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Outlook for MAC 2011 settings for comcast email-incoming and outgoing server

You've just dashed off a reply to an important email message. When you hit the 'Send' button, you discover that it's dimmed, which means you can't send your message. Mail was working fine yesterday; what went wrong? This outcome can happen for a number of reasons, but the two most likely are as follows: either the mail service you use made changes to its settings and you need to update your settings, or your Mail preference file is outdated or corrupt — or has the wrong file permissions associated with it.

These types of mail servers are frequent targets of malware designed to turn them into zombie spam servers. Because of the ever-present dangers, mail services occasionally upgrade their server software, which may, in turn, require you to change the outgoing mail server settings in your email client, in this case, Mail. Before you make any changes, be sure that you have a copy of the settings that your mail service requires.

In most cases, your mail service has detailed instructions for various email clients, including Apple Mail. When these instructions are available, be sure to follow them. If your mail service only provides general instructions, this overview on configuring your outgoing mail server settings may be helpful. Click the Account Information tab or the Server Settings tab. The tab you select depends on the version of Mail you are using. You're looking for the pane that includes incoming and outgoing mail settings. The Mail account you selected above should be highlighted in the list.

In this tab, make sure the server or hostname is entered correctly.

Email Setup – Secure SSL/TLS Settings - Web Marketing Company

An example would be smtp. Depending on the version of Mail you are using, you may also be able to verify or change the user name and password associated with this mail account. If the user name and password are not present, you can find them by clicking the Advance tab. In the Advance tab, you can configure the SMTP server settings to match those that your mail service provides.

If your mail service uses a port other than 25, , or , you can enter the required port number directly in the port field. Otherwise, leave the radio button set to Use default ports or Automatically detect and maintain account settings , depending on the version of Mail you're using. Use the Authentication dropdown menu to select the authentication type your mail service uses.

Whidbey Island & Seattle Mac Consulting

One possible reason for the problem is a permission issue preventing Apple Mail from writing data to its preference file. This type of permission problem prevents you from saving updates to your Mail settings. How does this happen? And why would anyone use the obscure Comcast-assigned E-mail address in ? I have Comcast, and thank goodness, I'm not having your problems currently. I have had problems in the past with email accounts, and like you, I have two Macs.

It was one typo. But it could have been one bad proxy setting, or anything else. Jul 4, AM. Woodmeister50's post almost a year old told me what I need to know.

Mac Mail - Can't SEND e-mail - FIX it!

Periodically the Comcast outgoing mail server becomes unavailable i. To get it back, I have to go in and re-enter my Comcast password. Apparently, this is a lot easier than explaining the problem to Comcast let alone expecting them to fix it. Apr 28, AM.

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Troubleshooting Apple Mail and a dimmed send button

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Email Settings for Comcast / XFINITY

I would recommend you do that. Best wishes for a solution. User profile for user: woodmeister50 woodmeister Open Mail and then open Preferences. Select the Comcast account.