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Simply click the "Download" button on the right, and install and run the software. VideoGlide devices allow the capture of video from almost any video source including VCRs, cam-corders, DVD players, personal video recorders, digital cameras, etc. Video from VideoGlide devices can be used in a variety of ways.

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  5. For example, you can record your favorite home-movies and clips to keep handy on your computer. It can be used with web-cam software to upload an image to the Internet periodically.

    Converting VHS to DVD - Apple Community

    It can be used with web-streaming software to create online broadcasts of live or prerecorded events. Live-video chat is possible with the appropriate software. Captured movies can be put on a CD or a website for viewing by anyone with a CD player or Internet access. It can be used for motion-detection applications, or by clay-mation hobbyists.

    For a summary of some of the supported third-party software and where to obtain it, check the "Applications" page.

    How to transfer movies from VHS to DVD

    The VideoGlide software is capable of capturing a maximum of The maximum frame size is x The captured video quality is extremely good, with brighter colors and better contrast than typical DV captures. Video and audio synchronization is excellent, even with extremely long captures. Captured movies require only In addition to video, the VideoGlide software is able to capture still images with a resolution of x That way, I was certain that the device was still working and wasn't going to destroy the tapes I wanted to preserve.

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    Mechanical devices like VCRs can chew up a tape if they haven't been maintained, and ones that haven't been used in some time are especially prone to this. Next, I had to decide how to copy the video to DVD.

    That's not you, right?

    But I wanted to take video from several different tapes and compile it on to one DVD, which is awkward to do with a set-top device. It's possible - you just record each video as a separate video on the DVD - but you can't easily edit the result. And you can't improve the quality of the videos you're transferring. I decided to use a video-capture device instead. The DX2 has a video converter that can accept composite or S-Video signals.

    After installing the software and connecting the DX2 to my PC, I connected the composite video and audio outputs of my VHS recorder to the appropriate inputs on the DVD Xpress device using the set of cables that came with it, and started the Ulead VideoStudio software.

    Beware the Tapeless Camcorder

    We do not automatically insure unless you specify it during the checkout. If you don't select insurance you are NOT insured. The powerful editing software lets you add colour and transition effects as well as sound tracks and titles to your work. Send copies of your completed movies on DVD or VDC to your friends and family and keep them up-to-date with the goings-on at home. The USB interface makes connection a snap so you can be making movies and editing them in no time.

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