpenGL.

    Celebrate with the classic game, but with a twist! Pool Party Panic. Keep your guests happy in this lifeguard game! Outlaws Studio. Nathan Powell's Wild Araz.

    Top 10 Mac Steam Games of 2018

    A grand adventure exploring the land and wildlife of steampunky Antiford. Citizens of Antiford.