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The CPU can access data contained in RAM much faster than it can data held on long-term storage devices like traditional hard drives and even solid-state drives.

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Suppose that you want to work on a text file. The more apps you open without closing down other ones, the less available RAM will remain available to accommodate other apps and perform other functions. Paging can make a computer that seemed fast a second ago slow to a crawl. On these Macs, RAM is factory-installed directly on the motherboard as onboard memory.

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NewEgg has a memory finder. The more RAM a Mac has, the better it performs—but how much improvement will you see? The first system we tested was a mid iMac with a 3.

The second was a late MacBook Pro with a 2. Our Photoshop test consists of performing a series of actions on a file. As the test results show, the effect of additional RAM on performance depends on the file sizes you typically work with.

Photoshop is a perfect example of an app that can take advantage of having a large amount of RAM available. For those with older MacBook Pros especially models from — , Crucial offers brand name reputability and quality RAM for your machine. Always backup the data on your MacBook Pro before installing any extra memory, just in case.

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Again, Apple has this official installing guide along with their list of compatible RAM. It includes information for both more recent and older MacBook Pro models. If you prefer to watch video tutorials, this one from OWC removing and installing memory to a inch MacBook Pro is worth checking out:.

OWC Mac Pro Memory Upgrades

Once everything is properly installed, make sure to test your new RAM with a program such as Memtest see this CNET article for more , which will catch any errors or issues before they have a chance to cause damage. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Who Should Get This? We recommend that you ask these questions first: Does your laptop run significantly slower than when you got it? Does it freeze more frequently, or struggle with resource-intensive applications like Photoshop and iMovie?

OWC Mac Pro Memory Upgrades - YNZAL | We fuel creativity.

Does your display frequently only partially load? Has multitasking become too taxing on your computer to do effectively? When booting your computer, does it take an excessive amount of time? It only takes a minute to sign up.

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Just curious if anyone has tried maxing out the ram on a late Macbook white, not pro to 16GB running El Capitan or Yosemite? Everymac's page states that the max is 8GB. Why not 16GB? The chipset and processor may not support more RAM, even though you can physically put it in.

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You can always try. Weird behaviour and instability result from that. Sign up to join this community.