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  1. TaxTron Individual License for Macintosh
  2. UFile launches tax software for MAC users
  3. UFile launches tax software for MAC users
  4. Online Tax Software - for Tax year 2017

The second is that you can prepare and file up to 20 tax returns for the current tax year and the past tax year.

TaxTron Individual License for Macintosh

Some other tax preparation software programs designed for public use allow you to do fewer returns. As is common, you work through an interview process to complete your tax return. The downside?

How to Install Free Tax Preparation Software TaxTron

You can't use this tax software if you live in Quebec or for preparing corporate tax returns. A separate tax planning software, GenuTax Planner, is also available. Two of this Canadian tax software's features that I really like are the Quick Entry screen where you can enter the data from different forms onto a single screen and the Pathfinder that makes it easier to move between form s and the return.

For tax preparers, there are other editions available for processing large numbers of T1 or T2 returns, see Cantax Products.

Imports : data from TurboTax or ProFile. Can also import GIFI data from accounting software. Essentially with this tax preparation software, you enter your income tax information using an interview interface. This Canadian tax software program has the capability to handle any kind of self-employment income and calculate capital gains and can be used by Quebec residents. There's a UFileT2 version for handling corporate tax returns and UFile also offers online income tax preparation and filing.

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UFile launches tax software for MAC users

There's a lot to like about this tax web app. The interface is elegant; the entire return is on one page, a smart search feature lets you find any form or deduction you need and add it to your return pronto and your refund is calculated instantly and updated as you go. Part of your return can be auto-filled with information from the CRA, a built-in refund optimizer maximizes your refund and SimpleTax has no problem handling self-employment, rental or investment income. The only downside is that it can't be used for corporate tax.

NO software activation. StudioTax for Windows has Revenue Quebec certification and approval for Netfile and printed returns. StudioTax is the most secure option to prepare and file your return.

UFile launches tax software for MAC users

Unlike online and cloud based applications where you have to trust a private third party for the security of your valuable personal information, StudioTax gives you full control over your security. StudioTax installs on your computer's hard drive, saves your returns on your computer's hard drive, and absolutely NO information, personal or otherwise, leaves your computer.

StudioTax is scanned by 66 different antivirus tools and found to be clean. Our business model is similar to that of a street performer.

StudioTax Business Model

You can use and enjoy our software and later decide if the experience was worth it and you can afford a donation. To use our previous analogy, they are big circuses that send their clowns out to the street to attract unsuspecting customers to their tents and pressure them in paying for their overpriced shows. Please don't forget to spread the word by sending StudioTax link to your friends and family. Who can use StudioTax? StudioTax is made available for individuals who prepare their own tax returns or returns for a small number of relatives and friends free of charge. Every year 's of thousands of taxpayers use StudioTax to prepare and file their returns.

And more taxpayers are converting to StudioTax every year. StudioTax covers the overwhelming range of personal income tax scenarios from simple tax returns to more involved returns for self-employed, returns with rental income and everything in between.

Online Tax Software - for Tax year 2017

How about if I need more than 20 returns? The 20 returns limit is a CRA requirement. If you are a tax preparer, then get an unlimited number of returns by using Studiotax Enterprise.