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  2. Mac Miller spent his final hours 'watching football with his friends', did not seem suicidal
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  4. Charlie Puth Mourns Friend Mac Miller: 'I Always Thought I'd Be the One to Help Him Get Clean'

Is that unnerving? And that creates pressure. This is what I signed up for. You have to have your own reality and that has to be the driving force of your life. I feel like the public concept of you is different than the reality. What does that do to your thinking? I feel like the public perception of me varies on who you ask. It actually makes me less stressed about how my actions are perceived.

I mean, to a degree … I could control it. I could live this squeaky-clean life and everything. I could try to control the media. Like, do I really, really care what Hollywood Life is saying? Okay, cool. So a bunch of kids now think that. Not necessarily by changing their lives but by getting out front and trying to kill stories. But it just seems exhausting to always be battling something. To always be battling for what you think your image is supposed to be. The people that have the best chance of knowing me that would like to, would just be by listening to my music.

But on the other hand, if people read too much into a track, that can also lead to its own misconceptions.

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I probably do more than I realize. I probably could do more to control the perception of me or what is out there. What would that look like? I have no idea. Would you have to be a more literal songwriter? No, for sure. I like different responses. For sure. I know what the song represents for me.

Mac Miller Lyrics, Songs, Albums And More at SongMeanings!

Is that a function of time spent in the game? This outlook? So the timeline of when I make records, the perception is always incorrect, when people think I wrote things. Did you get a 1. Was that— Yeah.

Mac Miller spent his final hours 'watching football with his friends', did not seem suicidal

I got a one. I look back at it like, Oh hell yeah. Something that sells more? Something that seems cooler? Like about how I really put together an album, about how much time and work I actually put into shit, and how these records get made. But all the other shit is like, okay. I also used to rap super openly about really dark shit. It should be all the emotions.

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  • Hey, We think we know you!;
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You know, like been at one place and then come home. But I would never actually do that. I would rather …. Vices are enticing. Oh, bad thought processes and stuff, bad feelings, fucked-up feelings. It takes actual hard work to retrain your brain. But I think that the beauty is in being able to be in both places. The very beginning of my career was completely carefree. I felt invincible, I felt … just, zero sadness.

You know? For a moment. But I think being in a place where you can spend time in both and gain perspective on that other side, makes you appreciate what each brings to the table. I want to be able to have good days and bad days. And then having days where you wake up and you feel on top of the world.

And you get to experience both. I just think that makes the most sense to me at this point in life. One of the things making this album, is that I moved into Conway [Studios] for a month and a half and slept at the studio. All I do is work out every day, go to sleep early, all these things. Just to throw that out there. A friend wants to know if the Swimming theme is a callback to the turtle from the Watching Movies video component. Oh my God. I wish. But you know what? This is the shit: I try not to, like … Stuff like that always happens with my music.

These themes will just connect because of, maybe, a state of mind I was in. This shit always happens to me. You just have to get out of your own way, and everything will just connect for itself. In my mind, the theme that connects Swimming is drift. Feeling out to sea — I wrote this down so I did not fuck it up — and trying to get back to a place of comfort. I thought of the sonic theme. And then I just tried to write shit that was as real to me as possible.

And I think in that, a theme creates itself. Have you seen the Garry Shandling documentary?

Not yet. Get better and try to make this shit a reflection of who I am. But the one thing I know for sure that I can do that no one else can do is whatever this is.

Hey, We think we know you!

Whoever I am. My goal is is trying to find some type of comfort. I think the last wish I made was for peace of mind, probably. It frustrates me that people take something and put it into this small window narrative. But I also understand it. How can you expect people to not? I mean, I would love for people to just take the music as just the music. Try and get rid of the outside context. Which is impossible to do, but just try. The other thing that makes me curious is, is it less or more impactful to you? Do you not mind if it is a good story? You know people do that. Yeah, I guess.

The world happens as it should I guess. I feel like the album is, in some respect, trying to work through anxiety, trying to calm your mind. Do you deal with anxiety at all? Yeah, I am an overthinker and definitely deal with anxiety. There are times when I am super free of it. It is not all the time, but I think … My mom would have a good answer to that. I think she would say yes.

Charlie Puth Mourns Friend Mac Miller: 'I Always Thought I'd Be the One to Help Him Get Clean'

What do you do to calm your brain when it is going too fast, when there are too many thoughts and all that. He's a self-taught multi-instrumentalist proficient with drums, bass, guitar and piano. Top Songs. All Songs. I Come In Peace. Goin' Places. Wiz Khalifa Feat. I Like It. Meek Mill Feat. Break The Law. Mac Miller Feat. Rick Ross. Diablo Prod. By Larry Fisherman. Recent Videos. All Videos. Top Mixtapes. All Mixtapes. Faces Mac Miller. S Mac Miller.