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Trying the same format with another Leopard machine produced the same results, and trying a format from the OS X After contacting G-Tech, which tried its best to be helpful, I was presented with only two known solutions: find an older version of OS X, or use a PC with MacDrive to format the drive. Pick the Erase tab, hit Erase, the formatting process will take 30 seconds or less, and you can go back to using your USB drive normally.

Use a PC with MacDrive. And that for recent Apple customers whose only OS discs contain Well, I tried everything. What can I do now?

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I had the same problem with a maxtor GB drive. I could not erase the disk, or add a partition. I do not have a pre Took about 30 seconds. This is my second drive that has locked up like this. I figured the drive was bad so I exchanged for another. Now, same problem. I figured it might be the enclosure until I found this and a few threads like it just now. My biggest question: How do I interrupt this process without killing another drive? Should I go that route? Any input would be great. With the Disk Utility in Leopard still locked up, I put in my This did the trick.


Formatting finished with the Disk Utility running off the CD, and seemed to give the locked up Disk Utility app a kick in the butt that got it unstuck. Drive is formatted and getting filled right now. Strange bug. I was frustrated as well recently, attempted to backup my older 60g macbook to an even older 60g iomega HD.

Now as Time Machine runs in the background I am singing the praises of iLounge. Thanks for the tip. Then I read post 13, tried it, and the formatting was done in about one minute.

How to Erase a Disk Volume on Mac OS X Snow Leopard - dummies

OS X I highly recommend this procedure. Hope this helps someone; thanks Karl! I just got a new iMac. I am just adding this comment to show that this problem does not occur across the broads- I wonder why it only affects some drives? However, just running disk utility from the tiger CD already let me format the hard drives as Mac Os Extended Journaled — there was no need to start up from the Tger disk actually. Hope that helps. Apple is a major corporation. Like any other, it has to negotiate economies of time, scale, and public perception. This means that if a problem is sufficiently obscure that it can be covered up or ignored completely without loss of market share, it is literally not worth the time or manpower to fix.

The answer is — must always be — too bad. This is a mass-market industry, and you, Mr. User, are not a market segment. Even if there are , of you, you do not matter. In my case, none of the suggested fixes helped. I have a 1. If you find yourself needing another volume on a disk, or if you need to resize the total space on existing volumes on a disk, the Partition tab within Disk Utility offers partitioning controls. Double-click the Optional Installs folder, and then double-click the Optional Installs package.

Now press Done and tap Install button to initiate the installation. It was also the last version to display a welcome video at its first boot. To do this, you can either search for the application in Spotlight or find it in the Applications folder. Before you click finish. It was released worldwide in It can also be made bootable.

Power on and insert your Snow Leopard disc, restart and press option key, select the Snow Leopard disc and press enter, go into disk utilities and format the new hard drive as Mac OS Extended Journaled, and name it Macintosh HD or whatever you want. I have followed numerous tutorials online with no luck. This tab allows you to adjust size for each partition your external or inner hard disc contains.

A package has an icon that looks like an open box. From there you can select Disk Utlity from the Utilities menu and format the drive, or choose the "erase and install" option. Upon install of Snow Leopard, your virtual machine will restart. As most applications are Universal and Snow Leopard itself requires an Intel processor, Apple is finally making big strides to leave behind the world of PowerPC. Start the installation from a nonworking computer. You should see some settings icons located at the bottom right portion of the VMware window.

If you need to purchase Mac OS X It will then ask you which drive you want to boot from. Select hard disc you want to partition and click Partition tab. You must always format a new hard drive for Mac. This method goes with original retail DVD and vanilla kernel in normal PC with desktop virtualization software virtualbox. Choose your preferred language if prompted, and the Mac OS X installer should open automatically.

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Those tool really simplified the whole installation process and made your life easier as a Hackintosh wannabe. Insert the installation DVD into your computer, and wait for it to appear on your desktop. When i mount this image, it says the normal Installation Window. Install Snow Leopard while erasing everything on your computer. Locate the USB drive on the left-hand side of the window and click on its name, not its partition.

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To go from Mar 5, Well, the person who kept their boxed installation disc would like to see their money back—and it's going to OS X Snow Leopard install disc. Download Softwares, Games, Movies and more Pages. Disk partitioning has changed quite a bit since snow leopard.

Partition Done. When the installation is complete, reboot the MBP again and immediately hold down the Option key. Tried to install, and all I have now is a grey screen with the drive symbol spinning around. The snow leopard is a carnivore that hunts, but also will feed on carrion dead meat and smaller prey.

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Remote Disk. Right-click on the small CD icon in the bottom right of the Virtualbox window again, and switch back to iBoot. Then you can go back and install the OS. Formatting the Mac's hard drive using Disk Utility. In fact, it's easier and faster for me to install Snow Leopard with fully working components on my system than it is to install Windows 7. Jun 15, The secret to performing an Erase and Install is to manually erase your hard drive using Disk Utility before you install Snow Leopard.

I was hoping some bright spark on here could help me out. I haven't used this before myself.

How to Format An External Hard Drive for Mac

From there you can reformat your hard disk. With the Snow Leopard disk inserted, boot your computer holding down the option key. If your computer can boot into OS X, you can start the installation process from within the operating system. To do this, look towards the top of the screen and click on Utilities from the top menu and then click Disk Utility from the drop-down menu. Snow Leopard is among the leading Mac operating systems providing support for all the latest devices and different fixes. This is the exact thing you did to the USB Installer drive earlier.

Click on Customize Hardware. Here, I demonstrate Simple Steps to install Mac Enter partition size, name your new partition, make sure it uses Mac OS extended journaled format. This content has been archived , and is no longer maintained by Indiana University. You can divide your disc into maximum 16 partitions. Select your DVD drive. In Disk Utility, click your hard disk in the left column, and then click the Erase tab.

I was able to install it in VirtualBox easily, yet it takes some time to start. Instead of buy a new DVD as the other poster suggested, I suggest you go back to place where you bought it and have them give you a good DVD or suuggest they buy you one from Apple.