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A computer's hardware configuration determines its MAC address, while the configuration of the network it is connected to determines its IP address.

Find out your Pc's Mac Address (Via Command Prompt)

Most computers let you see this list of addresses that ARP has collected. However, it only works within the small group of computers on a local area network LAN , not across the internet. ARP is intended to be used by system administrators and is not a typically useful way to track down computers and people on the internet.

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Start by pinging the device you want the MAC to address for:. You will want to use a local address, so if your network is The ping command establishes a connection with the other device on the network and should show a result like this:. Use the following arp command to get a list that shows the MAC address of the device you just pinged:.

In this example, the IP address is You already have a desktop PC with a Ryzen processor, and you want to know whether you should also buy a new motherboard alongside your new processor? If you have a motherboard with the previous X chipset, here is a detailed performance comparison against the newer X chipset for the AMD Ryzen processors. We used the AMD Ryzen 5 X processor to run several tests and benchmarks on motherboards with these two chipsets.

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Our goal was to see if buying a new motherboard brings meaningful performance differences vs. All these methods work in all modern versions of Windows. So, if you want to learn how to find the shared folders on your Windows computer or how to find the path of a shared folder, read on:. One of the many creative options built into Windows is the ability to record and play multimedia files of all kinds.

Windows 10 makes it simple to select a default device for audio recording and playback. However, what if you would prefer that another device be used from your devices with similar capabilities? For example, you may have a webcam and a microphone on your computer, and you want the microphone to be the default recording device.

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Or, you may have both headphones and speakers available, and you want the headphones to be the default audio playback device. If you are following us closely, you have already heard about the new premium processors built by AMD: the Ryzen 9 X with its 12 cores, and the octa-core Ryzen 7 X. Sure, they're great marvels of processor engineering, but they cost quite a lot.

The good news is that AMD also launched a few more affordable computer processors. Gaming chairs are all the rage when it comes to furniture for tech enthusiasts, but gaming desks are not that commonplace. This desk combines simple design with useful accessories, at a price point that is lower than that of other gaming desks. Search Terms. Related Articles. Popular Articles. X motherboards.

Are you looking for an answer to the question: "Where can I see all the folders shared on my Windows computer or device? How to change default sound devices in Windows 10 playback and recording.

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    • The fastest way to deal with the network is via the command line. To do that, firstly we need to open the command line. From the command output, scroll down to the Network Adapter you are using to connect to the router. Below the active network adapter, you can see Physical Address. To do this, need to open the Network and Sharing Center. Once the network connections open, choose your active Network. Now, right-click on the Network and click on Status. Now, when you have the Wi-Fi status window open, click on Details. This will open the Network Connection details.

      If you are on macOS, then the steps are quite similar to that of Windows. To find the MAC Address via the command line, you need to run a single command.

      6 Ways to find the MAC address of any network card, in Windows | Digital Citizen

      To do that first, we need to open the terminal. Click on the Terminal icon when the search results populate. This will display the hardware information about all the network adapters on your device. Again, you can do this via GUI as well. It might not be the quickest way but it is more intuitive. This will directly navigate you to the Network Settings.

      Windows XP - Finding the IP Number and MAC Address of a Network Card

      From the pop-up window, select an active network interface. In case you are on LAN, it should be Ethernet.

      Get mac address of a remote computer

      A new window will open the configuration settings for that adapter. Like, on the terminal, you can run most of the mac commands on ubuntu. Alternatively, you can also click on the Activities button at the top-left corner. This will bring up a search bar.