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This patch will change your traktor pro from demo to full version. Traktor Pro 3 MAC 3. We provide information and direct download links for Mac OS X full version software.

Why is Native Instruments Traktor Pro 2 better than the average?

Traktor Pro 3 Interface. Mirror 1 — Mega.

Patch Description

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Native Instruments TRAKTOR DUO - DJ Software for Mac and Windows

Does it warrant being a whole new version, or is it really Traktor 2. Open up Traktor Pro 3. However, some small yet not insignificant improvements have been made. Take the Mixer FX, for example more on these to come. As well as this, the layout feels far less cluttered and easier on the eye.

Traktor Pro 2.10.2 for Mac

The Cue, Cup, Flex and Rev buttons look bigger and easier to activate. The Hot Cues are also far more visually appealing, appearing as nice big blocks of colour which are each easy to recognise in terms of their purpose Grid, Loop, Cue etc.

And speaking of colour, the colours used in the track waveforms look more beautiful than ever. Plus, users can now — at last — change the view of the waveform layout to full Parallel view. This basically takes the existing waveform layout and places two larger versions at the top of the screen. You can zoom out to quite a distance so you get to see most of the track as it progresses, or you can zoom right in until you get a blur of waveforms. These parallel waveforms becomes more effective when you work with four decks, stems or remix decks.

The final observations on the user interface are the improvements to both the CPU load and output levels. These are much cleaner and easier on the eye, as are the individual deck levels.

Audio quality is of course a key feature of any DJ software. And it really is noticeable: comparing Traktor 2 and 3 with a track pitched down to 30 per cent and beyond, the difference is quite stark: the sound is far less gritty and grainy and much more pleasant on the ears.

Download Traktor (Mac) | NI Community Forum

Up to now, if you wanted to apply effects to your mix you had to use Send 1, Send 2 or both. This worked fine, but could be a bit fiddly if you just wanted to quickly apply some delay or crushing. NI has now introduced a useful feature where you can change the Filter knob in the mixer panel to four alternative effects.

TRAKTOR Pro 3 Mac 2019 full

However — in practice — they sound more usable. Ever tried to add noise on a Pioneer mixer? Native Instruments has improved the functionality of its S2 and S4 MK3 models by adding the ability to map specific controls to perform alternative functions. Simply go to the Preferences, access the Controller Manager, hit Learn, press your button and then assign the new control. This opens up a whole world of possibilities for Traktor-related hardware owners who can now configure their equipment to their needs.