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  1. Download VNC Viewer for macOS | VNC® Connect
  2. VNC® Connect consists of VNC® Viewer and VNC® Server
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Then the program will give you a code that applies to that computer.

Simplicity and security are the two characteristics that could define AnyDesk. Another point where most stands out AnyDesk is in the speed of the connection. The connection is effortless to make. You must open the same app on the client and the server.

Download VNC Viewer for macOS | VNC® Connect

On the client computer you enter the ID of the server computer, accept the request from the server computer, and you will be managing it. When you move the mouse on the client, it will automatically move it on the server. The advantage of this app compared to the rest is clear: you can establish the connection speed. You will be notaries who will choose at what speed you connect and will not be the servers of the company who imposes it on us. RealVNC is a program with similar code to Vinagre. In this case, RealVNC is more difficult for novice users. If you need the latter, on the official website, you can find them for free.

Surely SSH will sound, and in many cases, you will even have used it. SSH is a program that uses the SSH protocol and allows us to connect remotely to an operating system.

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Although in this case the connection is made through the terminal. Something that makes you unable to use the mouse and you also need fewer resources than in other apps, but it is also a problematic protocol that can cause security problems. This option is proprietary like TeamViewer, but it is also suitable for novice users. This Google solution allows us to use the Remote Desktop with a browser plugin. For its use and installation, you only have to install the plugin in the Chrome browsers of both operating systems.

VNC® Connect consists of VNC® Viewer and VNC® Server

These are the best VNC clients that you can use for free on Windows, Linux or Mac and undoubtedly many of you will ask what is better. If you mouse to the top-middle of the window, you can spawn extra controls, which when you hover will give you a tooltip explaining what each one does. On the Mac side of things, a Screen Sharing icon will appear in the menu bar. There are ways to do this with a Mac as well as Windows machines.

The Best Screen-Sharing Software

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