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If you try to put the music box on the platform, the music box will multiply into hundreds of boxes. Sell them for infinite money. Each randomly generated world comes with at least one floating island. These contain a chest with unique loot and are interlaced with gold and silver ore.

Finding a floating island can be tough as the altitude depends on the size of the world you created, but building a "sky bridge" can help. On small worlds, building the bridge at about blocks above sea level will put you within sight of an island. Keep an eye out for vines floating in the middle of the sky, because that's the bottom of your island.


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The Eater of Worlds can be a very tough boss if you're not prepared. A good strategy for tacking this enemy is to take the time to build a large enclosed arena a few dozen blocks above wherever you plan to summon the boss from. This will keep smaller enemies out and the gap will give you enough of a warning to allow you to avoid most of the boss's attacks. Bring a lot of Shurikens if you don't have any flail weapons yet, because they will be able to deal the most consistent ranged damage. Each world has an Underground Jungle and a Dungeon. Each of these areas is full of very difficult enemies and very valuable items, and each is found just before the "ocean" at the edge of the world.

If you walk in the same direction long enough you will come across one of these. The other one will be at the opposite end. So, if you walk west and find the Underground Jungle, to the east you'll find the Dungeon. It's a really good idea to come with strong armor, plenty of potions and maybe even a friend or two before you try tackling either of these.

Anyone know how to get a server running on a Mac?

They can be overwhelming. Every night time stars fall from the sky. Collecting ten of these lets you increase your maximum mana. On normal terrain this can take a long time and can be a risky proposition in pitch- darkness. With a speed-increasing item such as Hermes Boots or Necro Armor equipped you can travel the length of your bridge collecting stars relatively uninhibited.

Arcade Game – Create Your Own World

Here's a way that you can cheat the system and get as many life crystals and as much stuff out of a chest that you want by using the multiplayer feature. Just scroll all the way down at home page.

To join your own server, just type "localhost" into the IP address [without quotes]. You should lose connection In-Game. If you rush back to the spot where you found the stuff, it should still be there. All you need to do is take the item and close the server without saving, and you can just pick up whatever you want over and over again.

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I don't know the exact way that Wine works, but i guess it should be launched once per process, so 1 instance of terrariaserver. Am i wrong? What does the crash say btw? Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

Standalone - [] Terrasavr, web-based inventory editor | Terraria Community Forums

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Anyone know how to get a server running on a Mac? All of the tutorials I've found are outdated. Thanks to anyone who can help. Loading editor.