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She even included typos, but Word said everything was fine! Microsoft Word. I have used the checker on the first 50 pages of 62 fine, now it tells me it is complete but I know it is not I tried deliberate errors but it still thinks it is complete. I have carried out the suggestions from this page it made no difference the box was unchecked. Hi Mike, Do you have any styles applied, text boxes, or tables?

Spellcheck problems in Microsoft Word | MacRumors Forums

The spell checker may not work inside them. That happens sometimes. My spell and grammar checks were no working in a border. Or even when I copied and pasted the text from the bordered doc to a non-bordered doc.


When I start fresh with a word doc it works just fine. Thank you! You can now browse the entire document and look for spelling errors as it will be back working. I wish i had found this before i sent a couple of emails with name spelling errors in them!!

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Any suggestions? Go to Word Options Then the proofing tab At the bottom is a drop down that lists exceptions. If so, then uncheck the Hide options. Thank you for this post!

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I am an experienced Word user Mac-based and had often come across glitches with the spelling tool. I could never sort it out and hours with MS Office support only resulted in me rebuilding my custom and exception dictionaries.

How To Spellcheck in Another Language with Word, Pages, and OS X

Today, I must have put the right string in the search engine because I landed on your page. Your tips taught me something new and saved me hours of work and frustration.

How to Fix the Service Error : Generic on Word Mac 2011

Thank you. Still not working.

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  • Spell check works fine in a new doc or in my own docs. No exceptions, nothing. So far my workaround is to copy all text, paste it into a new document, spellcheck that, then go fix the errors in the original doc. Wow, thank you! Highlight the specific text or the entire document. Choose your language.

    Note: When using Spellcheck in TextEdit, you can just go right to the next step to choose your language.. However, Microsoft Word properly corrected my spelling mistake. I recommend you manually read your document before sending it to avoid any other simple spelling or grammar mistakes. Choose Tools from the Menu Bar and select Languageā€¦ 3.

    Choose Tools from the Menu Bar and select Languageā€¦ 2. Click Default.

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    Pages will now spellcheck your document in the alternate language. Hi, the spellcheck is great but does grammar check work also?

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