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What other big things can we compare his penis to? The Titanic sunk, so his dick is under water. Wow, rapping is easy. Let's quickly move past the obvious misspelling and see what other equivalences are true by that same logic. Apparently, my dog is god, which, judging by the large piles of crap he occasionally leaves on my carpet, says something very unflattering about the world's religions.

Congratulations, Wayne.

Mac Miller breaks down " Grandkids." | Underground Kulture

You just put the pus in pussy. You've managed to juxtapose the two things in the universe I least wanted to be connected in my mind. Hey, Kreayshawn, what's the most infantile, nonsensical way you could talk about performing cunnilingus? Anybody who refers to a vagina as a "low, low" deserves to be Is there anybody with a stronger penchant for irreverence than Lil B? It's hard to even describe how dumb this rhyme is.

The 2012 BET Cypher Review

Words like "onomatopoeia" and "allusion" are too fancy to be used here. First of all, in what circumstance would somebody who wasn't in Wu-Tang tell you that they were in Wu-Tang? Second of all, if they were in Wu-Tang, there's a one in nine chance that their face is ghost. Third of all, this line has no meaning in the context of the song. Three strikes, you're out. If he had meant to say "house of cards," he damn well would have said "house of cards.

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You can't even comprehend, man. You can't even comprehend. My words actually rape 'em And where's daddy to save him? My urge has to be fatal. Up in this music shit, the sky's the limit for rising in it, long as I'm consistent and keep on using my eyes as gimmicks. Before you judge Hopsin for this fairly offensive, mostly incoherent mess, know this: We're not even sure he knows what most of these words mean. At least he admits that his colored contact lenses are gimmicks. Not sure why he keeps wearing them, as long as he knows he looks stupid.

Not sure why this detail is important in Kanye and Jay's French adventure, but "filet" does rhyme with "cray. What is it with Wayne and disgusting vagina descriptions? I imagine, being so famous, he has to have had quite a few bad experiences sprinkled in with the good, but c'mon, man.


Spare us. At least this time he paired it with an equally unappealing penis simile. Hooray for gender equality! We actually couldn't figure out what Nicki was trying to say here until we looked it up on the interwebs. The best explanation we found is that, with her accent, "dare" kiiiinda sounds like "deer.

She's just rapping badly. So if I grow a beard, will it make me not queer? Will I finally measure up to these impossible standards of masculinity? Yeah, right. It's not so much the rhyming a word with the same word that I have a problem with here; it's the hilarity of the laziest "rhyme" imaginable coming right after the rhetorical question, "Me not working hard? Wait, this line isn't stupid. This line is genius! How do you describe the indescribable?

Apparently Jeezy has problems controlling his bowels. At times, his ailment gets so bad, he has diarrhea and constipation at the same time. Poor guy. Maybe try taking an Imodium A-D and an Ex-lax, and see what happens. Should be interesting. This line doesn't make any sense any way you slice it. The math doesn't come close to working; 36 isn't even divisible by 5. Redman wasn't on 36 Chambers , which had more than twelve songs anyway. He didn't even have a twelve-song LP. Possibly he was referring to the KRS-1 album that "5 Boroughs" was supposed to be released on, but the album never dropped, so I guess we'll never know.

Not only has this sentiment though it seems a stretch to even call it that been conveyed a million billion times by every rapper and their mother, it seems like rappers are just getting lazier and lazier. This is a picture I could do without ever seeing. And vegetarians, if this happens to you, you're doing it wrong.

Let's give credit where it's due. Juelz knew that an ostrich is a bird, and he knew most birds fly. Hell, for all he probably knew, all birds fly. So it only logically follows that an ostrich is gonna fly. It's not like there are ostriches in New York. You expect him to be a scholar on ostriches?

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Dre is a master of formal logic. Not many people know this, but he actually got his doctorate in semantics. Here, he postulates the most fundamental properties of cause and effect. Not only that, he demonstrates his theory with a tractionless lyrical career. After this, Dre got the help of some ghostwriters, who are less susceptible to such slippage. Is the whole purpose of the second half of this line just to make a Richard Pryor joke? Raw Wit' It ft. Dismay Paranoid ft. Mista Hood Dear Suicide Father Figurine Burying You Alive Smokin' Potent ft. Romeo, The Regretful Day That I Drop ft.

Open Your Eyes ft. Connor Jones On My Mind Outro Bandcamp Album of the Day Apr 10, go to album.

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    You should come to my city. Know her huh? She wanna come over huh? Over huh?

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    Throwing stones but you just wanna be me, you understand? She say "Dolla why you gotta be so nasty? Bebe Rexha lyrics Video bitch. Not hardly Who the fuck gave you your crown bitch? Steve Harvey? But I like honesty what have I done to you? Lil baby, lil mama, lil baby, lil mama What it do?