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Not only is the software great but the customer service is top of the line.

How We Chose the Best Property Management Software

LandlordMax is worth much more than we paid for it. I will be buying the software and also referring my fellow investors to your site to see for themselves what a great program you have!! My new accountant appreciates LandlordMax. He felt it was really helpful when he completed my tax returns for last year. Want to get the latest updates and news about LandlordMax? Read LandlordMax Blog. Do you want to know what's happening behind the scenes at LandlordMax? Come read our founder's personal blog.

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Try now. Online and Cloud Based Join thousands of property management companies, property managers, real estate investors, landlords, banks , and more from around the world who trust LandlordMax to manage their real estate rental properties.

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Property Management Software For Mac – 10 Tips | Buildium

Try Now. Try LandlordMax today. Benefits — All this plus a Day Free Trial! Very affordable solution. NO setup fees. Free technical support. Keeping detailed records of all your financial transactions has never been this easy! Nusbaum "My business partner -who keeps the books- is very impressed with LandlordMax, in terms of its simplicity to use, its tremendous power of data capture and ease of report generation.

Founder's Blog Do you want to know what's happening behind the scenes at LandlordMax? If a site let us upload and store files according to tenant and unit, that was good. If it provided templates we could populate with specific information — for example, filling in a generic lease with details about a unit, a tenant, rent, and late fees — even better. To get full points in this category, the software had to offer all that and a search feature, so that a user can still, say, find a certain lease even if they forget which unit or tenant it belonged to.

We also called and emailed customer service multiple times to see which provided quick, thorough, and friendly assistance. Winning companies provided thoughtful customer service reps, dedicated learning center resources, or individualized technical support. And we literally mean step-by-step — the tour told us which tabs to click and which features to select, and it provided constant commentary through text or video to explain what every feature did. For those new to property management software, or property management period, this thoughtfully designed digital tour is a valuable tool.

If you do happen to get confused while using the program, Buildium offers plenty of resources to help you figure things out. We liked that a real-life human sales consultant, Owen, reached out to us within an hour after we signed up for our free trial, letting us know that he could answer any questions we had as we explored the software. When we sent him questions, we got answers within the same business day, and sometimes the same hour.

Each course comes with a course description, course objectives, and outlines of quizzes, along with estimated time for completion. For such a relatively low price, Buildium has all the comprehensive functionality we looked for, including online rent collection, online work orders, and strong tools for creating, storing, and sharing reports and other documents, and it will serve any type of property manager well.

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Even the most old-school, least tech-savvy contractors can easily use it while performing an inspection. Then property managers get instant, paperless access to all the data those contractors input. Though we had to wait for a couple minutes to speak to an agent, we were provided with friendly, knowledgeable service shortly after. Like Buildium, AppFolio covers all the bases of a property management software.

In addition, you can generate an astounding variety of reports and other documents, list vacancies across all the industry-standard real-estate sites, and manage prospective tenants without ever handling a single piece of paper. AppFolio also offers a wider variety of plans than Buildium, from residential and commercial properties to student housing and community associations, allowing you to customize the types of properties you manage.

The demo itself was thorough — plan on setting aside an hour and a half for the walkthrough — and it was easy to ask the agents specific questions about the software in real-time. If your property has a large number of units, AppFolio is worth checking out, but it will be slightly more expensive than Buildium. TenantCloud does a respectable job of nearly matching all the functionality of our other more expensive top picks. Minimalist visuals, pleasing colors — TenantCloud is actually kind of fun to use and we dig that cute little cloud icon.

But if you only manage a few units, these basic functions will get the job done. Rent Manager has, for all intents and purposes, just as much functionality as our top picks. You can tailor everything to your individual needs, down to what icons appear on your dashboard and what choices are available in drop-down menus. In fact, Rent Manager actually runs its business using a very customized version of its own software. You can request a price and go through a quote process which will vary based on the size of your property, maintenance costs, and more.

If your property management firm has relatively few employees handling a relatively large number of units, it could be the most economic choice. Rent Manager was the least user-friendly software of our top picks.

The Best Property Management Software

While most companies we looked at charge by the rental unit, Rent Manager charges per user per month. But for firms handling a smaller number of units, Buildium and TenantCloud will both offer better deals. What kind of properties will you be spending the majority of your time managing? Some software offers plans specifically designed for units like residential properties, commercial properties, student housing, and community associations. Look for interfaces that feel easiest to use for your specific property management needs.

Want a tool that makes it particularly simple for tenants to pay their rent online? Now is a good time to take these essential functions on a test drive. Finally, you should take the time to call and email each company to see how responsive they are. If you found a particular software to be completely intuitive to learn during the free trial period, this might not be a big deal to you.

But for most people, access to helpful customer support can make or break your experience. No, in most cases, you do not need to qualify or have a license in order to use property management software. However, most people interested in using property management software are usually managing property of their own.

Property management software combines rent-collection tools, maintenance-request systems, robust accounting and reporting, and even marketing systems into one complete package. Property management software simplifies your job by putting every tool you need into one program. The extra money is to pay the third-party companies they usually rely on to perform these tasks, like Dwolla and Rent Payment rent collection or TransUnion, SmartMove, and Experian background checks. Taking work orders and tenant information on the go is becoming more important for property managers, but software companies have been unable to keep up.

Last updated on June 17, Become a great landlord, whether you manage thousands of units or rent out your basement.