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  1. Shield audio goes out of sync since update 3.0
  2. Audio Issues: No Sound, Out of Sync and More
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It may not be as widespread as you think. Have you tried the preview release? Right so this has been going on over a year and so far theres just been one half response from nvidia.. Im not normally one for bashing a company as you will see from other posts on this forum.. BUT this is an actual joke.. We all paid good money for a fantastic system that is suffering from this annoying bug and theres hardly NO reponse at all..

Having to constantly reboot the system is rediculous Is this going to be fixed or atleast addressed properly??? Please fix this issue. I had to use the Roku Ultra to watch anything. Issues like this are maddening. Yeah, I just got a new Shield today and set it up Tried several apps Google Play, Netflix, etc. Everything is up to date, I've tried restarting and resetting and still, sync issues. You need speed of like 4mbps for Netflix I have 50! So this is certainly a Shield issue.

I've never had this issue with any device, in my life So there's obviously something wrong. And since this thread is several months long it's shocking to see very little response from Nvidia. I was just about to subscribe to GeForce It's upsetting even more given the cost of this device Can you please give us an update, otherwise I'm returning this thing.

Just hooked up my Shield 4k a couple weeks ago. Restarting the video from the beginning every time seems to fix it, but only if I don't pause the show for a long period. I just tried using a smart bluray player, and all the apps worked perfectly. So, I know it is not my cabling or hardware.

It must be the Sheild. Any updates? RayW said: Thanks for the feedback everyone. We're looking into this issue. Thanks in advanced for your help. Best regards, Ray Will we ever be able to dictate feedback using voice?! Typing even short messages using the leanback keyboard is an absolute pain!!!!!!!

Shield audio goes out of sync since update 3.0

I have exact the same problem also with a samsung tv ue40eh No receivers shield tv is connected directly to the tv. But no effect. It is driving me mad also. There is only one solution that I managed to find. When you press the wake up button during the device initialization keep up pressing the B key as frequently as possible until you start hearing the system sound ticking ah the system sounds has to be turend on by the way If you do this every time synchronization is ok for system sounds games and all videos.

Audio Issues: No Sound, Out of Sync and More

If you do not do this there is no way around. If the shield tv stays on all the time you can turn on and off the tv and it stays synchronized. But if shield sleeps you have to do it again. Even if you leave it on always after 1 day or 2 it gets out of sync again. I have also tried to put almost ms delay without doing the procedure above. So if I understand correctly the system just installs the wrong driver all the time, both windows and realtek installation software. After I updated the driver the sync problem went away for good.

After I search in google and try many methods,none of it work for me. Until I saw one solution is taking about overclocking.

How To Sync Audio And Video And Save It For Good?

Then I go into bios and check for the setting but still all setting seem good. Then I reset it to mhz which is same as in bios, then problem solve. Wish you guys solve this issue soon. Thanks for this! I was having the same problem on my desktop pc, starting just a few weeks ago.

Disabling exclusive mode in the device properties seems to have fixed it. All would be well after starting video playback but, after a few minutes, video would noticeably start to lag audio with the problem worsening with time.


Pausing playback would reset everythingt, only for the sync problem to develop again within a few minutes. Searching the web, including this site, reveals that this syncing problem is very widespread and a great many people have proposed a great many fixes. After having this problem some months ago I tried all sorts of fixes. Changing browser settings. Changing browsers. Changing power settings. Now that I have a studio headset I have it plugged into the motherboard 3.


What worked for me was a fix I found online; open device manager update audio driver browse computer let me select unselect compatible hardware choose microsoft then the generic high definition driver latest version. I have realtek and nvidia audio drivers, even my pc sounds were out of sync. After doing this and a restart audio was in sync. I came back just to comment on this since this seems to be the only thread on the Internet about this issue.

I tried every tip in this blog and all the ones that I could find in the comments including even rolling back to Windows stock drivers. None resolved it. They are version 6. These driver finally seems to have truly resolved the issue. You can also disable Fast Startup in the Windows 10 power options, but this may not really matter if you have already disabled Hibernate, but I did it for good measure.

I can only surmise that Fast Boot, which seems to be counter productive with anything as fast or faster than an SSD boot drive, somehow interferes with the initialisation of the realtek audio chip or the drivers. I am curious to discover if this will also resolve any other bugs that I may have not have recognised as such. Only way I fixed it was buy a hdmi to rgb dongle, with a 3. I then pluged my speakers into the audio out from the graphics card instead of audio out of the motherboard.

That fixed the problem for me. Tried most solutions without changing BIOS or re-installing drivers. Deselecting Advanced Sound Control options sort of worked but introduced sound glitches, but what really worked was disabling fast start up as suggested by Naz, seems to have resolved it for me. Idem, tried absolutely everything and nothing works. My problem is present for all streaming sources, all browsers and even in vlc.

My issue was only with streaming Amazon Prime, Hotstar but not on Youtube or any other site that streams content personal cloud, adult sites. Check this video and especially the description. Have checked Netflix and they are apparently working on the issue but have no fix. Anyone else have any ideas what to try next?

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User profile for user: Shawn Albin Shawn Albin. Hope this gets resolved quickly for it is annoying. User profile for user: David Preston1 David Preston1. If I select a movie and play it from the beginning, no sync issue. User profile for user: clafournaise clafournaise. I don't think it is unique to Netflix. The audiosync issue, in my experience is unique to the Apple TV, except for some marginal quality titles.

Who In my quick survey last night, of 6 or 7 titles tried, only a single was reasonably in sync. User profile for user: eyeshigher eyeshigher. Apple should have tested this before release, an obvious issue. Takes me back to when dvd's where first released and the first dvd players could not hold sync. For me its even normal Quicktime files, that play normal on other Mac stuff. Oct 9, AM in response to eyeshigher In response to eyeshigher Also Subtitles, if more than 2 lines, one line is off the screen, Quicktime movies with encoded subtitles.

User profile for user: revcarte revcarte. It happens when I play the television programs. Very annoying. Any suggestions?? User profile for user: Phoenixfury Phoenixfury. Oct 9, PM in response to Der Det In response to Der Det I haven't seen any audio sync issues but I would like to drop a suggestion for those affected by this. I believe most televisions now now have a setting to compensate for this.