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Always use a VPN with Kodi

We would advise downloading the stable releases under Recommended. Launch the Kodi app in the Applications folder. You can start with the add-ons, including popular ones like YouTube and iPlayer.

Once you download Kodi onto your Mac, as mentioned, you can now start adding your own add-ons to customize your Kodi experience. While there are plenty of options for podcast apps, iTunes has one of the largest collections of podcasts for you to choose from. This massive library makes up for the plain interface, which at least makes it easy to navigate through all the different genres.

Launch the app and authenticate your Spotify account to grant SpotiMC access.


How to Install Kodi 18 on Mac in | TechNadu

To get your fix of British television, simply download the BBC iPlayer add-on and start viewing your favorite shows, either live or recorded. Using a Virtual Private Network VPN to stream content from third-party add-ons is crucial to your streaming experience for several reasons, not least of which is its ability to bypass geoblocks with an anonymous connection that also prevents your ISP, your government, or other parties from tracking your streaming activity.

You can protect your streams with a VPN on the device you stream from, or on your router. A good VPN will also prevent any throttling from your ISP, and as mentioned, can even bypass geoblocks of certain streaming services. Choose Add-ons from the main menu and select Download to see a list of categories. On a fresh Kodi install, these plugins come from the official Kodi repository.

How to Install Kodi on Mac – Full Guide

You can add more repositories to access even more plugins. You can also download plugins as ZIP files, then install them manually. To do this, click on the cardboard box icon from the Add-ons menu. Here's how to make it work without straying over that thin gray line.

How to Install Kodi on OSX (MacBook, iMac, Mac Mini)

Kodi is not illegal. The add-ons that enable Kodi to access pirated content from IPTV restreams, peer-to-peer filesharing protocols per Popcorn Time , and foreign sources are not available in the official add-on repository.

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Many eBay sellers are profiting from the availability of pirated content by selling pre-configured devices with Kodi installed. However, although users are attracted to both Kodi and the Amazon Fire TV Stick's flexibility, they could easily land themselves in legal hot water.

Read More when it comes to piracy. You could circumvent geo-blocking or access illegal IPTV on any platform if you really wanted to.

Best Kodi addons for Mac and how to install Kodi on a Mac

Kodi can be easily installed to any Mac computer in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is download the Kodi for Mac application and then drag it onto your computer. Kodi is compatible with any Mac computer manufactured within the past eight years. It runs very efficiently and does not use up too many processing power, meaning you can run Kodi alongside other Mac applications without a hiccup.

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Kodi for Mac is a great way to enjoy online streaming from your home computer, you could probably even connect Kodi for Mac to your TV set.