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While the graphics card is very sufficient for Mac OS X In general you can feel that the Mac mini G4 is actually using laptop technology as opposed to the experience you get when using a Power Mac G4 Cube , which internally is a real desktop computer.

Mac mini G4 SATA HDD/SSD upgrade

And if you now think that using the adapter and an even cheaper SATA HDD would do as well, then you forgot about the limited space inside the Mac mini! Only the SSD can easily be removed from its case in order to fit. I know that such an SSD upgrade has already been performed before, but this is my extended story of my little adventure, trying it myself.

iMac G4 Full Upgrade with Samsung SSD 2017

Maybe this story is of use for someone else too. It was both too small and too slow. A question: You said programs start tangibly faster but presumably not by a huge amount? No, sorry, I did not make any benchmarks. I could also run a disk benchmark application.

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Du kommentierst mit Deinem Google-Konto. Now you can have previously unheard of capacities and performance in laptop disk storage and space for everything you need to store Two bootable drives inside your system provide a freedom and flexibility never before experienced in a Mac laptop Many of those PowerBooks had what was called an "Expansion Bay" slot giving users a tremendous amount of flexibility in how they could configure and use their machines.

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We created "Expansion Bay Hard Drives" for those machines, still available today , that allow users to easily replace their expansion bay optical drives with a removable hard drive. Apple's introduction of the PowerBook G4 Titanium in and their quest for the thinnest notebook in the world eliminated the possibility for a removable expansion bay Not anymore! We've also found many users out there doing high end HD and DV editing with Final Cut Pro and for whom an abundance of hard drive space is an absolute necessity For those pro users and for users who simply want more storage capacity inside their MacBook Pro, MacBook, Mac mini, or PowerBook G4 for their music, video, and photo libraries we created, and began shipping, the OptiBay in Combine it with up to a 2TB internal hard drive and find out what a dream it is to have up to 4TB of hard drive space entirely inside your laptop.

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  5. The OptiBay is a high performance laptop hard drive, or SSD, inside a specially designed, lightweight enclosure that's been engineered to the exact same dimensions as your laptop's SuperDrive or Combo drive. Besides just appearing different, laptop optical drives and hard drives have very different data connectors as well, so an adapter was developed allowing the hard drive or SSD to communicate with your MacBook Pro, MacBook, or PowerBook G4 through the optical drive connector on the motherboard.

    Since they already speak the same language, SATA, not one bit of speed or performance is lost in adapting the drive's connector.

    Mac mini (PowerPC) Hard Drive Replacement

    Speaking of communications, your Mac won't even mind that the OptiBay is now connected to its optical drive connector. It recognizes it as just another high-speed drive connected to its ATA bus, or SATA bus, and communicates with it just as it would any other storage device. Remember, you have a Mac where stuff just works! Pick the version, which is tweaked for the CPU used in these Minis. The Late model shipped with rpm drives, which are noticeably perkier.

    Welcome to Low End Mac

    You can still use it for that. You can connect it to your stereo and listen to your iTunes library, and you can surf the Web or watch videos on your TV. There is no audio-in jack. Even today, a G4 Mac can be a great homework computer. It has USB and ethernet, so printing from it is as easy as with any modern Mac. From the front, they look just like the model.

    But the rear has twice as many USB 2. Bluetooth 2.

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    New are an audio-in jack and Serial ATA, a faster data bus for the hard drive. The 1.

    Mac SSD Upgrade Compatibility Guide:

    Standard hard drives were so-so rpm 2. That should be enough for most users. As far as operating systems go, we strongly recommend OS X Apple has offered OS X Again, this was a fairly popular entertainment center computer with its small size and x video output. The firmware update also allows it to run OS X The Late Mac mini has the same system board and the same upgrade options as the Early one. Everything we said above applies to this model as well. As with the models, you can upgrade to a 2.

    Again, everything we said about the Early model in terms of uses and upgrades applies to this model as well. There was also a 2. Other hardware changes include a fifth USB port on the back, That means the Early Mac mini can support two displays.