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  • The proper Apple TV isn't quite here yet, so why not watch TV on your existing Apple kit?.
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If anyone has successfully done this, please let me know. Jacqui, I am in the same boat with the ATT uverse. Currently I have an eyetv that i have hooked up with uverse. Ive tried with their cable and their s-video connection.

It works by keeping eyetv software in one channel and using the ATT remote to change the channels except that the picture quality sucks. A few clarifications are in order: 1.

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Nice list of products here, but how do they compare to each other? How does the bundled software compare? Which of these is worth the money and which is worthless?

Super mini USB DVBT-TV tuner for MAC and PC

Could have gotten all the information you listed from any shopping site on the net. TAB really needs to step it up and stop half-assing the articles. Give us some real meat. As long as you are dealing with over the air programming in the countries it supports, its shareability and dual tuners make it a great choice. As I understand it this will broadcast my media to a computer.

Mac TV Tuner Roundup: Eight Tuners to Tap Into Your TV

I can do that now with my Mac Mini and Plex software. After digital TV is adopted as a mainstream globally, we cannot live a day without high definition TV shows. The full-functional on-screen menu collects the key features. Even better, it is fully compatible with Apple Remote!

Wanted: Mac-compatible USB TV tuner | MacRumors Forums

Plus, it allows you to reset the order or name of each channel. Rather than simply plugging into your Mac to provide live TV on just one machine, the Netstream box plugs directly into your antenna to receive the TV signal, but can also transmit the programmes wirelessly to other machines using your router. Additionally, it has a dual tuner so that two people can watch different programmes at the same time.

However, if necessary you can use the included adaptor to connect any type of aerial such as a powered one or a rooftop model. It also comes with the excellent EyeTV software which lets you view programme guides with a subscription and record live TV.

Despite being a couple of years old now and a little hard to find , the Hybrid Volar M has a compact design that can be easily transported around, and the rather good AVerTV player which sports a refined and easy to use interface it even works with the Apple remote. There are a few novel features too, such as live picture-in-picture so that you can watch two TV shows at once, as well as an EPG and live recording.