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  1. Downloading and installing Office 2011 or 2016
  2. MS Office 365 for UNE staff and students
  3. Microsoft rolls out free Office for students, worldwide | PCWorld

You may need to check with your school for details on these components. This program has been in effect for a while, but now it is more simple to determine whether your school is a qualifying institution. Quite a few students are eligible for this opportunity. Checking for eligibility requires a school email address.

Downloading and installing Office 2011 or 2016

If you do not have access to the email account issued by your school, you should start by troubleshooting that. Next, visit the appropriate website to further investigate the possibilities for your school:.

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Not much. You can simply communicate the availability of Office Education for Students to your students using content from our toolkit.

MS Office 365 for UNE staff and students

Access the toolkit. Contact your Microsoft representative with specific questions about the steps your school should take.

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  7. Your interest may prompt important conversations on behalf of the other students or teachers at your school. If your school is not eligible you can reach out to your school's administration to request that they reach out to Microsoft regarding failed eligibility.

    Microsoft rolls out free Office for students, worldwide | PCWorld

    Staying safe What is threatening, unwanted or inappropriate behaviour? Bystander approaches UNE Culture. VC Scholar Honour Roll. What's included in Office ?

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    These online apps can be accessed from anywhere via a browser similar to Google Apps that you might already be familiar with Home Use for up to five MS Office installations Another feature of the cloud move is that you will be able to use your UNE account to install and license, for free while you are employed at UNE, five versions of MS Office on home desktops, laptops, and mobile devices such as iPads. Using Microsoft Office after I graduate or not enrolled at UNE Your UNE student account is disabled 9 months after the end of your last active enrollment for staff the default grace period is 10 weeks after the end date of your employment.

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