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When I click on the button in Safari, nothing happens. Just s quick click on the icon should bring up the pop-up window. If all else fails, try quitting and restarting Safari. There must be a problem with Safari 5. I click the icon after restarting , and nothing happens. I downloaded the application but nothing happens when I try to install.

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Am I doing something wrong? It should show as a small icon in the toolbar. Once installed, it automatically deletes ths installer. People are so concerned about online digital tracking, but I wonder how many of those same people use those retail customer loyalty cards. If so, get it. Sometimes when troubleshooting problems with a user account, the easiest solution is to create a new account and migrate your data over to it, instead of finding the roots of the problem of which there might be many and fixing them.

The problem with migrating to a new account is OS X by default is set up to prevent access to documents in other accounts, so when you go to your previous home folder, you are blocked from viewing the files. Additionally, while you can change the permissions for files and copy them to your new account, there may be residual permissions and settings that can either make your account less secure or result in access problems in the future. Therefore, the way to get your data to a new account folder is to first make it readable, then copy it over, and the reset home folder permissions using the utilities on the OS X installation DVD.

To start, if you have created a new account and wish to migrate your old account to it, be sure you first have a fully restorable backup of your system and also ensure you have enough time to test the new account after the migration is complete. The procedure for the migration involves adjusting account permissions, and any time you adjust permissions on many files at once there is a greater chance that an error could cause access problems. Once you are ready, first create a new administrator account on the system. Give your account both "Read and Write" access, and then choose "Apply to enclosed items" in the little gear menu.

When the fourth step is done, copy the contents of Documents, Music, Movies, Desktop, etc. While you can just directly move the files from the old account to the new one, doing this will preserve the ownership and some other permissions attributes for each file, whereas creating a new copy will have these attributes changed for the new account.

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Migrating the Library folder is optional, but it does contain a number of settings and application resources such as Mail accounts, and address book databases which that may be useful but may also contain corruption that could be causing the initial problems. If you want to start fresh with default settings then do not copy the Library over; however, if you want to try to preserve your old settings then do copy it over, replacing any duplicate items found. Select your language and choose "Reset Password" from the "Utilities" menu.

In this utility, you can reset the permissions on your home directory, so follow the instructions to do that on your new account. When the permissions have been reset, reboot the system with the "Shift" key held down it boots to "Safe Mode" and try logging in to your new account. If everything is successful, then reboot normally. Go to the "Accounts" system preferences and remove your old account, choosing the option to delete the home folder for that account. For years, Mac users have raved about GraphicConverter's photo-editing and batch-conversion prowess.

They've been less keen on the image-conversion tool's interface. But developer Lemke Software hopes to tackle that criticism head on with the latest version of GraphicConverter.

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GraphicConverter 7, now available for download , features a completely new user interface. That's been a heavily requested feature for a while now, according to Lemke Software, which says that four programmers spent a year redesigning both the application's browser and all of its dialog boxes. In addition to the new user interface, GraphicConverter 7 offers a new window for multiple conversion as well as stepless zooming of preview images in the browser.

Lemke Software reorganized the application's preferences dialog to make it more clear and added support for multiple processors. Besides other small improvements, the new version now displays geodata for images on a map. Click here for complete article and results. MacBook Pro owners who bought a laptop with an Nvidia graphics processor in and may be eligible for free repairs as part of a settlement agreement for a class-action lawsuit. The lawsuit, filed in U.

District Court in California, had claimed that Nvidia sold defective graphics processing units and media communication processors that affected the performance of some laptops. Symptoms included distorted or scrambled video on the laptop's monitor or, in some cases, a blank screen even when the computer was turned on. While it's settling the lawsuit, Nvidia is not admitting any wrongdoing as part of the case.

Not every laptop sold during that period is eligible for the settlement—the MacBook Pro models have to contain an Nvidia chip and feature an eligible serial number. You can check on the former using the About This Mac panel, and confirm the latter on this lawsuit settlement page. The laptop also needs to be experiencing the scrambled video or blank screen issues. Dell and HP notebooks are also included in the settlement.

You can get a full list of affected models on the Website containing all the details of the settlement. Anyone filing an approved claim will be eligible for free replacement of the Nvidia graphics chips and reimbursement for any repair charges. HP laptop owners may also receive a replacement notebook.

Laptop owners who don't want to be legally bound by the class action settlement have until November 5 to exclude themselves; that's also the deadline for filing objections to the settlement. A hearing is slated for December 20 to approve the settlement.

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The claim filing period will begin after that. Apple has had its own repair program for the graphics chip problem in place for a couple years. Apple has finally updated MobileMe Gallery, its app for browsing your friends' photographic masterpieces, with support for the iPad, iPhone 4, and iOS 4. The company also added a new screensaver-like feature for the iPad version and opened up use of the app to non-MobileMe members. MobileMe Gallery 1.

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  • It also supports multitasking under iOS 4 and has high-resolution graphics for the iPhone 4. Apple also added a couple of new features in this version. First, it expanded the "recent photos" ticker area of the iPhone version into a full-blown photo frame feature for the iPad. When you sign into your account or add a friend's gallery, the entire app interface becomes two slowly rotating rows of the most recent photos. Speaking of friends' galleries, the second new feature is that you no longer need to be a MobileMe member to use this app.

    You can either sign into your own account or tap a new "Add a friend" button at the login screen to browse through your MobileMe friends' galleries without signing up for the service. Microsoft announced an October 26th release date for their highly anticipated productivity suite this morning via their blog. Office for Mac brings comprehensive updates to the entirety of the suite. In addition to general speed enhancements, the latest version also includes Visual Basic, and introduces Outlook for Mac. These new features are met with substantial improvements to both usability and performance, making an enticing package for new and existing users alike.

    All copies of Office for Mac purchased between now and November 30th qualify for a free upgrade to when it arrives late next month. Upgrade forms can be obtained here.

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