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MAMP contains a pre-compiled xdebug. To use this file, enable it in MAMP's php. Xdebug does not work together with Zend Optimizer, so you also have to disable Zend Optimizer in php. Alternately, if the project is highlighted in the Projects window, you can click the Debug Project icon in the main toolbar.


php eclipse debug mac

You can set the debugger to suspend on the first line of code by enabling this option in the PHP Options window. You can also verify that a PHP debugging session is active by opening the Sessions window. For more information about PHP technology on netbeans.

To send comments and suggestions, get support, and keep informed on the latest developments on the NetBeans IDE PHP development features, join the users php. Extract the downloaded file and run the. Click Preferences to open the Preferences panel, then select the Ports tab.

Apache port is reset to 80 and MySQL to You can configure all MySQL settings from this dialog. When creating a new PHP project, you will now see a 3rd option named Create project on local server. The new project will be created in a subfolder of the Local Web Root of the selected server, not.

Installing and Configuring MAMP

To debug your script, all you need to do is right-clicking the index. You can set a breakpoint in the editor on any line by double clicking on a line number on the left.

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Notice that the debugging session will still be open after pressing F8 Resum , so you simply need to refresh the browser to restart debugging your script. By default, eclipse launches the debug session inside the internal browser. It is recommended to use an external browser though.

Xdebug: Documentation

Next, time to set up Xdebug in php. There are Windows binaries on xdebug. Edit the default. Make sure PHP debugger is Xdebug.

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Lets update this to work with MAMP. Create a test PHP file to spit out phpinfo, which lists configuration settings:. Scroll down a bit in the browser and you should see a reference to Xdebug:.