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  1. Check Your Sound Settings
  2. How to Fix Sound Not Working on a Mac
  3. How to Fix the Sound on a Mac Computer (with Pictures) - wikiHow
  4. [Fixed] No Sound on My MacBook Air/Pro

Check Your Sound Settings

If no, go with Fix 3. To make sure you have turned up the volume:.

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Sometimes this no sound problem happens because you have your Bluetooth on and it sends the audio to the device your computer is connected to. A simple restart can fix many minor issues our computer is having, including audio problems.

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After the restart, you can check again and see if you get the sound back. This may well help solve sound-related problems. This reboot will take up to 20 seconds.

Make sure you've turned volume up, or you can press down the Volume Up button because when volume is set to minimum, you are unable to hear the sound. Make sure you've disabled the check box of Mute and moved the volume slider to the right.

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Quit System Preferences. Make sure you disconnect any external speaker on MacBook because it is possible that the sound might be delivered to your TV when you've plugged the MacBook to the TV.

How to Fix Sound Not Working on a Mac

And then, Sound Controller will restart automatically so as to make Mac sound work again. The operations are different depending on whether you Mac has removable battery or not. If all the solutions above can not fix your problem, you'd better contact Apple Support for help directly. Likewise, an user from Apple Support Communities is saying "When I listened to music with my headphones yesterday, the music suddenly stopped.

How to Fix the Sound on a Mac Computer (with Pictures) - wikiHow

It looks like the music is still playing but no sound. When you meet the problem that no sound come out through headphones plugged into Mac, some measure should be put into practice. Check if there is anything blocking the headphone port: Raise the notebook and blow air into the headphone jack to clear the dust in the line-in port.

Check your sound settings

If there is obstruction on the port, it will stop Mac from playing sound through headphones. Each of these steps should be done independently and then tested.

[Fixed] No Sound on My MacBook Air/Pro

If you do them all at once in a row, and suddenly your Output audio is working, you will never know what fixed it. I would love to find out what solution worked for you or if none of them worked. I saw plenty of threads on the Apple Discussion forums around this issue and it seems to happen to any type of portable Mac.