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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Is fast user switching in Lion disabling the network connection for the accounts that aren't active? Ask Question. Asked 8 years ago. Active 7 years, 10 months ago. Viewed times. Is this new behavior documented somewhere and is it configurable?

Chris Williams Chris Williams 4 4 silver badges 13 13 bronze badges. I'm seeing this exact behavior on When I pick switch users in fast user switching, the new login screen airport icon dims, then lights up again. Seems like a brief interruption as soon as fast user switching is selected. I'm opening a radar bug on this. CajunLuke Featured on Meta. Congratulations to our 29 oldest beta sites - They're now no longer beta! Unicorn Meta Zoo 7: Interview with Nicolas.

The more you cancel it, the longer subsequent attempts will take. One thing you could try is turning Time Machine off and then back on in System Preferences.

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That might jump start it. I have a time machine backup for the macbook and My new mbpro is up and running fine. Was wondering incase i need to, will i be able to access my macbook Can anyone tell me how to keep my WD Time Machine drive from going to sleep all the time? I thought I saw an app for that a while ago. I just realized Time Machine has been deleting older backups to make room for more current activities. However, the oldest backup shown is August ! Is there a way to offload older backups, i.

Sahil, You should be able to access your old However, you will not be able to continue backing up to the same drive. Jordan, The only way I know to prevent Time Machine from removing older backups is to upgrade to a larger drive with more room to breathe. I was wondering if once something was backed up on an external harddrive using time machine, is it ok to delete it from my macbook so my Mac will run smoother? Charlie, While you certainly can delete files from your Mac once Time Machine has backed them up, it is not recommended.

The purpose of TM is to have a 2nd copy of your files in case your drive fails. This can happen to your external drive too, which would destroy the only copy of your files. In addition, TM automatically deletes some of your old backups when the external drive gets full, so you run the risk of inadvertently losing your files this way.

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Have new Imac and external. When I select Time Machine in my dock, and it asks me to select the backup disc, it does not see my external hard drive.

How To Enable/Disable Fast User Switching In Windows 7, Vista, XP

I called the hard drive manufacturer which is Western Digital. They said all is working and it is a time machine issue. Any ideas why this is happening? You have to transfer your files from the Time Machine drive to the iMac or start over from scratch. I set the 1 TB drive as the new startup and did a Restart.

How To Enable Paths Longer Than 260 Characters In Windows 10

Everything fine, but how do I smoothly i. I have deleted the. I had trouble backing up today because there were too many GB of files. I weeded out several items and this seem to help, but my screen went blank as it was backing up for the 5th time today. I made a mistake by unplugging the time machine from my computer and now I am not able to access time machine and my iphoto. What can I do to access my files. I have a time capsule and was backing up daily and it even restored a failed hard drive a few months ago.

I moved and let it be idle for a few months 5. How can I fix the problem? I have a MacBook Pro operating I have just started using Time Capsule and having constant problems losing network settings. I use my Macbook running I time machine to do automatic backups to both locations I have external an external back up drive in each location. Each time I switch locations, I have to go into the time machine preferences and locate the external drive. Is there a way time machine can automatically find the drive? If not, that is likely the Problem. A drive is likely to need a powered hub, or be connected directly to the built in port.

Verified and repaired permission of the mac and the Seagate external. I have changed cables, restarted in every combination etc.

OK, I solved my own problem. So I did and it worked immediately. The name is now in black not greyed back and the next backup is scheduled for an hour from now. Time Machine, on a number of occasions, stops backing up. There is no notice. It behaves as though it is backing up. Attempts enter Time Machine result in an endless search for the backup disc.

The only thing that corrects this is to Re-start the time Capsule.

disable fast user switching Archives - krypted

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