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At this point, in the "Save Converted File As" dialog, I could click simply click Save to save the file and optionally open the file after saving a checkbox let me turn off this option. For most documents, that's what you'll do, but with complex or difficult documents, it's best to click Cancel and work with the document in FineReader Express's main window before saving it. View All 6 Photos in Gallery. You also can't manually correct for distortions in the page image. ABBYY converted it with only an error in only one word, where the scanned image was too faint to read accurately.

But Acrobat Pro far outclassed the competition when exporting Word and Excel documents from PDF files that were created by "printing" to PDF from an application, not by scanning an image. Instead, it reconstructs the original document using information embedded in the PDF when it was created. One Caveat FineReader Express let me down in only one way—it won't work with a scanner unless your Mac is directly connected to the scanner via a USB cable.

Despite this limitation, and despite its limited feature set, this is still by far the best OCR app for Mac users. Bottom Line: Despite the lack of a built-in editor or image-correction tools, still the best OCR available on the Mac.

ABBYY FineReader Pro for Mac

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PCMag reviews products independently , but we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page. Terms of use. Cons No editor inside the app for correcting OCR errors or adjusting images. A speed up was gained for document analysis, recognition, and sometimes for synthesis plus PDF export steps.

The release candidate is tested and stable, but it does not include the full feature set planned for the final release. Quick Links Products. FineReader Engine. FRE for Windows. FRE for Linux. FRE for Mac.

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Accurate multilingual OCR software for Macs

Similarly to the already existing feature for removing small excess dots, which slow down processing, from the black-and-white images, it is now possible to remove garbage from the colour images. Ability to inject a text layer into selected pages of a PDF document This feature improves flexibility. In this release, the possibility to inject text layer under the image is extended: Now it is possible to individually specify the pages, in which the text layer should be injected. When processing a batch of PDFs containing both scanned and digital-born PDF documents, all scanned PDF images can be automatically extended by a text layer and turned into searchable PDF files — even documents that were scanned incorrectly.

In the past the method accepted only a string for the first parameter 'FileName'. Now it is possible to pass a byte array for the 'FileName' as well. PDFs imported from memory stream can now be checked for text layer without a need to write the stream into a temporary file which increases the overall processing speed.


FineReader Pro for Mac specification – ABBYY

Export for multi-page PDFs documents with an undefined number of pages This feature increases efficiency when scanning large multipage documents. The new export approach introduced in the previous release has been modified in this release: Even if the number of pages of the document sent for processing is not known, the recognition session can still be created. When scanning multipage documents, the number of pages in a document is typically known only after the scanning step is completed. The modified new export API allows sending pages for recognition even if scanning of remaining pages of a multipage document is not yet finished.

Now it is possible to specify a time zone that will be used for the creation and modification date of the exporting documents. In some cases this missing information might be very important.

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These new options will allow to specify the creation and modification date for each PDF file. This increases the PDF printing speed.

ABBYY FineReader Pro for Mac

At the moment, the feature is implemented as a technical preview. This improves the readability of XML-based text and simplifies work for operators or system administrators. To increase flexibility, users can also set a paragraph style name manually. This saves Java developers from programming workarounds for discarding the BOM characters at the beginning of the file. Updated documentation for working with screenshots New recommendations for processing of screenshots were added into the documentation to support developers with useful tipps for this increasingly popular scenario.

New export approach for large multi-page document conversion to searchable PDFs. Possibility to replace black or white color of exported PNG images with transparent.