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We had pretty well expected iTunes to be dramatically changed with the debut of macOS But, now that iTunes is no more in the new Mac operating system, you still need to manage your iPhone and iPad in a post-iTunes world, and Wccftech has spotted how. Signs had pointed to some of its content offerings splintering into their own apps, which has happened, but it had seemed like iTunes would still stick around. It seemed like it had to, because it has long been the main tool for managing files, syncing content, backing up and restoring iPhones, iPads and iPods.

In macOS Instead, you'll be looking at another tried-and-true tool within the operating system: Finder. If you open Finder, you'll see your device in the left side panel under the Devices list. When you select your device in Finder, you'll find a familiar interface. Hi, I have the latest iTunes version and having issues syncing my iPhone 4S. I have followed all the steps up to Step 3.

When I attempt to sync i get the following error message:. Another solution after restoring from backups, restore as New iPhone, etc. I was using it with my Apple TV. Suddenly all videos and music files would sync to my iPhone 5S. Voodoo, man. Turn it off while syncing to the iPhone. Thank you for this page and thanks, JS. Your tip about turning off home sharing just worked for me on my 5s with the newest version of iTunes!

This is getting pathetic. I must of spend over 40 hrs trying to sync my music to my iPhone since os7. This stuff is just suppose to work right? I now need 16mb of ram just to run Maverick with Photoshop and Lightroom where as 8 will do with Mountain lion. Just getting too tired to solve issues. No one over 50 knows how to run these products anymore.

Remember these are tools for streamlining life, but the tools itself now needs constant managing. Thank god I chose the simplicity and ease of use of Apple! At least, I thought that was what I did. When I first bought an iPod and downloaded iTunes years ago, it just seemed to work. Now using apple products is like working with MS 15 years ago.

There used to be pride and value in the seamless integration and the simplicity for the user. Now we are all accepting that we need to run through checklists like the one above to get our music and tv-shows to sync, as if we were preparing to take off in a B Turn on, plug in, plug out, watch show….

Time to ditch it, is there a way of getting another media player to work on an iPhone? Or do I have to go into the dreaded Android world? Everything worked fine. This is absolutely ridiculous…I just want to listen to my damn music. Rant over. Someone help. Ok, for all of those that this list did not work for. With you iPod connected to your computer, click on the iPod icon in the upper left corner if iTunes. Once this is done, on the left side there is a list of tabs, Summary, Music, Movies, etc. Click on Music. Make sure the box next to Sync Music is selected. I have no idea how, but mine randomly got unchecked.

I swear I changed nothing manually. Extremely frustrating to find out the solution was this simple. You are my new favorite person. Wish I would have read reviews before doing the checklist. I have been trying to sync my ipod for a week now, absolutely banging my head against the wall.

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Tried all the Apple solutions etc etc….. It damn well synced…….. Many thanks. You do not have the privileges to make these changes. My problem was apps on my iPad would not sync to iTunes. A simple backup and restore on iTunes without completing restoring the iPad worked for me. Thank you for the insights! My iPhone5 was failing to sync songs and new playlists. I tried most of these suggestions but had to resort to the the full Reset and Restore before seeing Music brought up to date. Many of my third-party apps are still getting loaded one hour after this processed started, my net connection is one of the slower ones.

My sync only goes in one direction, from iPhone 5 to the PC. What am I missing? The music pieces are from an original CD. They show up in iTunes on the PC. After syncing they are on the iPad but grey and I cannot play them. There is also a red square on the line. You must import the songs from the CD into iTunes, and then sync those imported songs from iTunes to the iPad. Same for me — titles show up on, but some will not play. Sadly running vista on an older pc, perhaps is my issue — I could not update to recent iTunes version.

I have purchased trax loaded form original CDs, and some converted mp3, mp4. Same for me — titles show up on iPad, but some will not play. Sadly, running vista on an older pc, but all other functionality gr8, really. Perhaps an issue? I have purchased trax, some loaded from original CDs, and some converted mp3, mp4 from other sources. All used to sync. All currently play well from the laptop. Maybe you should stop making assumptions and accept that some people have devices that none of this works for?

The solution that worked for me was to touch and hold a app on the iPhone screen until it jiggled. This allows you the option of deleting the app on the phone. I deleted all the apps off the phone that could be deleted in this way. The iPhone now syncs perfectly and all the apps were then reloaded from my iTunes library.

This is the only thing that worked for me, years later and how many updates. I have trouble syncing new songs added to my library and lose the artwork from all my music but old music will still play. Always have to find a new solution to jumpstart syncing…weird! Have had problems since day one on 3 different iphones, ipod syncs entire library just fine. Hopefully this continues to work. Thx Tom. Tom, thank you, this worked for me as well. Had to remove all my music from my iPhone, before it would finally start to sync again.

I tried everything on the list and the final option worked. Thank you. I was having issues with a new iPhone 5c not syncing to my computer. Tried restarting both devices and nothing worked. It managed to complete the back up stage of syncing before the error message appeared, so I took a small risk and restored my iPhone, then restored using the backup that had thankfully been created.

Then everything synced perfectly. Followed your tip on restoring iphone to original settings and then restored with the back up on iTunes and now syncing fine. Bit complicated with apple settings. No wonder so many people change…. Did you ever get your iPod to sync correctly? Did you ever resolve the problem? If so, how? I did everything on this list and all that happened is everything that I had on my iPhone that was not purchased got deleted and some songs I did purchase were taken off. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved.

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What you can sync with iTunes

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How to Sync iPhone Over Wi-Fi

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10 Tips to Fix iPhone Not Syncing Problems Quickly

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Connect iPhone to your computer using USB

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