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Does the Martin MAC meet safety standards? How do you pick the right Martin MAC moving light? Some features to focus on include: Intensity: The right headlight should have sufficient brightness for the required visual impact. Consider the space you are illuminating to figure out the correct wattage needed and factor in dimming control as well. A Martin MAC can be mechanically or automatically dimmed. Colour: Think about the colours that you want for your space, so you can choose the right colour wheels.

A moving headlight also provides colour mixing, and the transition of the swatches will tell you if it suits your requirements or not.


Zoom: The zoom feature allows you to manipulate the focus of the light. Look at the particular Martin MAC specs to see if the focus angles suit your needs. Gobos: How many gobo wheels do you need in your moving light? Light effects will depend on the layout of the gobos. What is gobo animation in a moving light? Content provided for informational purposes only. Shop by category. Type see all. Effect Light Fixture. Wash Light Fixture. Not specified.

mac 250 krypton

Lighting Effects see all. Colour Mixing. Pattern Gobo s. Light Source see all. LED - Standard. Fluorescent - Standard. Motion see all. Brand see all. Control see all. Dmx Control see all. Condition see all. Seller refurbished. Please provide a valid price range. Buying format see all.

Page 19 4 Remove the gobo holder from the gobo wheel. Push the gobo out from the back and remove.

Secure the gobo with the retention spring. Page Fixed Gobos mac Entour Only The top and bottom cover look the same, but the top cover is found by checking if the text on the back of the head is oriented correctly top or not bottom as illustrated here.

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Page Color Filters 6 Replace the cover before applying power. Position Color Intense heat.


Page 23 2 Remove the top cover. The top and bottom cover look the same, but the top cover is found by checking if the text on the back of the head is oriented correctly top or not bottom. Remove the top cover of the fixture head using a flathead screwdriver to loosen the four quarter-turn screws. Page 24 5 Using a Philips screwdriver, remove the half-circle shaped plate that holds the prism into place as indicated in this illustration. Page 25 5 Using a Philips screwdriver, remove the half-circle shaped plate that holds the prism into place as indicated in this illustration.

Using a flat head screwdriver, remove the screws located at the positions marked A and lift the tabs. Lift the effect module out of the fixture. Page 27 4 Remove the three Phillips screws and lift the plate off the effect module. Installing any other lamp may damage the fixture.

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Page Cleaning 3 Rinse with distilled water. Mixing the water with a small amount of wetting agent such as Kodak Photoflo will help prevent streaking and spotting. No other lubricant is approved for use. Flat Light: See Diffuse Light. All light is characterless, texture less and shallow shadowed when the source is close to the camera. Flicker: The flashing of some light sources that cannot be visually detected because of the frequency of its output voltage, but can adversely affect the way motion picture film records light.

Flicker-Free: A term used to describe electronic ballasts that electronically alter the electrical frequency that causes flicker. Flood: The position of a moveable lamp, lens or pair of lenses on a spotlight that produces the widest field angle. To direct a large amount of light on a relatively large area. Flood Light A light source consisting of a rectangular lamp and sometimes a single lens, used to direct a large amount of light on a relatively large area. Floppy Flag: A large flag that is designed to fold in half and function as a cutter or smaller flag.

Fluorescence: The property of certain materials to absorb radiation of certain wavelengths, usually ultraviolet, and re-emit the radiation as light.

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Fluorescent Lights: Cool and daylight balanced, fluorescent lights have become very popular for photographic and video capture. Fluorescent lighting can be used in the form of screw-in bulbs and reflectors, or rectangular banks of lights. Foamcore: A polystyrene, Styrofoam material used as a substrate for some reflector boards, effective because of its light weight and ease of mounting via reflector forks. Focus: To aim and adjust a light source to give the beam its desired size spot or flood , edge soft or hard , field even or peak and shape round, patterned or cut.

Focus Lens: A movable lens in a multi-lens optical system that adjusts the focus of a light source. Follow Spot: A narrow-beam focusing instrument that is manually operated and is usually composed of a powerful light source, an iris, shutters, a color changer and other features.

It is usually operated from an adjustable stand and is used to follow performer s on a stage with its beam, surrounding the performer s in a large pool of light. Foot-candle fc : A non-metric unit of measurement for Illumination, i. Framing Projector: A spotlight that has framing shutters or barn doors. Framing Shutters: Thin, movable, heat-resistant metal plates that are introduced into a beam such that a portion s of the beam is blocked off, i. They are used in various types of light sources, but extensively in ellipsoidal spotlights, usually four top, bottom, right and left ; follow spots, usually two top and bottom , always situated internally, and usually at the aperture.

Framing shutters generally can be independently adjusted, but those used in follow spots usually move simultaneously with a single control mechanism. French Flag: A small metal flag, usually used for shading. Fresnel: Short for Fresnel Spotlight. Fresnel, and developed around for lighthouses, this is a flat lens consisting of concentric rings on one side that are segments of the spherical portion of a Plano-convex lens. The other side is flat, i. It controls light in the same manner as a Plano-convex lens, which converges light into a beam.

Many light sources employing this type of lens have a stippled pattern on the flat side of the lens to diffuse to smooth out the beam. Fresnel Spotlight: A spotlight employing a single Fresnel lens that produces a soft-edged beam, usually provided with a spherical reflector and a means to adjust the focus from spot to flood. Full Scrim: A metal scrim whose screen occupies the complete frame. Fuse: An electrical device designed to stop the flow of electricity automatically when a predetermined over current tries to pass through it.

This is meant to prevent further damage or fire from overheating. Fused Quartz: A relatively pure, high-temperature glass used to manufacture lamp envelopes. Gaffer: The lighting technician who is in charge of the electrical aspects of a set or production. Gaffer Grip: A large, spring-loaded clamp with serrated or rubbercushioned jaws.