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  1. Check How Much Space Mail is Using
  2. Archiving Your Attachments
  3. How to Stop Your Mac’s Mail App From Wasting Gigabytes of Space
  4. View, save, or delete email attachments in Mail on Mac

It should be noted that this method is virtually risk free. It will not delete attachments that you have yourself saved to a specific folder on your computer. It will only delete attachments that were automatically downloaded as some sort of caching measure by the opening system.

Check How Much Space Mail is Using

Most of these files are the obvious attachments such as PDFs of photos you might have received, but also less obvious files such as images embedded in signatures. Alternatively, you can navigate to the following folder manually:. A Finder window will open at that location, showing you the contents of the Mail Downloads folder. Inside Mail Downloads are lots of other folders.

Archiving Your Attachments

However, if you just want to delete everything Mail has downloaded, you can drag all the folders to the Trash. Again, there are lots of sub-folders inside the V6 folder, and some of them contain mailboxes. Some of those mailboxes have attachments folders in them. Tracking down attachments this way could take hours, or even longer.

How to Stop Your Mac’s Mail App From Wasting Gigabytes of Space

If you want to free up space used by Mail quickly and easily and delete attachments in bulk without having to locate them in Finder, there is an easier way. CleanMyMac X has a utility specially designed to remove Mail attachments.

CleanMyMac can also delete attachments from third-party email clients, like Outlook and Spark. Therefore, if you use these email apps, you can easily locate unneeded attachments and delete them in a few clicks. With the help of CleanMyMac X , you can also scan your Mac for other junk files, malware threats, and speed up your machine.

All that in a few clicks. Attachments in Mail can occupy several gigabytes of disk space on your Mac. Manually removing them to free up space can be a long and laborious process.

How to manually remove Mac Mail attachments in Finder

If you do decide to use a manual method, deleting them from within Mail is the safest option. And remember, even if you delete attachments on your Mac, if you use an IMAP account like iCloud mail or Gmail, your attachments will remain on the server and can be retrieved when you need them.

View, save, or delete email attachments in Mail on Mac

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Handling Mail Attachments in Apple's Mail

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