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During our testing, WavePad felt smooth with its functions, but the rendering on the software was relatively slow compared to the other programs. With all these features, WavePad undoubtedly deserves its place on our list of best Audacity alternatives. This free software is amusingly powerful considering it is under 1 MB in size.

Wavosaur is the lightest audio editor on the list, nonetheless, it covers most of the important functions of a standard audio editor.

Wavosaur features a multi-document interface which allows you to edit multiple files in one session. It also allows batch processing through which you can apply an effect to an entire folder of audio files. With Wavosaur, you can record audios and then convert them to text. You can use the text output on other software to further work on the file.

We found this speech-to-text feature pretty useful. Sadly, Wavosaur is only available on Windows platform. But if you are on Windows, Wavosaur editor is a party you can always visit for audio editing, processing, and recording.

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By that, we mean that it is packed with features, supports all major audio formats, and still runs on simplistic user experience. It is beautifully designed. This is what makes AV Audio Editor a viable Audacity alternative for both the beginners and professionals. The platform supports all the common audio formats and allows users to save their output in the format of their choice. Sound Forge Audio Studio is an excellent alternative for novice sound editors, as it is only designed for basic editing.

But the positive thing is that it is great at what it is designed for. Since it is standard, its pro version costs much less than its competition. Apart from that, we found its interface welcoming. The entire face of the software is customizable, through which you can change the layout and the arrangement of the editing windows.

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You can also add or delete the tools on the toolbar as per your requirement. The software also allows you to extract audio from video files. Sound Forge Audio Studio offers a huge library of presets, but at the same time, it lags the ability to process multiple files at once.

Reaper is an apt name for an audio editor. But it is not just their brand name that is in place. The software is a complete digital audio workstation, which offers multi-track audio, MIDI recording, editing, processing mastering and mixing features. Reaper is packed with features and is not limited in any functional way. From the professionals to students, everybody can use reaper with its varied toolsets.

It also supports a wide range of plugins and hardware. Reaper is baked with features like key signature support, multiple-audio record, multiple clefs and many more. It supports scripting, which means you can edit its code to customize its functionalities. If you own an Apple computer, the chances of getting high quality and totally free applications are frantically limited. This is specifically true when it comes to audio editing tools for Mac users.

To this, open source and free music editing applications such as Audacity for Mac is a big relief for music fanatics. Currently, Audacity has Audacity is an efficient tool that can record, convert, edit, alter, import and export files without even spending a single cent. True with its form, Audacity can really deliver high quality audio files while users are offered with tons of customization features and powerful editing options.

Just like any other desktop applications, Audacity comes with advantages and disadvantages. See this short but informative Audacity review below:.

Top 10 Audacity Alternatives You Could Use

If you are unsatisfied with the performance of Audacity, then you might need to look at other tools as Audacity alternative for Mac. If you want a premium audio recorder works on Mac including the El Capitan, Apowersoft Audio Recorder for Mac will give you more than just quality audios but flexible editing options as well.

You can use it to record any sound that is playing on your Mac, while it supports both internal and external audio sources. With this alternative to Audacity on Mac, you can record just about anything from streaming audio, radio sounds, local files, VoIP calls, audiobooks. Additionally, you can use this tool to record audios from external sources like microphone and in-line devices.

One of the best features of Apowersoft Audio Recorder for Mac is its ability to edit audios in real time. This only means that you can visually see your files being trimmed, cut, merged, split, distorted, converted, filtered, and all others. Many digital audio workstations DAWs include audio editing features but are ultimately designed with music production in mind.

We've chosen only true audio editors for inclusion in this piece. Every editor we've chosen has a full set of basic editing controls. This is the bread and butter of audio manipulation, including recording from a microphone, selecting audio on a waveform, copying and pasting, and deleting audio from the timeline.

What Makes a Great Audio Editor?

You should be able to use any of these apps to trim an audio file down to size or merge two files together. These kinds of simple waveform edits are often referred to as destructive editing, where edits you make to the file overwrite the original when you click Save. We've selected a variety of apps that bring something unique to the table. Not all of these features are essential to everyone looking for audio editing software, and your final decision will depend on the task at hand and your overall level of expertise:.

Some apps make it easy for the less experienced audio editor. An uncluttered interface and simple workflow ensure unnecessary features don't get in the way of the basics. Some editors take this a step further and handle audio levels for you. Others offer one-click repairs to remove hiss and pops from your recording. For more complex projects, a multi-track editor may be required. These may support the recording of multiple sources at once or non-destructive clip-based edits. You might find these features handy if you're putting together a podcast and want to use sound effects or background music alongside your primary audio track.

They also use more system resources than simple destructive waveform editing. Audio editing isn't just about recording and moving around sound files.

Best Alternative to Audacity for macOS High Sierra

Effects are useful for repairing and enhancing your audio too. These include compressing tracks to smooth out recordings that vary in volume, using an equalizer to boost or cut particular frequencies, and applying filters that drastically change the sound of your file. Some editors even support external effects via plugins. If you're editing audio for use in a broadcast, adherence to common broadcast standards should make life easier. The ability to manipulate and mix audio into a video file—known as "muxing"—removes the need to render large video files for small audio edits.

Lastly, support for a wide array of audio files and formats may be important to some users. Adobe Audition CC is a powerhouse audio editor that continues to push industry standards forward, with a pricing model to match. The app is updated every year with new features and expanded compatibility with the latest versions of macOS and Windows.

The Best Audio Editing Software: 11 Audio Editors for Any Situation

Audition can function both as a single-track audio editor, and as a multi-track mixer for recording and layering sounds. The app can be used as a fully-fledged digital audio workstation with support for recording multiple sources at once as well as external plugins VST, VST3, and AU.

Adobe also added best-in-class audio restoration tools, allowing you to grab a sample of "noise" in your recording, then remove that unwanted range of sound from the entire file. You can also use adaptive noise reduction which intelligently detects undesirable sound for you and automatic or spot healing to remove pops and clicks. You can save your frequently-used actions so they're always a click away under the Favorites menu. Easily change Audition's interface to suit your current task, with layouts for audio to video editing, radio production, and dual-monitor setups.

All these features make Adobe Audition a highly capable, if expensive, audio editor. Audacity is the most capable free audio editor money can't buy. It provides users with a full set of editing and mastering tools, including destructive waveform and multi-track editing. Despite utilizing an open source development model, Audacity contains many features usually reserved for paid products. The editor places a library of effects at your disposal including a compressor, noise reduction, and an automatic repair tool.

A basic and slightly clunky interface lets it down compared to some of its rivals. You can't record multiple audio sources at once or perform non-destructive edits. Given that it comes without a price tag, we can forgive the limitations. It's a capable all-arounder with a clean and minimal interface that sets it apart from the comparatively cluttered Audacity.

Best Free Audio Editing Software (Free Audio Recording Software for PC, Mac and Linux)

Add markers to your files, make edits to specific channels, and manipulate the metadata before exporting your recording. In addition to the basic trimming and clipboard operations, ocenaudio also includes a number of effects and support for VST plugins and AU plugins on a Mac. These include simple noise reduction operations, filters, a band equalizer, plus time and pitch adjustment.

Highlight audio to get quick access to functions like cut, copy, and delete, and to see exact timecodes. It's a simple editor, but it's perfect for users who find Audacity's interface overwhelming and clunky. Thanks to some clever memory management, ocenaudio is great for editing large files without performance taking a hit—something that's rare for free editors. If you don't need multi-track support or all of the effects and plugins included in Audacity, ocenaudio is the editor for you. It's also considerably better looking.

Acoustica Standard Edition offers more than your average free audio editor in a package that won't break the bank.